The Fat Lady Must Eventually Sing


NFL Bettors Reminded AGAIN The Fat Lady Must Sing And Rest Assured She Will Be In Action This Week


BCS Facing Catastrophe With 11-0 Auburn And QB Newton If NCAA Investigation Proves The Big Money Stories


Toledo, UC-Riverside Among Bad Teams Sending Strong Go Against College Basketball Messages 



By Kelso Sturgeon


            The Fat Lady must sing. Don’t forget it and never tell yourself it is over—until you hear here warble a few lines of The Wabash Cannonball, in ear-clearing grass-cracking soprano, of course. College bettors were reminded of that two weeks ago when Colorado blew a 28-point lead with 12 minutes to go and lost—and NFL bettors were reminded of it again Sunday—twice.

            The game is not over, until it’s over—a lesson I learned long ago when I was living in New York, was up 10 laying three in a football game, got caught in a traffic jam in the Holland Tunnel and emerged 20 minutes later to learn my team gave up two touchdowns in the last three minutes—and I lost. Colorado was involved in that game too, but I cannot remember the opponent.

            It was a lesson learned and never forgotten.

            So much can happen in the final minutes of a game—for good or bad, depending on your wager—and believe me I have seen it all. I have lost and won more games in more ways in the closing minutes of a game than the mind can handle. Please note, the word “won”, because most bettors only remember the losses—the bad beats. Only natural, I guess.

            This past Sunday, two games changed winners into losers and losers into winners in the final seconds of play.

            First there was Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars game—a contest tied 24-24 with two seconds to go and obviously headed for overtime. Not. Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard took the snap, avoided a tackle or two, stepped up into the pocket and fired a 50-yard Hail Mary pass that was caught by Jaguars receiver Mike Thomas on the ricochet off a Texans defender for a touchdown.

            It’s over. No overtime, as expected, and Jacksonville (-1) got the win and the cover 31-24—and the Fat Lady sang.

            That was just a warm-up from what was to come in the New York Jets Cleveland game. The Jets were 3 ½-point favorites in Cleveland and had been battled to the money every step of the way by the Browns, first through the regulation four quarters and then into overtime. Bettors of both teams watched intently as the Jets drove towards the Cleveland end zone and everyone expected to game to end with a New York field goal. Not.

            With 16 seconds left in overtime, New York quarterback Mark Sanchez hit Santonio Holmes with a pass that the latter took it 37 yards to the end zone for a touchdown and a 26-20 win and cover. The pass was designed to improve the team’s position to hit the winning field goal and there it was—6 points.

            Had the Jets kicked the field goal, they would have won 23-20 and those who backed underdog Cleveland would have cashed their tickets. But what appeared to be a hopeless situation for those who took the Jets and gave the 3 ½ turned into an unexpected win.

            For the record, 13 games have gone to overtime this season and only two have been decided by a touchdown—the rest by field goals.

            And, by the way, I am not complaining. I had an excellent football weekend, going 3-0 with the Best Bets Club (all underdogs that covered), winning a 25-unit play on the Buffalo Bills for my Chairman’s Club players and pushing my record in 50-unit NFL Games of the Week to 8-2 for the season as the Tampa Bay Bucs (-7) knocked off the Carolina Panthers, 31-16.

            There is football every single night this week and I intend to be in action in all of the week-night games.

            Sing on.


BCS Horrified By 11-0 Auburn


            The Auburn Tigers are having an absolutely amazing season, standing 11-0 and simply crushing any and all in their path. The figures say they are the best college football team in the country and are already on their way to the Southeastern Conference title game against South Carolina, regardless of what happens at Alabama in two weeks.

            Oh, what a headache this is causing the fine folks who run the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), the fraudulent flat-earth society operation that runs the scam to determine which two teams play for the national championship.

            Those at the BCS are horrified, because there is a chance Auburn has played an ineligible player all season—a pay-for-play-kind-of-guy, if you will. If the NCAA investigation, which is now under way, concludes quarterback Cam Newton’s father was given money (figures say from $180,000-$200,000) to play for the Tigers, they would have to forfeit all their games.

            Where does that leave the championship game?

            We wait with baited breath.


Basketball Teams Already Sending Signals


            The college basketball season is just nine days old and it has already provided more questions that answers—like….

            How can Iona, a 20-point favorite, lose to a Bryant (who) team that went 1-29 last year?

            How can Stetson, which had not beaten an ACC team since 1982, got into Wake Forest and win, 89-79.

            Then there was Gardner-Webb winning at Charlotte, 78-70, and UNC-Asheville winning at Auburn, and Houston getting pushed to the limit before beating Nichols State, 63-62, at home in overtime.

            You can forgive St. Louis’ 64-62 home loss to Austin Peay considering the fact the school suspended the team’s two best players—6-9 forward Willie Reed (12.4 points, 7.9 rebounds per game) and point guard Kwamain Mitchell—for aberrant behavior. Most believe the suspension are permanent.

            There was a message for bettors around every turn and here are some you might want to note as you get ready to handicap this week.

            Toledo (0-2) is in for another long season but things will improve somewhat next year when new coach Tod Kowalczyk outs his stamp on the program. He was 136-112 in his eight years at Wisconsin-Green Bay. It won’t happen this year, because of little talent, and Toledo is a strong go-against team on the road, having lost 33 straight and standing 1-49 in its last 50 away games. Toledo has but seven scholarship players, starts three freshman, a sophomore and a senior. The Rockets have lost their first two games in stunning fashion—losing 84-45 at Illinois and 82-49 at Temple. Kowalczyk took over a team that went 4-28 last season. As noted, this is a strong go against team.


            UC-Riverside (0-1) has to be one of the worst 25 teams in NCAA I-A basketball. The Highlanders lost their opening game at UNLV, 85-41, while hitting just 15-of-57 shots (22.4%) and have absolutely not one single players of I-A quality. The team has five new starters and its returning leading scorer had a total of 57 points last season. When this team shows up on the board, one can think seriously about going against it.

            Georgia (1-0) is still without its best player, Pre-Season All-SEC Player of the Year Trey Thompkins who is still getting over a high-ankle sprain. The 6-10 junior forward, one of the best players in the country, averaged 17.7 points and 8.2 rebounds per game last season. Pay attention to this, because when he returns, the Bulldogs will be a new team.

            UNLV (1-0) will get its best player—shooting guard Tre’Von Willis, an All-Mountain West Conference player last season, who averaged 17.2 points per game—back this Saturday against Wisconsin. He has been serving a disciplinary suspension.

            Baylor (1-0) has suspended guard LaceDarius Donn for the first three games of the season. The 6-4 senior guard certainly is an impact player who averaged 19.6 points per game last season.

            These are but a few of the things that basketball bettors need to know. There are many more and you can find them with a little homework.


Get Entire Basketball Season For Just $249


            I am coming off a 4-0 weekend in basketball, winning in the colleges on Sunday with St. Bonaventure (-6) in its 77-64 win over Arkansas-LR, and with Indiana (-5) in the Hoosiers, 67-44 win over Wright State. On Saturday it was a college win with George Mason (-8 ½) 66-53 over Harvard and a victory in the NBA when the Washington Wizards (+11) covered in a 103-96 loss at Chicago.

            The college basketball lines remain soft and, as always, the early season is the time to take advantage of them.

            Sign for membership in my Best Bets Club today and get the entire college and NBA seasons for just $249, charged to your major credit card. Best Bets Club membership will get you and average of 2-4 plays each day, all unit-rated.





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