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By Kelso Sturgeon


            Those who maintain at least some contact with reality know something is wrong and that the world is bizarrely upside down. Please take a deep breath and relax. You’re not losing your mind. There is a reason for that strange feeling in your stomach and the nagging mental confusion brought about by trying to stay grounded when little seems right.

We now live in a world that works overtime, 24/7, trying to convince us that which before was considered good is now bad and that which was considered bad is now good. Down is up and up is down. White is black and black is white. That which was right is suddenly wrong and that which was wrong is suddenly right.

Why should the world of sports be any different?

Politicians lie about almost everything while lining their pockets.

Those running sports franchises, and many players, lie about things while lining their own pockets.

It’s the same game.

They say, relax—that was rain hitting you in the face. But you can’t quite come to grips with the fact it tasted like piss.

The only constant in sports right now is the wagering aspect, where there is no room for deceit, confusion or making it out to be something it was not. You win, or you lose. End of the report. Three cheers for what is one of the few places reality still rules and refuses to permit insanity.

            It would take a book to list and explain all the strange happenings in sports this week but  we will just focus on just one today—Major League Baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates, a team run by a front office operating from the twilight zone and, because of it, appears more surreal by the day.

Tomorrow we will address the buffoonery of this thing called the World Cup with focus on the French soccer team which has gone certifiably coo-coo and could qualify for a group rate at the nearest nut house.

Wednesday it will be the Baltimore Orioles in the stock.

As you read these columns of the next three days, just keep in mind I am not making this up. This is all happening right now.


Pittsburgh Pirates 2nd Worst Run Franchise In Majors


            The Pittsburgh Pirates, who are battling the Baltimore Orioles for the title of the Worst Team In Major League Baseball, must certainly be commended. They have won two games in a row after losing 12 straight and have to be heading to Arlington and a three-game series against the Texas Rangers, the hottest team in baseball, filled with the enthusiasm and confidence of youth.

            Well, maybe that is a bit of an over-statement, this confidence thing.

            The Pirates, who have not had a winning season in 17 years, are truly an embarrassing disaster-maybe the worst Pittsburgh team ever—and one wonders if they even have the talent to compete at the Triple-A level. How about Double-A?

            The players are terrible. The pitchers are worse.

The front office, headed by team president Frank Coonelly and general manager

Neal Huntington, have been exposed as incompetent, air-headed fools who lie a lot and don’t even register in the 1-10 range on a scale of that has 100 as its high point.

There is no major league front office crew worse. Mark them absent and grade them in the minus category.

They are The Worst and have as much business running the Pirates as the local neighborhood drunk. If you think that is harsh, rest assured I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Please note I did not include Pirates manager John Russell in that category. As is said, you have to play the hand you’re dealt and he has been dealt a deuce of hearts, a three of diamonds, a seven of spades, a  nine of spades and a dead joker, thanks to the aforementioned  visionary front office duo of Coonelly and Huntington.

Try to win a high-stakes major league Texas Hold’em game with a hand such as that.

Just look at the team these bozos have put together.


The Scariest Baseball Stats Ever


            Under the direction of the dynamic duo, the current Pirates:


1.       Are hitting .236 which puts them 31st among the 32 major league teams, ahead of only the Houston Astros who are hitting one point worse at .235.

2.       Have a pitching staff that is 31st among the 32 major league teams, with an ERA of 5.21, with the Arizona Diamondbacks (5.51) worse.

3.       Have a rotation of starting pitchers that is 1-18 with an ERA of 5.55 in 29 games since May 18. That means the Pirates starters won one game in the past month.

4.       Field a defense that is strictly of the Russian Roulette variety. In one recent game the Pirates had six errors, four in one inning.


Let’s stop right there. It does not take a genius to figure out if you can’t hit, have the

second worst pitching staff in the majors and play unfocused, fundamentally unsound loosey goosey defense, you have no business calling yourself a Major League Baseball team.

            If you think this is the profile of a bad team, my figures say the best is behind the Pirates this season and things are only going to get worse.

            Bettors beware. This is a major go-against team.


Twilight Zone Front Office Antics


            While it takes no effort to field an awful baseball team, it is easy to hide the fact those running a club don’t have a clue. Why do you think they keep all those vice presidents of this and that on board? Inept people always need a long list of boobs to blame and fire.

            Ironically the first boob out the door his season was fired last week—and I am not making this up.

            The Pirates did not wish to be outdone by the racing sausages that perform during Milwaukee Brewer games and answered with a team of costumed dumpling-shaped pierogies who conducted races on most night.

            One of the racing pierogies, Andrew Kurtz, was fired this past week for using his blog to criticize the Pirates’ brass for extending the contracts of both Huntington and Russell. He now runs as a hotdog for the independent minor league team, the Washington (PA) Wild Things.

            It seems that after Pittsburgh lost 99 games last season Coonelly said there had been no discussions about extending the contracts of both, and recently reiterated both men were still without contract extensions.

            Some sneaky guy then put the screws to Coonelly two weeks ago and forced him to  admit that, despite his denials, both Huntington and Russell had long ago been give contract extensions.

            So much for the honesty of those running a team that has over the past five seasons averaged 96 losses.

            Fan outrage followed but only Kurtz worked for the team and could be fired.


Firing The Racing Pierogi Was Small Potatoes.


            It is one thing for Coonelly to fire one of his racing pierogies and quite another to suffer blatant self-inflicted embarrassment by his words and actions.

            Because the Pirates were struggling, someone asked Huntington when the team might call up from the minors third-baseman Pedro Alvarez, the Pirates second pick in the 2008 draft, who was considered the team’s top prospect.

