Tony Salinas Cowboys Eagles Preview

Tony Salinas: Dallas Cowboys Shoot For a 2-Game Lead Over Philadelphia Eagles

I haven't had a chance yet this season to talk about the NFL here in one of my web articles. I was saving that for this particular weekend because I wanted to lead off with "America's Team" in what might be one of the most important matchups of the year in the whole NFC. You longtime readers know I was part of the "Texas invasion" of Las Vegas way back in the early days. I've followed the Dallas Cowboys more closely than probably any other sports team.

Dallas at Philadelphia is going to be HUGE!

*These are obviously the two best teams in the NFC East. One of these teams will win the division and play in the playoffs. The other should have a good chance to earn a Wildcard.

*These are obviously two teams on the short list of possible spoilers to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl just behind two-time defending champion Seattle and Green Bay (who also play each other this week!). Whoever wins Cowboys/Eagles Sunday will be well-positioned to make a run at the top of the conference.

*At the same time, these are also two teams who always seem to be on the brink of disaster! Every time Dallas starts to look good, Tony Romo throws a touchdown pass to the wrong team. That's been true for several years now. Every time the media starts raving about the genius of Chip Kelly, his Eagles lay a huge egg in a big game. That happened again this past Monday night when they started horribly as 3-point favorites in Atlanta. They would rally to take a lead, but some BONEHEADED decisions in the fourth quarter cost them victory. It wouldn't take much to drop either of these teams back to 8-8 caliber if the new pieces don't fit quite right.

*Finally, these are two teams who play a lot of exciting football games because the offenses are volatile and the defenses have trouble keeping up in shootout. It's fun to watch these teams whether you're rooting for them or against them. This will be the biggest bet afternoon game on Sunday because of that marquee appeal.

The market is expecting a barnburner based on the current Over/Under of 55 points. Both teams played into the 50's last week even though neither could get a running game going. The two offenses had 6 and 3 points respectively at halftime...but STILL saw their games make it into the low 50's.

Let's look at this from the Dallas perspective. Can't help it...blame my Texas roots...

*If the Cowboys can spring the upset as 5-point underdogs, they'll already have a two-game lead over the Eagles in the standings. That's a great launching point for a big season in Big D. And, a disaster for the Eagles.

*The Cowboys desperately need to establish their running game against the team who acquired last season's big rushing threat! You can't ask Tony Romo to win for you single-handedly. He's much more dangerous when opponents have to honor the running game. I'll be watching this single element more than any other. If Dallas can approach last year's offensive balance...then they deserve to be talked of in the same breath as Seattle and Green Bay (remember that Dallas arguably outplayed Green Bay in the playoffs last year...right before Green Bay outplayed Seattle!). If not, then it's same-old same-old for a city that's getting tired of that.

*On defense, Dallas can't just stay out there watching the world go by. They did too much of that last season...and even last week in the close win over the Giants. The best way to beat Philadelphia is with an aggressive defense that clogs up their preferred passing lanes. If Dallas sits back on their heels, it's going to be a long night for them.

I'm writing this late in the I haven't decided yet if I'm going to have Dallas as a formal service selection. You regulars know that I tend to focus on underdogs. If I take a favorite, it's a cheap one. I'm a bit surprised that Philadelphia is laying FIVE points here. That's not justified by any respected Power Ratings I've seen. But, if Romo starts throwing interceptions left and right in a shootout, the line doesn't really matter. The total is definitely on my radar. I'm not going to say any more about that just in case the Over/Under shows up on my card. Has the market overshot the mark by driving 55?

You can always purchase my game day selections in all sports right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions, call the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-888-777-4155 and ask about TONY SALINAS. If you like action at an affordable price, I think you'll find my service right up your alley. I'm a gambler...and I know just how gamblers should be attacking the card every day.  

It will be back to the colleges next week. I haven't had a chance yet to talk about Texas A&M (we looked at Texas and Oklahoma in earlier articles). The Aggies have a big game against Arkansas that I'll preview for you late next week. So many state-of-Texas storylines in play this year...that's going to keep us plenty busy.

Have a great weekend. Don't forget that you always GET THE BEST OF IT WITH TONY SALINAS!


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