My 50-Unit MAC Game Of The Year Wins Tonight

Xavier (-21.5) Crushes Fordham 82-56 For Fifth Straight

50-Unit Basketball Blowout In The Past Seven Days

And My 50-Unit MAC Game Of The Year Wins Tonight


Trail Blazers (-9) Get The Money With 15-Unit

102-79 Knockout Win Over Indiana Pacers


TV Package Goes 2-1, Wins With Texas A&M 76-61

Over Oklahoma State And Maryland 79-72 Over Duke


BYU (-6) Crushes Utah 71-51 On 1-1 Best Bets Club

Night And Gives Clients Another Winning Session

See Of The Results And Reasons Below



By Kelso Sturgeon


It was a moment I must share with you. As anybody who has been granted entry into my private world knows, I work my butt every single day - and many nights - to find the winners hidden on each day’s basketball schedule and that when I bet it is done with ice-water in my veins. I hope for the best, appreciate it when it happens and accept the worst without the blink of an eye.

I learned long ago the daily battle in the betting arena required balls and the ability to detach emotionally. Business is business. It is not personal.

I love to win as no one in the world but I’m not afraid to lose. This love to win and no fear of losing are the two elements have given me the power and confidence to pull the trigger when I know I am right. That is the reason I hit my fifth straight 50-unit winner last night with Xavier, but more on that later.

Most handicappers have betting programs they hope will limit their exposure and their losses. If I felt like that I would get out of the business. My program is to do the work and go-for-broke every time there is an opportunity to cash a ticket.

I guess you can say I am a bit hardened to the handicapping business and that I do consider that a great strength.

Thus it was somewhat surprising today when I was hit right between the eyes by a reality I have denied for almost four decades of handicapping. As cold-blooded no-nonsense and all business as I am in the handicapping and betting arena, I am superstitious. I just didn’t know it.

I discovered that this morning when, while I was putting the finishing touches to my handicapping and writing up and explaining why I was using each game for the day, I began monitoring my telephone calls and stopped answering the telephone for all but the important ones.

Just to set the record straight during the hours I am handicapping an important call is one from a quid-pro-quo bookmaker giving or seeking information, or a source who is privy to a lot of  “for-your-ears-only” conversations about what is going on the world of basketball betting. An unimportant call is one from a friend, an acquaintance, or some stranger who says he has known me all my life, and they all need a winner.

Las Vegas is loaded with these people - some cheapsters, some brokesters, some down-and-outers and some just making conversation, trying to be polite and caring, asking about the family, the dogs and the parrot etc. before “just wondering” if I liked anything.


Sorry To Be This Way, But I Consider Them Bad Luck


Ducking all these people got me to thinking and I realized the only reason I did not want to speak to any of them was the fact that in the deep recesses of my sick mind I considered them bad luck—the Albatross around the neck. I do not know the source of this but it’s there and I believe it.

After I ducked the calls and posted my college and NBA plays for the day I made my daily trip to the local sports book to quietly make my plays for the day. For the record I tapped out on Xavier -21.5 over Fordham.

Again at the sports book, people I do not know and have never seen in my life came out of the woodwork to find out what I liked today. The word is out and the entire town knows I am winning, especially since I have hit nine straight winners in the one or two plays I release free in The  Review Journal each month.

I had an answer for all these people too. I told them I first had to make a pit stop and would be right back—and then I ducked out the back door. Tomorrow they will be waiting and I will make my wagers elsewhere.

These people are bad luck and I do not want converse with or be around any of them. I cannot risk letting them jinx me and in turn my clients.

Now you know that old curmudgeon Kelso Sturgeon - as cold-blooded as he might be - is superstitious.

Just in case you think I’m being a bad guy for treating people like this, I also stiff my own family members.

This is serious business. It’s tough enough to pick a winner and I certainly don’t need to be operating under a black cloud.


The Lessons Of Another Giant Winning Night


It was another big night for my clients in college and NBA basketball Wednesday night and, as I usually try to do, I am listing here all the games I released, the results of each game and the reasons why I used it.

It is my opinion there is much to be learned from reading the comments on each game. They offer insight into how I pumped life into dead numbers and, in most cases, won the games. I believe if you do read the comments and think about them you will become a better handicapper. I certainly do not have all the answers but in these write-ups I am sharing with you almost four decades of insight and knowledge into what it takes to pick winners.

