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Undefeated Boise State Is Ranked 3rd In BCS Poll

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BCS Was Designed To Protect Its Own, Keep Others Down


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By Kelso Sturgeon


            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Oregon (6-0) and Alabama (6-1) are right now the two best college football teams in the country. Each is loaded with blue-chip prime time four and five-star players, are coached to the razor’s edge and come to kick serious butt every single week of the season. The numbers say it all, with Oregon averaging 54.3 points per game and Alabama standing 30-1 in its last 31 regular season games.

                They are 1-2 for the second straight week in my Top 25 ratings, beating out third-ranked Auburn and fourth-ranked Boise State, with TCU filling out the top five.

                But there is one big difference between the top three and Boise State, college football’s reviled and rejected orphan, a team that is a thumb in the eye of the nation’s football establishment—the so-called self-designated elite group that runs the Bowl Championship Series (BCS).

 Oregon, Alabama and Auburn already have punched their tickets for a possible spot in the BCS championship game. No matter what Boise State does it will not be given that opportunity because even though it has gone 45-1 in its last 46 games remains relegated to college football’s trailer park trash category because it does not come from a BCS conference. Oregon, Alabama and Auburn do.

Only teams from BCS conferences are deemed good enough to meet for the title and to invite a non-BCS team to that game would expose a team from among the elite class to the possibility of a loss to one of the unwashed of the game.

The tweed bags that run the BCS show simply won’t let that happen.

Last year Boise State finished 13-0 and had its sights set on playing a BCS team in one of the major bowls. TCU had finished 12-0 and had its sights on a game against a BCS team.

Forget about it—the two teams were not give the opportunity to meet one of big boys but were matched in the Fiesta Bowl by the BCS, eliminating any possibility they had what it takes to crash the party.

Those who run the BCS do not care what I think; they do not care what you think; they only think about the money and power they have now and they have no intention of sharing it with anybody but a team from a member conference.



BCS Tries To Teach Outsiders A Lesson


One could say they have good reason to keep these top-flight non-BCS teams away from their own. When they have  slipped up and permitted such a match-up, the truth was known.

In 2008 Utah, another orphan, went 12-0 and was given no consideration to playing for the national title. Instead, the BCS decided this was a perfect chance to show just how inferior to good BCS teams were the Utes and their ilk and they invited them to face 12-1 Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.

The Crimson Tide went into that game a 9.5-point favorite and I can never forget how the commentators were laughing and carrying on before the game, noting Utah was about to find out what it was like to play a good football team. Utah struck like lightning, totally dominating Alabama and gave the much slower and less physical Crimson Tide the butt kicking of their life. In the end Utah won 31-17 and the game was never as close as the final score.

What was so embarrassing was the continued commentary right into the second half, as former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer repeated said something to the effect, “Utah better get tied on because this Alabama team is about to wake up.”

When it was over, he admitted he had no idea Utah was that good.

He was truly stunned.

Then there was the 2006 Fiesta Bowl when Boise State finished 13-0 and forced its way into a BCS bowl. The committee decided to teach the Broncos a lesson and matched them with 11-2 Oklahoma—and, yes, Boise State played one of the greatest games in football history and beat the favored Sooners, 43-42, in overtime.

The BCS was founded to make certain nobody could ever crack the inner circle of the big-time majors. It was all about money, maintaining complete control over it and sharing it with nobody because with money comes power—and the formula continues to this day.

I will try to write more on this subject in the coming weeks as the BCS runs its fraudulent course.

Here is my top 25 and a word about each team.


Kelso’s College Top 25


1.        Oregon (6-0)—Hosts UCLA (3-3) Thursday. Both teams off bye and Ducks averaging 54.3 points per game.

2.        Alabama (6-1)—At Tennessee (2-4). Tide 30-1 last 31 regular season games.

3.        Auburn (7-0)—Hosts LSU (7-0). Have spectacular QB in Juco transfer Cam Newton.

4.        Boise State (6-0)—Hosts Louisiana Tech (3-4) Tuesday. Has outscored opposition 56.7-4.7 in last 2 games and crushed San Jose State last week 48-0 with starting QB Kellen Moore sitting the second half.

5.        TCU (7-0)—Hosts Air Force (5-2) at homecoming. Has won last three games by average score of 34.3-1.0.

6.        Oklahoma (6-0)—Is at Missouri (6-0) for Tigers homecoming game. Stoops 7-0 against Missouri.

7.        Iowa (5-1)—Hosts Wisconsin (6-1) with Badgers coming off 31-18 win over #1Ohio State and are in major negative bounce mode.

8.        Utah (6-0)—Hosts Colorado State (2-5). Utes running up score on everybody and have outscored last four opponents by average margin of 52.5-12.5.

9.        Missouri (6-0)—Hosts Oklahoma (6-0) at homecoming. Tigers 24-5 at home last five seasons.

10.     Florida State (6-1)—Next game 10-28 at N.C. State (5-2)

11.     Oklahoma State (6-0)—Hosts Nebraska (5-1). Pundits picked Cowboys to finish last in Big 12 South, failing to account for fact they were loaded with youthful blue-chip players.

12.     Michigan State (7-0)—At Northwestern (5-1) which is coming off bye. Win this one and the only roadblock between Spartans and BCS title game is trip to Iowa in two weeks.

13.     South Carolina (4-2)—At Vanderbilt (2-4). Gamecocks in prime bounce-back cycle. Upset #1 ranked Alabama two weeks ago, lost at Kentucky last week and ready for major bounce upward.

14.     Nebraska (5-1)—At Oklahoma State (6-0) and off home loss to Texas last week is in major positive bounce situation.

15.     LSU (7-0)—At Auburn (7-0)—LSU does not look on the field like a 7-0 team but Tigers keep winning and go for 4th straight against War Eagles.

16.     Wisconsin (6-1)—At Iowa (5-1). Coming off win over #1 ranked Ohio State Badgers are major negative bounce profile.

17.     Stanford (5-1)—Hosts Washington State at homecoming. Cardinal’s only loss was at Oregon 52-31.

18.     Ohio State (6-1)—Hosts Purdue (4-1) at homecoming and coming off embarrassing loss at Wisconsin is a strong candidate to bounce upward in a big way.

19.     Arizona (5-1)—Hosts Washington (3-3) at homecoming. Wildcats only loss this season came by 2 points at home to Oregon State.

20.     Virginia Tech (5-2)—Hosts Duke. After opening 0-2, Tech has gone 5-0 and has won those games by average score of 41.2-19.8.

21.     North Carolina (4-2)—At Miami (4-2). Despite losing a host of players in agent-pay scandal the Tar Heels defense remains strong and has given up an average of just 14 points in each of its last four games.

22.     Texas (4-2)—Hosts Iowa State (3-4) and is in major negative bounce mode off win at Nebraska. Iowa State lost 52-0 at Oklahoma last week.

23.     Arkansas (4-2)—Hosts Mississippi (3-3). Bettors must check to see in quarterback Ryan Mallett will play after being injured at Auburn last week.

24.     Kansas State (5-1)—At Baylor (5-2). Wildcats put a new-and-improved team on the field in last week’s 59-7 win at Kansas.

25.     Air Force (5-2)—At TCU (7-0). Only losses on road to Oklahoma, 27-24, and last week at San Diego State, 27-25.





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