Disgraceful Detroit Pistons Are Not Worst NBA Team

Disgraceful Detroit Pistons Are Not Worst NBA Team

But They Are Most Embarrassing In History

The Hidden Truth Of 0-9 SU, ATS In Last Nine Games


50-Unit NIT Championship Game Wins With Dayton over North Carolina!
Follows 4-0 Wednesday Night In NBA


Bookies Say No Early Action On NCAA Final Four


Yankees-Red Sox Kick Off Baseball Season Sunday

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By Kelso Sturgeon


            This ain’t my first rodeo, pal, so stop trying to tell me the game of NBA basketball is always on the level. If it were the National Basketball Association’s see-no-evil, hear-no-evil and speak-no-evil Commissioner David Stern would step up and demand the Detroit Pistons play out the season.

            The Pistons are by no means the worst team in the NBA but they are by far the most embarrassing, probably in history. Fans are still paying big numbers to buy tickets to see their games, they are reaping hundreds of thousands of dollars in television revenue and night after night they make absolutely no effort win.

            Detroit represents the worst the game has ever seen, and that takes some doing when one looks back at the drug culture that ruled this league for years and made it a poster child for inconsistency from one night to the next, and the more recent betting scandal rooted in one official who hooked up with some Mafia-associated bad guys to fix games and win bets.

            From the vantage point of bettors, it is a major plus that Detroit, which is 0-9 straight up (SU) and against the spread (ATS) in its last nine starts just goes through the motions each night and literally throws games by laying down—and I mean big-time laying down.

            It was no accident I released the Miami Heat (-6.5) over Detroit last night as my biggest play of the night at 15 units, and won on the Pistons home court in blowout fashion, 98-81. It was truly no accident but an expected outcome from this group of bums.

            Here are my comments on the game just as I stated them when I released this play to the public.



15 Units

Miami Heat (40-34) -6.5 over DETROIT PISTONS (23-50)

Prediction: Miami by 11-12


Miami 98, Detroit 81


Comments: For openers Miami is playing some of its best basketball of the season, is 8-2 in its last 10 games, is 11-3 in its last 14 and goes for its sixth straight win in this one. As for Detroit, the Pistons have obviously given up on the season and are just going through the motions each night—a fact reflected by their current record (0-8 in their last eight games, 1-9 in their last 10) and the reality of what we see on the floor. The Pistons are no longer doing the dirty work of playing defense and in those eight consecutive losses have given up an average of 110.0 points per game while permitting their opponents to hit an average of 53.9% of their field goals. This game brings together a team that is trying to win them all and one that simply has lost interest and is playing out the string. It also won’t help that Detroit will be without guard Richard Hamilton (ankle injury), who averages 18.1 points and 4.4 assists per game.


            One expects more from “professional” teams. One might want to make the case Detroit quit early in the season because its players felt suppressed, being the lowest paid team of 30 teams in the NBA with an annual payroll of $43.6 million. If an individual takes that position, what explanation is there for the success of the second-worst paid team in the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks (48-26) at $44.2 million, the fourth-worst paid Oklahoma City Thunder (46-28) at $49.9 million or the sixth-worst paid Portland Trail Blazers at $55.3 million.

            Money has nothing to do with it. Detroit is simply a terribly run team, with an incompetent front office, a coach who is just going through the motions and a group of players who are just playing out the string in half-hearted fashion just to draw the paycheck.

            This, my friend, is a major case of bettor beware.


Additional Wednesday Night Results


            In addition to the 15-unit win with Miami for Chairman’s Club members, Best Bet Club clients went a perfect 3-0 with the following games and please note those who visited this site and got my free NBA play also got the money.





5 Units

UTAH JAZZ (49-26) -13.0 over Golden State Warriors (21-52)

Prediction: Utah by 17-18


Utah 128, Golden State 104


                Comments: Utah has moved into first place ahead of Denver in the NBA Northwest Division and is not about to give it up and with four of their next six games on the road won’t be taking any chances when it plays weak teams such as Golden State at home. Utah is also certain to get a motivational boost in this one, since the Warriors beat them on their home court, 118-108. With that in mind, and with the importance of winning a reality, Utah will bring its “A” game and that should give the Jazz a blowout win over the Golden State which is just 5-30 on the road this season. The Warriors will be without its leading scorer, guard Monta Ellis (25.5 points per game) tonight. He will miss the game with the flu. The bottom line is: Utah has every single edge in this one and the offensive firepower to blow away the Warriors.


4 Units

Milwaukee Bucks (41-32) +9.5 over CLEVELAND CAVALIERS (58-16)

Prediction: Cleveland by 4-5


Cleveland 101, Milwaukee 98


                Comments: The figures say Cleveland gets the win in this one but that it won’t come easily against a Milwaukee team that is firing its best shot every night and would like nothing better than to knock off the Cleveland Cavaliers on their home court. It is of note Cleveland is 15-2 in its last 15 games and its last loss came March 6 at Milwaukee, 92-85. To say the Bucks are in a tough spot tonight would be an understatement, since Cleveland is an NBA best 32-4 at home this season but as noted covering is quite another matter.


3 Units

PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS (45-29) -11.0 over New York Knicks (26-47)

Prediction: Portland by 15-16


Portland 118, New York 90


                Comments: Portland needs to win two more games to clinch a playoff spot and should need just one more victory after tonight’s encounter with a New York Knicks team that is 10-25 on the road this season. Few teams in the NBA are playing as well as are the Trail Blazers right now. Portland comes into this riding a three-game winning streak that included wins at Oklahoma City and New Orleans and a home win over the Dallas Mavericks. The Trail Blazers are 11-2 in their last 13 games and are playing with the focus and intensity of a team that truly wants it.

*              *              *              *


1 Unit

ATLANTA HAWKS (47-26) -1.0 over Los Angeles Lakers (54-20)

Prediction: Atlanta by 5-6


Atlanta 109, Los Angeles 82



Bookmakers Say Final Four Betting Non-Existent


            The absence of betting on this Saturday’s NCAA Final Four that matches Michigan State (28-8) and Butler (32-4) and West Virginia (31-6) and Duke (33-5) is a strong signal the sharps think the betting lines, including the totals, are as hard as a rock. When soft numbers are posted, the wiseguys come out of the woodwork to hammer away. This year—total silence.

            Butler opened as a 1.0-point favorite over Michigan State, immediately moved to -1.5 and has remained there. Duke opened as a 2.5-point favorite over West Virginia, moved briefly to -3.0 and is back at -2.5. Neither total has moved, with the number on Butler-Michigan State at 126, right where it opened, and the number on Duke-West Virginia 131, right where it opened.

            The fact the sharps have not bet means they may not bet, because they never step in just for exercise. They need an edge and without it, the money stays at home.

            This far warning for bettors that this is going to be a challenging Final Four.

            As for me, I remain undecided as to what unit rating I will give these games. Like everyone else I am still digging for the edge.

            I am closing out the NIT tonight with a 50-unit play on the Dayton-North Carolina game and you get this giant winner on this site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255 for just $50, charged to your major credit card.

            And pleased be reminded I intend to kick off the Major League Baseball season Sunday with a side and total play on the nationally televised New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox game. Get on board for the entire baseball season. The price is right and I do accept all major credit cards.


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