Winning is not an accident with me.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Home Team In  CAPS

All Starting Times Eastern

*              *              *              *



3 Units

DALLAS MAVERICKS (40-21) -14.0 over Minnesota Timberwolves (14-47)

Prediction; Dallas by 19-20


Dallas 112, Minnesota 109


                Comments: Dallas has been absolutely on fire since acquiring Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood from the Washington Wizards and go for their ninth straight win tonight—and they should get it rather easily. Minnesota is playing better basketball right now but is really going to be handicapped in this game and the next one as leading scorer Al Jefferson who has been suspended by the team for two days because of a DUI arrest. It also is of note that, even with Henderson playing, Minnesota is but 5-26 on the road this season.

*              *              *              *



5 Units

BYU (26-4) -6.0 over UTAH (14-14)

Prediction: BYU by 10-11


BYU 71, Utah 51


                Comments: The decision to go with BYU is this Mountain West Conference showdown game in Salt Lake City is based on just one thing: BYU’s talent trumps any home court edge Utah might have. This is a major rebuilding year at Utah and despite the heated rivalry factor in this game BYU is every bit as good as its record, and maybe better. It also is a factor that BYU has a long history of bounce back off losses to crush teams. As an example, the last time this season the Cougars were coming off a loss—on February 6 at UNLV, 88-74—in their next game they buried Air Force, 91-48. Now for real irony in all this. In their only other loss in their last eight games, the Cougars got beat, 76-72, at New Mexico—and came out of that game and beat this same Utah team in Provo, 82-69. In its last game, BYU lost at home to New Mexico, 83-81. Utah is simply in a bad spot at a bad time.


3 Units

NEW MEXICO (27-3) -15.5 over TCU (13-16)

Prediction: New Mexico by 21-22


New Mexico 73, TCU 66


                Comments: New Mexico has wrapped up the Mountain West Conference title and goes for its 14th consecutive win in this one—and there is no edge it does not have. The Lobos are playing lights out basketball, stand 16-1 at The Pit, have as long history of beating teams as badly as they can and will most certainly come out firing tonight to please another sell-out crowd of 18,018. TCU is an improved basketball team this season but simply does not have the talent, the athleticism or the speed to keep up with good basketball teams. When these teams met the first time this season, in Fort Worth, New Mexico won 73-57, as a 6.5-point favorite.

*              *              *              *


15 Units

PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS (36-27) -9.0 over Indiana Pacers (20-40)

Prediction: Portland by 15-16


Portland 102, Indiana 79


                Comments: Indiana looks like the proverbial sitting duck in this one. Portland is healthy again, is showing offensive firepower that has seen it average 105.4 points in its last five games and faces a Pacers’ team that does not have much interest in playing defense, giving up an average of 104.3 points per game. Portland signaled just where it was on its recent five-game road trip, where it went 4-1 and has all the edges in this one. For the record, Indiana is 2-8 in its last 10 and stands 7-24 on the road this season.

*              *              *              *


50 Units

Xavier (21-7) -21.5 over FORDHAM (2-24)

Prediction: Xavier by 34-35


Xavier 82, Fordham 56


                Comments: I am coming right back with another 50-unit play, because one has to bet them when and where they are found. These teams are polar opposites, with Xavier being everything Fordham is not. When they played the first time this season, in Cincinnati, Xavier won by 48 points, 108-60, and never worked up a sweat as a 27.5-point favorite. There is no reason to expect anything different in this spot, even though the scene shifts to 3,200-seat Rose Hill Gym in the Bronx. Fordham is one of the worst teams and least competitive teams in college basketball, has lost 19 straight and its two wins have come at home against Stony Brook and Sacred Heart, Fordham starts three freshmen, one of them—6-7 power forward Chris Gaston (18.0 ppg, 11.1 rpg)—a top flight player. After that there is nothing. On the other hand, Xavier is a true basketball power and may well be among the most under-rated teams in the country. The Musketeers come into this game looking for their sixth consecutive win and stand 13-2 in their last 15 games. Xavier has a 7-7 record on the road but the losses have come against a Murder’s Row of national powers. The Musketeers road losses have come against Dayton (19-9), Temple (24-5), Wake Forest (18-8), Butler (26-4), Kansas State (24-4), Baylor (23-6) and Marquette (20-9). There is no reason to think Xavier will not bring its “A” game in this chicken-dinner spot. First of all, Xavier is tied with Temple for first place in the Atlantic 10, with both being 12-2 in conference play, and a win in this spot and at home Saturday against St. Bonaventure assures the Musketeers of at least a title for the championship. Last but not least, factor into the equation Xavier goes pedal to the metal in every game it plays and never lets up until the fat lady sings. I think you get the idea.

