Cubs Fans May Be Baseball's Most Devoted, But Nobody Really Loves Team More Than Bookmakers

Cubs Fans May Be Baseball's Most Devoted, But Nobody Really Loves Team More Than Bookmakers


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By Kelso Sturgeon


The love affair citizens of Chicago have with their Cubs is a story that defies words and explanations but it is there, it is real, and that is quite unusual in a time in sports history when the only thing that counts is winning and at any cost—something the Chicago Cubs do not do. They won their last National League pennant 62 seasons ago their last national championship some 102 years ago.

None of this seems to make any difference. The Cubs are a big draw at home, averaging 38,418 fans per game at 95-year-old Wrigley Field which has a seating capacity of 41,160. This means the Cubs fill 93.4% of their seats for every home game—a figure exceeded by only three   major league teams—the Philadelphia Phillies (103.5%), the Boston Red Sox (100.8%) and the Minnesota Twins (99.4%)

On the road the Cubs play before crowds averaging 30,538.

Baseball fans simply like to watch this team from the north side of Chicago.

While I have never been to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play, my experiences with the devotion their fans have has been up front and close. My lawyer was born in Chicago and while living in Las Vegas still also practices there. I have never met with him that he did not regale me the virtues of his life-time love affair with his favorite team.

But his fanaticism is nothing to compare with the four brothers who do the painting at our house. They are from Chicago and nothing—and I mean absolutely nothing—comes between them and their beloved Cubs. The last time they worked in the house, they arrived early, painted for an hour or two and then signed off for the day, explaining the Cubs were on TV and that they never missed a chance to watch them play.

These are just two examples of how devoted are Cubs fans, but that is just part of the story.


Soriano Dropped Easy Fly Ball And Cost Me $4,000


The fans love the Chicago Cubs but even as connected as they are to their team, their love affair is small potatoes when compared to the enthusiastic infatuation bookmakers have for them—and well they should. Few teams in baseball make as much money for bookies as do the Cubs.

It all begins before the season even starts. Bookmakers offer futures betting on which of the 30 Major League Baseball teams will win the American League and National League pennants and the World Series. They know before the windows open that the Chicago Cubs will get big-time futures play and because of his always offer them at a ridiculously low price.

This year the Cubs opened at 7-1 to win the National League pennant and 14-1 to win the World Series. Eighty games into the season, and with the Cubs 34-46 in the won-lost column, you can get 30-1 to win the pennant and 75-1 to win the World Series. For the record, even the latter prices are ridiculously low.

I have always admired the support the long-suffering of Chicago give to their Cubbies but in the world of betting, my approach is ice-cold. In my world of laying and taking I have no friends and no enemies. Each team—each game—is what it is—a possible opportunity to cash a ticket.

My only real memory of the Cubs is from three or four seasons ago when left-fielder/no-fielder Alfonso Soriano dropped an easy game-winning fly ball with two out in the ninth inning and cost me $4,000. If he catches the ball the game is over and I win a five-team parlay that paid just over $4,000. He did not, the tying run scored, the game went to extra innings and I lost. To  this day I can’t figure out how he dropped it, but from the viewpoint of a bettor that is the Chicago Cubs.


Cubs Battle Orioles For Baseball’s Biggest Money Burner


After bookmakers suck up all the futures money bet on the Cubs—and bank it, knowing they have not had to pay off on either bet for 62 years—the money continues to pour in as the suckers continue to send it in on a day-to-day basis.

It never stops.

While the Cubs are a modest underdog to the Cincinnati Reds today, they have been favored in their last five games and lost four of them. If you bet at the $100 level on each of those contests you lost $530.

Again, that is just the Cubs. They are 1-5 as a favorite in their last six games and 9-16 as a favorite in their last 25. If you have wagered at the $100 level on this team all season, you are currently down $2,360—a figure exceeded only by the Baltimore Orioles who are a minus $2,400 for the season.

For the record the most profitable team for bettors is San Diego. Had one bet $100 on each game the Padres have played this season, one would be up $1,740.


Where Do Cubs Go From Here?


It is dangerous to say, “never” in the world of baseball betting but the way the Cubs are playing right now, they have to be a go-against team. Rare would be the occasion I personally, would bet on them.


I watched them get buried 12-0 at Wrigley yesterday by the Cincinnati Reds and even the staunchest of Cubs had to feel a bit sick to the stomach by the outright unprofessional ineptness they witnessed on the field. The Cubs were up 1-0 at the end of six in this one and then imploded in a manner many have not witnessed in years.

In the seventh inning the skies did not actually open up for Cincinnati, but they did certainly collapse on Chicago. When it was over the Reds had scored nine runs—and it was not because of their great offensive prowess. In that inning they benefited from six walks, a fielding error, a passed ball and a hit or two.

Thirteen Reds batters went to the plate in the ill-fated seventh and the Cubs put on display a collective performance that was far beyond embarrassing.

But, again, that’s the Cubs—for bettors the biggest sucker team in baseball.


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