Finding Rivalry Upsets

Finding Rivalry Upsets

By Wayne Allyn Root:

My favorite thing in all of sports handicapping is to make an upset call that comes through. Sure, making money on your picks is great rather you're talking about a dog cashing a ticket or a favorite winning a blowout for you. But, analysts really make a statement when they call for an upset and get it. I've done that more in documented history than any other handicapper...and it's not even close!

That's why I'm called THE KING OF UPSETS!

And, that's why I pay very close attention to rivalry games in all sports because the emotions in play often lead to SHOCK THE SYSTEM results that leave fans and TV studio guys scratching their heads. Texas wasn't supposed to beat Texas A&M Thanksgiving Night. The Horns don't have an offense! But, they played as hard as they could, scored some cheap points off turnovers and special teams, and ended up with a shocker win that had an entire stadium speechless.

Arizona did the same thing last week to Arizona State, rallying to win outright as a 10-point underdog. Cal almost upset Stanford as 17-ponit road underdogs.

Saturday November 26th is chock full of rivalry games up and down the card...which means we're going to see more upsets! From Ohio State/Michigan and Georgia/Georgia Tech in the earliest TV USC/UCLA in the latest TV game...underdogs will be giving it their all to stun the most hated foe on their schedule.

Of course, if all you had to do was pick bet blindly on rivalry underdogs, there wouldn't be much need for handicappers! Line up on the dogs and wait for the games to end so you can cash your tickets. Unfortunately, life isn't quite that simple...particularly if you're aiming for those very profitable upset calls that allow you to earn extra income on the moneyline.

Here's what I'm looking for when picking UPSETS in rivalry games:

  • I don't just want a team that's going to play hard...I want a team that knows how to win. They have to be able to execute with the game on the line. They can't panic in the fourth quarter with a lead. Value underdogs have a place on the card, particularly on Rivalry Saturday in this sport. But, UPSET calls can only go to teams who have proven they can win big games.

  • I prefer to go against a favorite that is dealing with distractions. Maybe they play in a conference championship game next week. Maybe there are rumors about a head coaching change when the game is over. Maybe there's something in the news locally that's taking the focus off of football (we've seen WAY too much of that in recent weeks). Whatever. The best upset calls come when you're taking a fired up underdog against a distracted favorite.

  • I like to have an extra "kicker," as they say at the poker table, that strengthens the hand for my dog. In some cases that means the dog has revenge from last season's meeting. The worse the loss last year, the bigger the revenge will be this year. In other cases, it's a dog that's coming off an embarrassing performance that they want to atone for. Ohio State lost a home game to Penn State last week they thought they were going to win. Will they come back with extra fire this week in Ann Arbor? Picking outright upsets is all about finding emotional edges. Try to have as many as you can when making your biggest bets.

I have some great stuff planned for Saturday college football this week, headlined by my College Parlay of the Year! Be sure you take care of business EARLY because so much of the schedule sits in the first two TV windows. My biggest rivalry opinions can be purchased right here at the website with your credit card. You can also sign up in my handicapping office by calling 1-877-766-8946.

Back with you tomorrow in this spot to talk about the NFL. Then, on Monday, I've got some notes I want to share with you on Eli Manning as the NY Giants prepare to face the New Orleans Saints in the Turkey Week finale. I grew up in Mt. Vernon, New York as an S.O.B. (son of a butcher!). I know the New York teams better than any other handicapper!

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