How to Pin Down the Best Tournament Betting Options

Wayne Root: How to Pin Down the Best Tournament Betting Options

Even though WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is known as THE KING OF UPSETS here in Las Vegas and around the sports betting world, sometimes the best betting option is a favorite. I think I made that clear Wednesday in college basketball conference tournament action. I didn't just release three favorites to my clients. I won all three of them extremely easily...

No Limit: Colorado (-9.5) beat Washington State 80-56
Colorado jumped out to a huge 41-22 first half lead right here in town at the MGM arena. It was obvious from the opening moments that one team was ready to play and the other was just making a token on-floor appearance. It takes A LOT for yours truly to release a favorite of this size. Clearly justified!

Millionaire's Club: USC (-2) beat UCLA 95-71
Later in Vegas, another easy winner that was over right away. USC led 48-29 at halftime over a Bruins team that clearly threw in the towel on their season awhile ago. Head coach Steve Alford completely lost this group and couldn't get them back. Another gift...on a short favorite priced near pick-em!

Perfect Play: Tennessee (-3.5) beat Auburn 97-59
Hardly anyone was paying attention to this game in the marketplace. That set up a soft line for us. Tennessee led 44-25 at the half on the way to a slaughter. Obviously, if you can find a team that's in the mood to play against a no-show, it's like a printing press.

How easy was this? All three of my teams were in the 40's by halftime, while all three opponents were in the 20's. I came just a half-point away from covering all three full-game spreads by double digits in the first half! Two of my teams made a run at the century mark. I won by 24, 24, and 38 points against a combined poinstread of 15.

Even though I like to emphasize underdog moneymakers and upset calls, I know that there are times when the favorite is an absolute gift. It's going to happen through the coming weekend (and into the other tournaments). A point of emphasis for all handicappers should be to find the best bets on the board regardless of whether they're an underdog or a favorite.

How can YOU do that? Here are some keys to look for.

*Passion and Emotion
Who cares about the game more? Simple question to ask...but a tougher one to answer! Clearly I solved the riddle Wednesday. Wish all days were so easy! You want to look for teams who want or need to get results now. Maybe that's from being on the bubble. Maybe that's from recent revenge. Maybe that's because they were knocked out early in last year's tournament and learned a valuable lesson. Whatever. Bet on teams who want to get a result NOW, particularly if they're matched up against an opponent who may be thinking ahead to the Dance, or who is worn down from a brutal game the day before.

*The Ability to Score Points
I've emphasized this to you in my "how to pick upsets" articles over the years. You have to score points to win games whether you're an underdog or a favorite. Obviously I had that on my mind Wednesday...with two teams approaching 100 over 40 minutes and another in the 80's. I respect defense...but PICKING WINNERS means knowing who can score points. Focus on versatile teams who can score inside and outside. Remember the importance of earning trips to the free throw line. Fast break teams can be gold mines against defenses who don't know how to slow things down or don't care to defend the rim.

*A Head Coach Who Goes for the Jugular
Pardon how graphic that guideline is. But, doesn't that explain what Colorado, USC, and Tennessee just did on Wednesday? They weren't content to patiently grind out a win. They weren't hoping to hang around and maybe steal one at the end. The head coach knew what he wanted, then went out and made his players get it. Knowing which head coaches maximize their advantages is vital for tournament handicapping.

I'm not going to talk about specific teams moving forward because I have to protect my releases for my paying clients. Many of the best motivated-versatile-jugular teams are about to take the floor. And, a few may be created when they survive a first-game score only to come back breathing fire the next time out. What you saw Wednesday is a sign of things to come!

You can purchase my top daily releases from all the conference tournament action (dogs and favorites) right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about which of my services best suits your individual needs, please talk to one of my representatives in the office at 1-877-ROOT-WINS. Try to take care of business early in the day because of those busy afternoon schedules.

See you early next week to talk about the Big Dance. There are so many dangerous sleepers and vulnerable "powers" this year that DANCE SHOCKERS are likely to be plentiful. With all the exciting tournament basketball on the immediate horizon, it's obviously time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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