Bookmakers Getting Strong Two-Way Final Four Public Play

Bookmakers Getting Strong Two-Way Final Four Public Play But Say Wiseguys Are On The Sidelines
Get My 25-Unit Final Four Parlay For $25

Pistons Still Stinking Up The NBA As They Go 0-10 SU And 0-10 ATS In Their Last Ten Games
50-Unit NBA Blowout Game Wins Tonight

Did An Absolutely Stupid Newspaper Article Put The Kiss Of Death On West Virginia Tonight?
Duke Coach, Players Furious About it

By Kelso Sturgeon


It’s mid-morning in Las Vegas and bookmakers are reporting strong but light two-way betting on tonight’s NCAA Final Four and noted insiders, sharps and wiseguys appear to be sitting this one out and in the process telling the world they think the betting lines are hard as a rock and too tough to beat.


While I think a team in each game has an edge on which one can base a bet, my respect for the sharps is well noted.


There is little question tonight’s games bring together teams that are loaded with talent and which have legitimately earned their way into the Final Four. Depending on where one bets Butler (32-4) is either a 1.5-point or 1.0-point favorite over Michigan State (28-8) in the first game while Duke is a solid 2.5-point favorite across the board for its meeting with West Virginia (31-6)


The first game begins at 6:05 P.M. Eastern Time, followed at approximately 8:35 by the second game. Both contests will be televised nationally on CBS and I am releasing each of them as a 10-unit play and suggesting one also combine then in a 5-unit parlay and get those 13-5 odds. As noted, I do believe one team in each game as an edge, albeit hidden from all the data most use to analyze games.


You can get my Final Four plays on this site or toll free at 1-800-755-2255 for just $25, charged to your major credit card. While the focus of tonight is NCAA basketball, my biggest play of the night will be a 50-unit NBA release that I believe will get the money with ridiculous ease. You can get this game on this site and at the toll free number listed above for just $50, also charged to your major credit card.


Bookmakers Finally Figure Out Pistons

I have made several scores in recent weeks by betting against the Detroit Pistons, a team I figured out some time ago and throw in the towel and was playing with a lack of enthusiasm that eventually revealed itself in full-blown fashion as a team that was not even trying to win—ever.

At this writing Detroit is 0-10 straight up (SU) and against the spread (ATS) in its last 10 games and today’s betting line on the Pistons at the Atlanta Hawks tells me bookmakers finally understand I was right. There is nothing that is more disturbing to a bookmaker that (1) a winning or losing streak or (2) a team they know is not even trying.


When Detroit takes the court tonight in Atlanta , it will be a season’s worst 14-point underdog. In other words, bookmakers say if you want to bet on this bunch of losers you are going to have to pay a big price for it.


What fans and bettors have with the Pistons right now is a team that on offense runs up and down the court as if it were playing on a New York or Los Angeles playground and a team that on defense is missing in action.


The defensive figures in the 10 straight losses are stunning. Beginning with last night’s 109-94 home loss to the Phoenix Suns, here are the shooting averages of their opponents:


  • In the 100-94 home loss to Phoenix the Pistons gave up 56.2% from the floor.
  • In a 98-81 home loss to Miami , the figure was 49.3%,
  • In a 110-103 home loss to Chicago , it was 54.9%.
  • In a 118-110 loss at New Jersey , it was 57.1%
  • In a 98-83 home loss to Indiana , it was 43.4%.
  • In a 104-79 loss at Cleveland , it was 48.7%.
  • In a 106-102 loss at Indiana , it was 53.7%.
  • In a 113-101 home loss to Cleveland , it was 49.4%.
  • In a 119-93 loss at Boston , it was 62.2%. In a 112-99 loss at Atlanta , it was 63.0%.

    This is the profile a team that is not trying, period.

    With that said, bettors now need to be a bit wary for the Pistons last seven games, since it is obvious bookmakers are tired of paying off when they lose. The numbers are going to be heavily tilted in these contests and bettors will pay a price to bet against Detroit. Your call


    Star Puts WVU Behind 8-Ball Tonight

    When one analyzes tonight's Final Four match up between Duke and West Virginia, reality says this should be a barn-burner right to the end but winners do not always come from a team's past performance and its supporting statistical data.

    The Indianapolis Star did not do West Virginia any favors when yesterday it published a story noting the fact "everybody" hates Duke and illustrated it with a picture of the Blue Devil's Coach K., with him wearing devil's horns and with a target drawn on his forehead. Someone at the newspaper realized the folly of it all 30,000 copies into the press run and withdrew the story, but it was too late.

    The newspaper was on the street and it absolutely infuriated Coach K. and the Duke Blue Devils-a team that tries to do everything right as it stays within the rules and graduates most of its players.


    The added question for handicappers is just how much of an emotional impact the story will have on Duke and how much of a motivational factor it will be.

    For certain,West Virginia didn't need it. The man who said, "you don't tug on Super Man's cape" said it all

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