Will There be a Super Bowl SHOCKER?

Wayne Root: Will There be a Super Bowl SHOCKER?!

The line is so close to pick-em this Sunday in the Super Bowl matchup featuring the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, that there's no chance for a "shocker" in terms of the straight up winner. But, as we saw exactly one year ago...there can definitely be shocking margins posted in games that were supposed to be toss-ups.

Seattle was an underdog of +1.5 points at kickoff. Yet...

  • Seattle led 8-0 after the first quarter
  • Seattle led 22-0 at halftime (and it wasn't that close!)
  • Seattle led 36-8 entering the fourth quarter
  • Seattle won 43-8

Yes...the underdog won every single quarter...on the way to a 35-point win that beat market expectations by more than five touchdowns.

It was truly a Super Bowl Shocker even if it wasn't a major upset. It was barely a minor upset. But, it's definitely what can happen when oddsmakers misread the teams, when the general public overrates a famous quarterback, and when sharps fall in love with the wrong math.

Will we see a replay this season? I'm not going to tip my hand here in a free web article after winning so handily last season. But, I will tell you that it wouldn't surprise me at all to see the eventual winner enjoy a victory of more than two touchdowns. THE KING OF LAS VEGAS does expect some shocking developments this weekend!

How could Seattle win big?

  • Well, they just showed you last year! This time they're facing the other veteran Hall-of-Fame legend from the AFC in Tom Brady. But, Seattle's strengths are still very much in play. Brady could have the same trouble Peyton Manning had last year out of the gate, and then in trying to play catch up. The script has been written and maybe we're in store for a sequel.
  • New England is most vulnerable when Rob Gronkowski is out with an injury or otherwise taken out of the attack by the opposing defense. Seattle will certainly be focused on limiting his impact Sunday. If they do that, the Patriots turn into the team that barely looked playoff caliber in the first month of the season.
  • Seattle played on this field in Arizona just a few weeks ago, and utterly obliterated the Cardinals. If there are any quirks to this site or field surface...the Seahawks are already familiar with them and comfortable. New England will have an adjustment process out of the gate. This may not matter at all...or it could be a sleeper angle that sends the game careening Seattle's way once again.

How could New England win big?

  • Green Bay should have won big two Sundays ago against Seattle! They blew a 16-0 halftime lead in a way that's very unlikely to repeat itself with smarter coaching and play-calling. Seattle was ill-prepared, overconfident, and flat as a pancake vs. the Packers. If they didn't learn a lesson that day (and winning teams often make the mistake of thinking they can get away with something again), then New England could easily reverse last year's tone. This time it could be the AFC entry grabbing the game by the throat early and never letting up.
  • New England, more than any other NFL team of the current era, knows how to run away and hide when things are going well! It's what they do. It's what causes the media, the fans, and some math types to overrate them. New England has underachieved in recent playoffs because they couldn't play at a peak level on command. If Seattle stumbles early...New England will be positioned to find that peak and soar to a blowout.
  • Seattle's defense has been surprisingly passive this season. They let Cam Newton move the chains at will in the first playoff game, exploiting turnovers to get a win and a cover. They gave Aaron Rodgers a lot of time in the pocket even though he was hobbled with an injury. If THAT version of the Seattle defense is on the field...what is a healthy Tom Brady capable of?

The game may be seen as a virtual toss-up in the betting markets. But, that's because it could blow up in either direction in a way the market can't figure out! If YOU can determine who's most likely to pull away and celebrate...this winner could be almost as easy as the Seahawks were last year.

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