Upset Potential in Saturday’s Final Four

Wayne Root: Upset Potential in Saturday's Final Four

I have to tell you that this could be one of the biggest Final Four weekends in the history of Las Vegas. I've been living out here a long time now since entering, shaping, and building this industry a few decades ago. I can't recall there EVER being this much buzz about a Final Four.

*Kentucky is trying to make a run at history, in a story that sports fans have been following since Day One...and one that oddsmakers were following BEFORE Day One because of all the preseason talk about a possible undefeated campaign. Kentucky is thought of as a heavyweight champion...and Vegas loves title bouts.

*Duke is DUKE! Everybody follows them closely. Arguably the most hyped TV team in the nation because of all the ESPN telecasts and now multiple "specials" on Coach K's historic career. A lot of people in Vegas love betting on Duke. Just as many, perhaps more, love betting and rooting against Duke.

*Wisconsin is a Big 10 power...and the Midwest is a gambling hotbed. Wisconsin has always been a highly bet team in college football and basketball in their good years here in town. Badgers fans are now seemingly coming out of the woodwork to support their team against Kentucky. Badger fans cheer with their money!

*Michigan State is the Cinderella of the group, which is a weird thing to say about a team that ALWAYS seems to find its way into important March action. Their own supporters have joined up with the anti-Duke crowed to create quite a betting faction.

One of the under-reported stories of the week is that we could have an All Big-10 final! Everyone's talking about Kentucky-Duke on the assumptions the favorites are going to win. Can the underdogs win to create a shocking weekend?

Well, WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is known as THE KING OF UPSETS because I have more documented upset calls than any other man in the industry. It's my job to find upsets...and I definitely have my eye on these games Saturday.

*Wisconsin is clearly capable of beating Kentucky. They're better than the Notre Dame team that just missed doing the deed last weekend in Cleveland. And, they're A LOT better than the SEC teams Kentucky got used to playing during the regular season. Computer ratings and market Power Ratings agree that this will be Kentucky's toughest test "on paper" this season.

WILL IT HAPPEN?: Hey, I'm not giving out any free picks in my web articles. That's not fair to my paying clients! I will say that dog lovers should at least be concerned that Wisconsin had to have a borderline miracle shooting performance on three-pointers just to get past Arizona last week. It's very tough to shoot like that two games in a row. And, Kentucky's got so much speed and length on defense that truly open looks may be rare. Wisconsin is capable of beating Kentucky. That may have been more likely last weekend before the Wildcats got their wake up call. Wisconsin shooters haven't seen anything like Kentucky defenders coming at them this year.

*Michigan State is always a dangerous underdog. They can take you out of your game, while grinding for baskets and free throws in a time-proven approach under a head coach who knows how to win playoff-style basketball. And, here, they may be catching Duke at just the right time. The Blue Devils may be dealing with the overconfidence and arrogance that almost took out Kentucky last week. Duke ran away and hid from Gonzaga after having a rather easy time of it in the South Regional.

WILL IT HAPPEN?: Michigan State may not be ready for the dynamic athletes Duke will be launching at the basket. Beating Virginia of the ACC is one thing...that was a great personnel matchup for Sparty. This is entirely different (remember that Virginia lost at home to Duke even though the Cavs won the ACC). Plus, MSU isn't an ideal "come from behind" team if Duke gets off to a fast start. Michigan State needs to enforce its style from the outset, or we'll see another double digit win for the Dukies.

You'll have to sign up for my service this weekend to see if I'm making any dramatic upset calls. You can build your bankrolls in the meantime with the NIT finals Thursday night, and NBA both Thursday and Friday. Get my BEST BETS right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about which of my long term programs best suits your individual needs, please talk to my representative in the office at 1-877-ROOT-WINS Even though college basketball is winding down, we're days away from the start of Major League Baseball and then the NBA Playoffs.

Back with you early next to talk about finding value underdogs in the early days of the Major League season. You've probably heard that longtime Vegas bettors focus on dogs and small favorites to beat the bases year in and year out. It's time you started doing the same thing! Between now and then, let's make some headlines in the NCAA Tournament! It's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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