Current 15-3 Basketball Run is No Surprise

Wayne Root: Current 15-3 Basketball Run is No Surprise

Thanks to all of you who were with me this past weekend for our sheer domination of the basketball market. My PINNACLE play Saturday night on Florida (+) over Kentucky was in position to score an upset all night until final seconds...and it still cashed the ticket. Oklahoma State (+) did score an upset of Kansas earlier in the day. And, how about that underdog blowout on Air Force?!

We came back Sunday with one play on the light card...and Iowa literally ran away and hid from overrated Maryland. The game was over just a few minutes in.

It's not always going to be that easy...and we're not going to go 15-3 every 18 picks (my current run) because the laws of math and the laws of sports betting just won't allow it. But, I can tell you that this hot streak isn't much of a surprise considering my history of handicapping February basketball. What's happening with high profile teams right now ALWAYS happens!

*Many national powers lose their mojo because we're still a month away from tournament action. What is there to be excited about NOW if you're dreaming of your conference championship and the Big Dance? Many powerhouses play below their normal Power Ratings for a few games, which opens several doors of opportunity. Some powerhouses play below their normal Power Ratings multiple times over a few weeks. A gift that keeps on giving!

*Many "live" home underdogs get sky high when a big name opponent comes to down. Those teams DO have a reason to be excited right now...because they'll be playing one of the biggest games of their seasons. You saw this with Florida and Oklahoma State on my card. I almost put out Arizona State over Arizona too...and that was another big court-rusher for the home fans at the final buzzer. When these situations come up, you have to take advantage. Don't forget that you are always handicapping what's going to happen in THIS game! It's not about full season averages or composite ratings. Let oddsmakers use the stats and ratings...while you take advantage of FIRED UP vs. "flat."

*Many "borderline" powers are being exposed as pretenders in recent action. More than a few have faded off early season expectations. There were teams in the top 25 last week who weren't in my top 40! That's part of my fading Maryland made so much sense on Sunday. They do have some talent...but, this is a team that lost by 19 points at Indiana and 24 points at Ohio State recently. If oddsmakers aren't going to pay attention to what the media isn't telling them...I'll be there to pick up the cash. YOU need to know how good or bad teams really are rather than just trusting the polls and studio shows.

*There are still potent "matchup" advantages that oddsmakers haven't figured out what to do with. A three-point shooting team is going to be in great shape to cover against an opponent with poor perimeter defense. That's even more true if the good shooters are at home...and the poor defenders are either tired or in a letdown spot. Teams with soft inside defenses will get crushed by teams who attack the basket, particularly in the dog days of the season. The markets can't put the right number on these types of games. College basketball is all about X's and O's. If you know your X's and O's, you can find lines that are literally off by double digits.

If there were only 30 or 32 teams in college basketball (like in the NBA or NFL respectively), this would provide a handful of edges per week. There are a couple hundred teams on the major college board! This gives us great options every single day. On gives us some virtually can't-miss scenarios. Sports bettors have to clear about 53% to make money. A 6-3 record is 67% and does that easily. A 9-3 record is 75% and makes you rich. WAYNE ALLYN ROOT'S CLIENTS JUST WENT 15-3!

I hope you'll sign up for service immediately so you can start taking advantage. Far too many of you wait until the tournaments to get involved because you want to make March a party. Nothing wrong with that. Las Vegas is a great party town! Why not make February and March one LONG party? Isn't an eight-week celebration of soft betting lines better than a four-week celebration?

You can purchase my BASKETBALL BEST BETS right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about which of my long term programs best suits your individual needs, please talk to my representative in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-877-ROOT-WINS. Remember to ask specifically about programs that take you through MARCH MADNESS, or through the NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS in June. What you make this week could pay for the whole thing!

I'm the only man in the sports betting industry with a star on the "Walk of Fame" here in Las Vegas. You've just seen why...AGAIN! Oddsmakers have to put numbers on every game. I get to come in and pick my spots on the very best scenarios. If they're right 60 times but make five mistakes, we make a fortune off those five mistakes. You saw with your own eyes that they made some ridiculous mistakes this past week. It happens every February!

Don't wait until March to start the madness. We're already partying! It's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!



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