Wayne Root: Finding Value in College Basketball Underdogs

You know that WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is the KING OF UNDERDOGS, with more documented outright upset calls than any other man in the industry. We’re coming up on the time of the college basketball season where the nightly cards are packed with great underdog potential.

I’m not going to talk about specific teams who may offer value tonight or this weekend. I need to keep that information protected for my clients. But, I will outline a few general reasons why YOU need to be thinking about underdogs over the next few weeks.

*First, we’re reaching a lull in the season where the excitement has worn off…and we’ll still weeks away from March Madness. Players get excited for the start of the regular season…then kick it up a notch for the start of conference play. Now, that’s worn off…and there’s not much to get the juices flowing for the best teams until the tournaments are imminent. Have you ever taken a long flight into Las Vegas? You’re excited to take off. You can barely contain yourself in the 30 minutes before landing. But, there’s a stretch in the middle there where you’re killing time reading magazines or taking a nap. Too many top college programs are at their boredom points!

*Second, we’re also at a point where many good teams get complacent. They think they’ve got it figured out. They don’t need to bring peak intensity every time out because the won-lost record is so fantastic. The press is telling them how great they are. That’s the last thing college kids need to hear at this time of season! For betting purposes…teams who had been playing like 10-point favorites will start playing like 5-point favorites because they’re not breathing fire any more. Fade them for value when they’re home favorites, call for upsets when they’re road favorites!

Also, you’ll notice if you’re paying close attention that many highly regarded teams play particularly flat before or after a big TV game. Kentucky got way too complacent after a great early run…settled back in to score a statement road blowout in a big TV game…then got complacent again vs. Vanderbilt. Chart out the schedules for the top 25 teams to see if you can spot IN ADVANCE where they’re most likely to be flat over the next few weeks.

*Third, the other end of the spectrum features some teams who started slowly but are just now getting things figured out. “On paper,” they don’t look very good because they have a lot of bad results on their resume. But, in terms of the skill sets that are taking the floor right now…they’ve become much better teams. Maybe they’re learning a new system or adjusting to a new head coach. Maybe they have a lot of freshmen who just learned to play together. Maybe a ball hog who didn’t play defense finally got benched, and the chemistry is much better on both sides of the floor. Whatever. Just as “the best” starts to sag in this sport, “the worst” starts to get better. This is a great hidden key to the best underdog bets on the board in late January and early February.

Also, it’s teams like this who are capable of rising up and nailing very big upsets that rock the rankings. I make headlines with picks like this. But, if you’re really doing your work and thinking through the process, it’s easy to see why these upsets aren’t that big a surprise. TV pundits will be raving in 2-3 weeks about underdogs I’m picking NOW because I’m so far ahead of the curve.

I strongly encourage you to hunt for underdogs tonight, this weekend, and over the next several weeks in college basketball. Most pubic bettors tend to focus on favorites and TV games because they want the “insurance” that comes from taking the “better” side, and they want to watch themselves win. You need to be smarter than that!

Of course, the easiest way to win is to sign up for my personal service. You can purchase my BEST BETS right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about which of my long term programs best suits your individual needs, please talk to my representative in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-888-ROOT-WINS. Call during normal business hours Thursday or Friday and ask about including my Super Bowl plays with any basketball package.

I’ll be back again next week with at least two reports from Las Vegas regarding the upcoming Super Bowl matching the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. There’s no better place to be in America during Super Bowl week than Las Vegas. Sure, the host city has a lot of fun things going on. No place is more fun than Vegas! Super Bowl host cities TRY to be Las Vegas for two weeks every year and fail.

With the biggest betting game of the year coming up very soon…and with the opportunity to build your bankrolls before then in dramatic fashion with some great basketball…it’s clearly time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!



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