Market Missing Out on Oregon State Tortoises

Market Missing Out on Oregon State Tortoises

By Wayne Root:

Their nickname might be the Beavers, but the Oregon State basketball team is playing more like tortoises early in Pac 12 play. What's hilarious about their slow down approach is that oddsmakers have been getting nowhere near their totals the last two weeks!

Many of you don't follow the Pac 12. And, those who do may only casually pay attention to the non-contenders. Oregon State is supposed to be a non-contender, though they stunned Arizona recently! Take a look at the last four results.

Oregon State (+3) won at Washington State 62-47
Oregon State (+7) lost at Washington 43-56
Oregon State (+10) shocked Arizona 58-56
Oregon State (-1) beat Arizona State 55-47

That's 3-1 straight up and against the spread, with all four games being low scoring affairs that remind me of my Ivy League days. Except a lot of our games were higher scoring than that!

Against the Vegas Over/Unders, here's what happened...

Oregon State/Washington State landed on 109, against a posted total of 133
Oregon State/Washington landed on 99, against a posted total of 123
Arizona/Oregon State landed on 114 against a posted total of 123.5
Arizona State/Oregon State landed on 102, against a posted total of 126

The Tortoises...uh...Beavers stayed Under by 24, 24, 9.5, and 24 points. This is one of the slowest teams in all of basketball...a group that has a good per-possession defense but a poor offense...and the market is pricing them like a normal team. Unbelievable!

Even more amazing, some Wise Guy money was coming in on the Over in this past Saturday night's game against Washington State. You have to wonder what people are thinking some times.

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT doesn't win them all...but every pick I release is based on important fundamentals that have proven the test of time. Often that means going against the market in the sports where the market is most overwhelmed. And, there's no sport more overwhelming to oddsmakers than college basketball!

*There are too many teams for oddsmakers to follow closely
*There are too many important developments they miss
*There are too many games to watch and study on a given night
*There are too many "old school" guys who think you can throw Power Ratings down on a notepad and be "close enough" to beat the public.

The computer age influenced this sport more than any other because it made information manageable for those who aren't afraid of technology. I've always been at the cutting edge in that regard. If there's a new gadget, I'll find a way for it to help my handicapping. It's great that there are so many major technology conventions held here in Las Vegas. Thank goodness oddsmakers don't attend them.

You don't have to be a computer programmer to beat the market. Take the fundamentals and focus on what you can manage. Maybe that's just a few of your favorite teams. Maybe that's your local conference and one of the major TV conferences. Bite off what you can chew, then look for market weaknesses. There are "Oregon State's" all over the schedule if you know where to look.

Every conference has at least one overrated team
Every conference has at least one underrated team
Every conference has at least one team playing faster than is realized
Every conference has at least two or three teams playing slower than is realized
Every conference has teams who start slow and peak late
Every conference has teams who start fast and fizzle down the stretch

Just picking your spots here and there will generate enough action to make you big money because the schedules are so big. It's like trying to find market weaknesses in six simultaneously running NFL's! Oddsmakers using "feel" can't get everything right. You do the work and find what they're getting wrong.

If you'd like some help with that, big money picks from the only man in the sports betting industry on the Las Vegas "Walk of Fame" are just a few clicks away! You can purchase my BEST BETS right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about which of my programs best suits your individual needs, please talk to my representative in the office at 1-877-ROOT-WINS. Now's the time to get your ducks in a row.

I'll be back with you again later this week to talk more basketball. I'll have one more football report before the Super Bowl. Otherwise, it's going to be all basketball from now through March...mixing in college and the NBA. Baseball joins the rotation in April.

I'm very excited about college basketball at the moment. There have been some extremely big edges here in my own backyard in the Pac 12 and Mountain West conferences. But, even the major TV teams are missing the line by quite a bit because oddsmakers are just flat outmatched. They may be employed in Las Vegas...but WAYNE ALLYN ROOT IS THE KING OF LAS VEGAS!

Upset specials (from the man with more documented upset calls than any other handicapper), blowout bombshells, and the most reliable performance on major releases in the industry. Join me starting NOW on The Road to March Madness!


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