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By Kelso Sturgeon


It is a sunny, windy day in Las Vegas and I am at peace with the world-mainly because I have not left my house-a modest and peaceful abode designed by a Feng Shui architect who had a deep understanding of my need for a positive flow of energy and the solitude it brings. The only noise I have heard this morning was the barking of my three guard dogs that woke up to remind the pool man who was still in charge.


In other words, I am in a really good mood. Baseball handicapping is going better than at anytime in the past 20 years, especially for my Highrollers Club, I am deeply into analyzing 123 college football teams and the 32 from the NFL as I march towards another football season.


In fact I am feeling so good about things, I will be releasing my 100-unit NBA Playoff First Round Game of the Year Friday night-the right game, the right team, the right night and it's all loaded with positive energy.


When I am feeling so positive, I liked to address the issues that really annoy me. I am sometimes so heavy-handed, my disgust builds to the point of borderline insanity and I say some really awful things. Let me take the velvet glove approach today.


First of all, I do not suffer ignorance at all and because of that have failed in  my devoted run to become the Mr. Congeniality of sports betting. In my world, there are few things held in higher contempt than an enthusiastic ignoramus. Since I do not wish to give my money to another "good" lawyer who can get one out of jail when one's time is up, I shall not specifically name most of those who qualify for the latter but they are many in number.


Let us begin today's velvet-soft rantings with the media-a place where stupidity and ignorance rule the day and flirt with such gradings as "morons" and "idiots". There are no greater fools than 90% of those who believe they bring us the sports news each day.


"Well, I know Tiger shot a 67 today but do you think he would have turned in a 65 if he had maybe not been, ah, you know what last night".


Just the important stuff.


I Would Have Knocked This Guy Into Next Week

First up, the NFL and the mental midgets in charge, beginning with Miami Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland who may single-handedly out-stupid the entire front offices of the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions combined.


An individual who excelled in college football and hopes to play in the NFL must go through a series of physical and mental drills and dozens of interviews with saintly coaches and general managers who need to determine the mindset and morals of the potential player.


When Oklahoma State wide-receiver Dez Bryant was going through the interview process with Miami 's Ireland , this brain-dead idiot GM had the gall to ask Bryant if his mother was ever a prostitute. I must say that, had that question been asked of me, Mr. Ireland would have woke up in the middle of next week.


I would have at least replied, "no" but I did sleep with your wife last night".

I have no sense of humor for such stupidity.

How sick can a general manager be?  Obviously from the question, real sick-and he still has a job.

Of course Ireland has apologized and Bryant is on the Dallas Cowboys payroll.

"My mom is not a prostitute," Bryant told Yahoo Sports. "I got mad-really mad-but I did not show it."


I am a sick man, I guess, but this awful, demeaning off-the-wall question, would go into my Little Black-And-And Blue Book of people with whom I have an unforgettable desire to get even with before I pass on to the next world.


That's just me in a good mood folks.


Now, The Tim Tebow Haters

 First The Resume

The relentless media attacks on Florida quarterback Tim Tebow as the NFL prepared for its draft was so vicious even my jaded mind could not understand it. First the Tebow resume.

  • He played in 55 games at Florida, started 41 and had a major role in the team winning two national championships
  • He passed for 9,286 yards for 88 touchdowns and with just 15 interceptions
  • He rushed for 2,947 yards and 57 more touchdowns
  • These numbers followed a high school career during which he started out as a linebacker and tight end and then changed schools and became a quarterback. He closed out his high school career passing for 9,810 and 95 touchdowns and 3,186 rushing yards and 62 more touchdowns
  • There was no football honor he did not win in high school and college, including the Heisman Trophy.
  • He is the perfect size for an NFL quarterback, standing 6-3 and weighing in at 240 pounds.

Now for the bad news.


He was home schooled.

His parents are evangelical Christian missionaries in the Philippines.

He is a born-again evangelical Christian who takes his faith seriously.

He's never been arrested for public drunkenness, beating up his girl friend and throwing her down a stairs, accused of rape or domestic violence or for pissing on the door of the public library.


Obviously, according to the media, these things trump his success as a football player and most certainly set the stage for his failure.


Nobody with these personal credentials belongs in the NFL and most certainly does not have the arm to play at that level.


Before the draft the media collectively teamed up to destroy his chances of being a high draft choice. Dozens of unnamed sources were quoted as saying Tebow did not have the ability to be a starter in the NFL, that his religious faith made him a major nut job and nobody wanted to subject their team to the "circus" that would follow him.


There may have been an NFL guy or two who harbored these thoughts but in truth they were made up by a media that only interviews itself.


One writer for Sports Illustrated even went so far as to say on his blog, "I want Tim Tebow To Fail". It had nothing top do with Tebow's football talent but was directed specifically at the fact he was too religious.


Nice, and I, being in a good mood, would only say to that flaming asshole that sooner rather than later my sincere hope is that someone castrates you, if you happen to have balls.


Tebow went to the Denver Broncos as the 25th player taken in the first round and will in a year or two find the success in the NFL that he had at Florida and before that, in high school, even with all those negatives


Please do not forget when Tebow makes it big and takes Denver to the Super Bowl that those who tried to destroy him will be first in line to say they knew all along he was The Man.

Needless to say, even on a good day my contempt for the modern day media is rather high.


The rants will be continued next Thursday. I must stop for now, since I'm really getting pissed off.


100-Unit NBA 1st Round Playoff Game of Year Wins Friday


I split my NBA selections last night, winning a 5-unit play on the underdog Milwaukee Bucks (+9.0) with their 91-87 win over the Atlanta Hawks while losing a 5-unit play on underdog Utah (+7.0) which lost at Denver, 116-102. Now the stage is set for my biggest play of the first round of the NBA playoffs-my 100-unit NBA 1st Round Playoff Game of the Year.


There are three games Friday night, the Atlanta Hawks at Milwaukee , the Denver Nuggets at Utah and the Los Angeles Lakers at Oklahoma City and one of them will be the big game. This 100-unit play will be available mid-afternoon Eastern Time Friday on this site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255.


Meantime tonight I will be releasing another 25-unit NBA side and total parlay on one of the two games on the schedule.


The winning also continues in Major League Baseball and after last night's 25-unit win with the St. Louis Cardinals (-155) who knocked off the Atlanta Braves, 6-0, my Personal Best Club record went to 17-7 for my last 24 plays.


I have three baseball services, all listed on this site, and I am getting the job done in all of them. And, for the record, I am also winning with me free selections on this site. Yesterday it was the underdog Washington Nationals (+200) in their 3-2 win over the Chicago Cubs. Free selections are available each day.



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