*              *              *              *


No Plays Tonight

Next Games Tomorrow (Thursday)

*              *              *              *


5 Units

TEXAS A&M (20-8) -6.0 over Oklahoma State (20-8)

Prediction: Texas A&M by 10-11


Texas A&M 76, Oklahoma State 61


                Comments: Texas A&M is catching Oklahoma State at just the right time—in one of the strongest bounce-downward situations of the season. First of all, Oklahoma State has to be physically, emotionally and mentally drained from Saturday’s 85-77 home win over top-ranked Kansas. In that game the Cowboys, a 6-point underdog, hit 60.4% from the field and that included 52.6% from 3-point range. The bounce theory says when a team plays at that far above its average performance profile it will bottom out in its next game, and I believe that is what will happen tonight. There also is the fact this OSU’s fourth straight game against a Top 25 team, another element that contributes to the tired factor. Oklahoma State is also one team at home and quite another on the road. The Cowboys are 14-1 (averaging 81.6 points per home conference game while shooting 52.0%) at home and 6-7 on the road (averaging 68.9 points per conference road game while shooting 39.4%. This is the last home game of the season for the Aggies and, as always, they will bring their “A” game, looking to avenge an earlier 76-69 loss to the Cowboys in Stillwater in a game in which the latter shot 57.9% from the floor and hit 12 three-pointers.


4 Units

MARYLAND (21-7) +1.5 over Duke (25-4)

Prediction: Maryland by 5-6


Maryland 79, Duke 72


                Comments: There is no team in the country that is playing right now with the passion shown by Maryland in its most recent games. The Terrapins, who have won five in a row since losing, 77-56, at Duke are playing like a team that has finally put it all together, knows it and intends to show it every night. This is a very dangerous Maryland team right now, regardless of the opponent. My position on tonight’s game is that the Terps will treat the game as the championship game it is. A Maryland win in this spot leaves both teams 12-3 and tied for first place in the ACC with a game to go. It also is an edge that this is the final home game of the season for Maryland and that the team will honor its very talented senior class. This is not to suggest Duke will not come to play. The Blue Devils—a team with the best front line in college basketball—will again fire its best shot. I just don’t think that will be enough tonight.


3 Units

Connecticut (17-12) +2.0 over NOTRE DAME (19-10)

Prediction: Connecticut by 4-5


Notre Dame 58, Connecticut 50


                Comments: The world of college basketball has always been somewhat unpredictable but Connecticut is one of those teams that is a poster child for inconsistency. The Huskies have talent—a fact exhibited by two of the three wins  in their last four games—at home West Virginia (73-62) and at Villanova (84-75)—but they do not always bring it. They were going for their fourth straight win at home against Louisville in their last game, and lost 78-76. My money says Connecticut, knowing it truly is on the NCAA bubble—if that—will bring  its “A” Game tonight and get the job done against a Notre Dame that in its last two games has won at nationally-ranked Georgetown, 78-64) and at home against nationally ranked Pittsburgh, 68-53. There is no question in my mind Connecticut is the better team and most certainly has the talent to overcome the home court bias in South Bend, where the Irish are 16-3 this season.

*              *              *              *


1 Unit

Arkansas (14-15) +12.0 over TENNESSEE (21-7)

Prediction: Tennessee by 7-8


Tennessee 80, Arkansas 73



50-Unit MAC Game Of Year Wins Tonight


That was it for Wednesday night and I am coming right back tonight with another group of outstanding plays, including my 50-unit MAC Game of the Year. You can win this game for just $50, charged to your major credit card. All my selections are available on this site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

The conference tournaments also offer a 10-game schedule tonight and on one of those games I will be taking another 15-unit stand on this game and one or two others and you can win them all for just $25.

My Best Bet Club package tonight is made up of three standout plays, topped by the nationally televised (ESPN2) SEC game that finds LSU at Ole Miss. You can get these three games for just $25, charged to your major credit card.


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