NBA Playoff Lookahead

Things You Need To Know About NBA Playoffs

That Begin This Saturday


Lakers Are About To Become Just The 4th

Number One Seed To Get Knocked Out In First Round


The Boston Celtics Have Two Chances To Win

NBA Championship—Zero And None


Trail Blazers Are 60-1 To Win Championship

And Have A Legitimate Chance To Do Just That


Cavaliers Are 7-5 Favorites To Win It All

And Are The Only Team Rested And With Fresh Legs


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By Kelso Sturgeon


            There is still some things to be decided before the NBA playoffs begin this Saturday but I have already determined at least four things—all supported by actual facts and figures and the not-so-obvious subjective elements that are going to impact how teams play and thus determine who wins and who loses some very important games.

            You can get tied on, because this will not be the NBA playoffs most are expecting.

            Four things you can know before the first of eight first-round games are played this weekend.

            1. Los Angeles Lakers are the 8-5 second choice behind the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the title but are a strong candidate to become but the fourth top-seeded team in NBA history to be knocked out in the first round by a team seeded eighth.

            2. The Boston Celtics, seeded third in the Eastern Conference, have absolutely no chance to win the championship.

            3. The Cavaliers are 7-5 favorites to win it all and will be the only team entering the playoffs rested, with fresh legs and ready to play their best basketball of the entire season.

            4. The Portland Trail Blazers are being offered at odds of 60-1 to win the NBA championship but they have a legitimate chance to win it all, as do the 50-1 Phoenix Suns.

            As noted above these are not wild off-the-wall statements but are real possibilities supported by actual figures and data, plus the hidden outside elements that will determine which teams win and which teams lose each game.


Cleveland Favored To Win It All


            Fifteen of the 16 playoff spots have been decided, with only the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference to be decided in the final two games of the regular season. In that spot will be either the Chicago Bulls or the Toronto Raptors.

            Here are the Las Vegas odds to win the NBA playoffs as listed at the Las Vegas Hilton Super Book.


Team                                       Odds

Cleveland Cavaliers                   7-5

Los Angeles Lakers                  8-5

Orlando Magic                          6-1

Utah Jazz                                  12-1

Denver Nuggets                        15-1

Boston Celtics                           15-1

Dallas Mavericks                      15-1

Atlanta Hawks                          30-1

San Antonio Spurs                     30-1

Oklahoma City Thunder             30-1

Phoenix Suns                            50-1

Portland Trail Blazers                60-1

Miami Heat                               100-1

Charlotte Bobcats                      200-1

Milwaukee Bucks                      200-1

Toronto Raptors                        200-1

Chicago Bulls                            200-1


            It is obvious by the odds that most of the futures money has gone on the Cavaliers and the Lakers but I for one will be taking a flyer on both the Phoenix Suns at 50-1 and the Portland Trail Blazers at 60-1.


How The Teams Will Be Seeded

The first round of the playoffs consists of four match-ups in each conference based on the seedings (1-8, 2-7, 3-6, and 4-5). The four winners advance to the second round, or Conference Semifinals, with a match-up between the 1-8 and 4-5 winners and a match-up between the 2-7 and 3-6 winners. The two winners advance to the third round, or Conference Finals. Home court advantage in the first round of play is not necessarily determined by a team’s record, since each divisional winners also get consideration for this edge.

The first three rounds of the playoffs are played with a 2-2-1-1-1 format, which means the team with the home-court advantage hosts games 1, 2, 5 and 7, while the opposing team hosts games 3, 4, and 6. The format shifts to 2-3-2 for the championship round, which means the team with the home court advantage hosts games 1,2,6,7 and the opposing team hosts games 3, 4 and 5. Home court advantage in the final rounds is based strictly on a team’s record, with the team with the better record getting that edge.

In other words there are strong reasons teams battle to get the home court advantage for at least one round. In records kept by the NBA, in the 10-years of play between 1998-99 and 2007-08, home teams went 7,021-4,569 during the regular season, winning 60.6% of the time. In that same time frame, playoff home teams went 513-278, winning a strong 64.9% of the time.

More on all of this later.


The NBA Is Not From Mars


            There are many handicappers who are lost when it comes to taking on the challenge of the NBA and because of it say bettors need to leave it alone. They keep saying it’s just too tough to beat—a red-flagged sport for them. In the meantime, I just keep taking down the NBA money.

            The NBA is not a sport from Mars. It was born in the United States and it has for years been for me a major profit center. In fact, in some years I have made more money betting the NBA than I did wagering on college basketball.

            I have had another excellent NBA season. It has not been easy but it never is, nor is success in handicapping any sport. One wins because one knows what they are doing and understand the marriage between the talent a team has and the betting line.

            Most of all, there has to be a reason to bet on a team.

                There simply has to be a reason to use or go against a team in each game. Winning cannot be a shot in the dark and when one can’t make a case for taking a position, one must pass the game.

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