December To Remember Starts Off Strong

December To Remember Gets Off To 7-2 Start In 50-Unit, 100-Unit Plays And The Winning Continues

By Kelso Sturgeon:

Nothing makes me happier than telling you I launched my annual December To Remember Program by going 8-2 in games rated from 50-units to 100-units and I am confident the big-game winning will continue this week. Highlights of the week will be my 100-unit College Basketball Game of the Month Saturday and another 100-unit Blowout Game of the Week Sunday.

Winning is never easy but we just keep getting the job done and will be putting in all the time it takes to make certain this is again the kind of week that has bookmakers talking to themselves.

As those of you who have been with me in the past know I always raise the stakes at this time of the season simply because the handicapping formula changes to take into account all the new elements that have entered the process. These new things are hidden below the surface and can be something as simple as an NFL team giving up on the season because it knows it is going nowhere and starts playing rookies and second year players on whom they are counting next season.

The reasons number in the dozens, whether it is NFL teams driving for the playoffs or whether it is the attitude of bowl teams. Some schools use a post-season game as a vacation and just go through the motions in getting ready to play, while others are dead-serious about winning.

The hidden elements are there if you have the time to find them and it is these things that permitted me and my clients bury the bookmakers this past weekend.

Believe me, what you saw last weekend was just the beginning.

Here is a rundown of the big games I released Saturday and Sunday to December to Remember clients.

Saturday, Dec. 4

Personal Best Club
50 Units
Oregon (-16 ½) 37, Oregon State 20 Winner

Saturday Night Special
50 Units
Connecticut (+2) 19, South Florida 16 Winner

Championship Grand Slam
50 Units
Central Florida (-8) 17, SMU 7 Winner

50 Units
South Carolina (+5) 17, Auburn 56 Lose

50 Units
Virginia Tech (-3 ½) 44, Florida State 33 Winner

50 Units
Nebraska (+4 ½) 20, Oklahoma 23 Winner

College Basketball Game Of Week
50 Units
St. Bonaventure (-4) 76, Buffalo 74 Lose

Sunday, Dec 5
Chairman’s NFL Game Of Year
100 Units
Rams (-3) 19, Cardinals 6 Winner

Personal Best Club
50 Units
Giants (-7) 31, Redskins 7 Winner

NFL Game Of Week
50 Units
Bills (+5 ½) 14, Vikings 38 Lose

50-Unit Basketball Loss Was Upsetting

I’ve been handicapping far too long to cry over a loser, but I must admit when St. Bonaventure did not cover last week in my 50-Unit College Basketball Game of the Week, It realty pissed me off. I knew going in that I was on the right side and that the Bonnies were positioned to take down the money by no less than 11-12 points. So strong was the play it would have been no surprise to me if they won in a 20-point blowout.

Laying the 4 was easy.

I felt rather comfortable when St. Bonaventure went up by 19 points with 13:05 left to play. But it is never over until the Fat Lady sings and she did not do that until Buffalo rallied only to lose by two points. No cover and a feeling of being cheated. But, as I always say, this is no game for boys in short pants.

Cranked Up For Basketball

Basketball has presented its own challenges this season but I am cranked up and ready for another outstanding season-my 40th to be exact. For the record, I have three basketball services to accommodate those playing as a recreational bettor or as one who wants to step up and bet $5,000-$10,000 per game and, yes, I do have customers who do just that. The services are:

BEST BETS CLUB-This is my most popular club and clients receive an average of 3 college and NBA best bets each day. Games are rated from 3 units to 10 units, with an occasional 25-unit parlay. You can join this club for just $249, charged to your major credit card.

CHAIRMAN'S CLUB -Clients receive a single 15-unit play each day, with the releases split 50-50 between college basketball and the NBA. Membership in this club also gives you free membership in my Best Bets Club. The price is always right.
PERSONAL BEST CLUB -Designed for Highrollers who will receive 3-4 25 to 50-unit plays each week. If you are looking for limited action and can take $5,000 stands on basketball games, this one is for you.


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