            Huntington said Alvarez was not ready for the majors and that he had no intention of ruining him by calling him up before his time. Hours later Alvarez was called up at the behest of Coonelly. So much for not ruining a promising player who was not ready.

            The call-up also was opposed by Russell.

            Needless to say, no one second-guesses the team president and Alvarez was immediately thrust into the starting line. He went 0-for-10 in his first 10 at bats and at this writing is still starting and has a batting average of .063.

            There is no question professional buffoons are driving this bus—right off a cliff.

            As stated earlier, if you think it’s bad now, you have not seen anything yet.

            If you are looking for a meal ticket, you might want to start betting on whoever plays Pittsburgh.


Big Game Baseball Winning Continues


            I won my third straight big-game baseball Sunday as the Chicago White Sox, modestly favored at -105, beat the Washington Nationals, 6-3, with a nice 25-unit Personal Best Club release. That followed Saturday’s 50-unit winner in my Interleague Situation Game of the Year as those same White Sox beat the Nationals, 1-0.

            On Friday, I kicked off the weekend with my 25-unit Interleague Underdog Play of the Week and cashed again when the Cleveland Indians knocked off the Pittsburgh Pirates, 4-3.

            Rest assured—the winning will continue.

            Here is how all my baseball releases fared Sunday. They are listed here just as they were released and include the comments I wrote for clients receiving the games.



10 Units

Texas Rangers (40-28) -155 over HOUSTON ASTROS (26-43)

Pitching for Texas: LH C.J. Wilson (5-3, 3.48)

Pitching for Houston: RH Felipe Paulino (1-8, 4.50)

Final Score

Texas Rangers 5, Houston Astros 4 (10)



                Comments: The Texas Rangers don’t get a lot of media exposure and because of it fly below the radar and currently are one of the best friends bettors have. No one in baseball is playing any better right now. The Rangers are 14-4 in June, have hit .314 in that run and have a pitching staff that has an ERA of An American League low 3.52 this month. The icing on the cake is a bullpen that has posted an ERA of 1.59 in the past 11 games. Today the Rangers go for their eighth straight win in the final outing of this 10-game road trip and it is of note that in the first nine games have 40 runs, with 24 of 66 hits going for extra bases (13 doubles, eight home runs and three triples). They will be facing  Felipe Paulino who comes into this off his worst game of the season, a 15-7 loss to Kansas City—a contest in which he gave up 10 runs and 11 hits in 4 2/3 innings.


3 Units

Los Angeles Angels (39-32) +120 over CHICAGO CUBS (30-38)

Pitching for Los Angeles: LH Joe Saunders (5-7, 4.70)

Pitching for Chicago: RH Carlos Zambrano (2-5, 5.66)

Final Score

Chicago Cubs 12, Los Angeles Angels 1



                Comments: This selection is the result of two teams being at different places at this point of the season. Los Angeles is playing outstanding baseball, is getting healthy again and goes for its sixth straight road win in this. The Angels send to the mound Joe Saunders who, while a bust at home this season, is 3-0 with an ERA of 1.19 on the road. He will be facing a Cubs team that has simply been dreadful of late. Nothing illustrates that more than yesterday’s 12-0 loss to the Angels in a game in which they had two hits and three errors. Chicago is 6-12 in its last 18 games and sends to the mound a struggling Carlos Zambrano who just does not seem to have it this season. 

*          *          *          *



Side/Total Parlay

5 Units

New York Mets (39-29) +160 over NEW YORK YANKEES (42-26)

Pitching for Mets: LH Johan Santana (5-3, 3.13)

Pitching for Yankees: LH C.C. Sabathia (7-3, 4.00)

Final Score

New York Yankees 5, New York Mets 0



                Comments: This game is a dead-even affair and that makes the underdog the play. The Mets Santana is rounding to the top of his form and goes for his fourth straight win against and will be facing C.C. Sabathia who is not as good as is record shows and who is quite vulnerable right now. Four of Sabathia’s last wins have been over the helpless Baltimore Orioles.


5 Units

Mets-Yankees Under 8.5 Runs

Prediction: 7 or less runs to be scored

Four Runs Scored


*              *              *              *



25 Units

Chicago White Sox (33-34) -105 over WASHINGTON NATIONALS (31-38)

Pitching for Chicago: RH Freddy Garcia (7-3, 4.94)

Pitching for Washington: LH John Lannan (2-4, 5.45)

Final Score

Chicago White Sox 6, Washington Nationals 3



                Comments: This one is all about pitching and there is no question Chicago’s Freddy Garcia has a giant edge over the Nationals’ John Lannan. Garcia is back at the top of his form and goes for his fifth straight win this in this one. He has an ERA of 3.71 in the past fur games. Lannan seems to be coming unglued. In his last two starts, he has gone 0-1, with an ERA of 10.00. Neither of these teams is hitting well but with a pitching staff recording a team ERA of 1.87 over the past nine games, the White Sox have not needed much offense and today go for their sixth straight win. Of note is the fact Washington is 0-5 in its last five games and has hit .182 and averaged 2.2 runs per game.

*              *              *              *



1 Unit

Oakland Athletics (33-37) +105 over ST. LOUIS CARDINALS (38-30)

Pitching for Oakland: RH Trevor Cahill (6-2, 3.23)

Pitching for St. Louis: RH Jeff Suppan (0-2, 7.20)

Final Score

Oakland Athletics 3, St. Louis Cardinals 2



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*              *              *              *


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