Wayne Root: Colts/Cowboys Clash is HUGE Sunday in the NFL

If the playoffs started today, the Dallas Cowboys would be a #3 seed in the NFC and would be hosting a Wildcard game. But, if the Cowboys lose to the Indianapolis Colts Sunday afternoon in a game that most of the country will be watching on CBS, they could end up falling all the way out of the playoffs!

Dallas currently has a one-game lead over the Philadelphia Eagles at the top of the NFC East. That’s thanks to their big win last Sunday Night in the City of Brotherly Love. But, they don’t hold a tie-breaker over the Eagles because of a worse divisional record. Dallas and Philly split their two-game regular season series, with the Eagles otherwise undefeated in the division. The Cowboys were upset in a home game by Washington. Should Philly win out against Washington (this Saturday) and the NY Giants, they’ll win the East if Dallas loses either to Indy (very possible) or Washington (less likely).

And, if Dallas doesn’t win its division, they could be in really big trouble for a Wildcard because the NFC is so loaded at the top.

Current NFC Playoff Standings
1…Arizona 11-3 (8-2 in the NFC, with a win over Dallas)
2…Detroit 10-4 (8-2 in the NFC)
3…Dallas 10-4 (7-4 in the NFC)
4…New Orleans (the winner of the NFC South gets the #4 spot)
5…Seattle 10-4 (8-2 in the NFC and favored to win out)
6…Green Bay 10-4 (7-3 in the NFC and favored to win out)
7…Philadelphia 9-5 (5-5 in the NFC)

Given those records…and what’s ahead on the schedule…the NFC East looks relatively locked into the #3 and #7 spots. Dallas and Philadelphia would lose tiebreakers to all the teams they could tie with. You don’t want to finish #7 because only six teams make the playoffs!

Needless to say, it’s a must-win game for Dallas

Indianapolis doesn’t have quite the same sense of urgency. The Colts have already clinched the AFC South and are sitting at #3 in the AFC. They can do no worse than #4 as a divisional winner. At 10-4, they don’t have a good chance of chasing down New England and Denver from behind (both 11-3) because heads-up-losses to both kill Indy’s tie-breakers. A loss in Dallas could drop them to #4 behind Cincinnati. But, there really isn’t much difference between #3 and #4 in the AFC this season.

*Host a good team in the Wildcard Round
*Figure a way to upset New England or Denver in the next round

The Colts are looking at that as either a #3 or #4, and they’re absolutely, positively going to be one or the other.

But, that doesn’t mean the Colts are likely to no-show in Dallas. They have every reason in the world to try to convince themselves and send a message to potential playoff opponents that they’re capable of winning on the road. Andrew Luck is ideally suited to putting up big numbers indoors on a fast track against a vulnerable defense. And, they catch Dallas in a great situational spot right after a huge divisional prime time war.

I’ve had great success with my PINNACLE plays in recent weeks on small underdogs. Buffalo won outright for me last week vs. Green Bay. Will THE KING OF UPSETS be asking Indianapolis to pull off a shocker this Sunday?

Only my clients will know for sure. I can promise you that the Colts/Cowboys clash is getting very serious consideration for inclusion on my final ticket. Maybe I’ll be on Dallas at a low price figuring that Tony Romo can do to this Colts defense what Ben Roethlisberger did not too long ago. But, I’m also looking at Sunday games like Kansas City/Pittsburgh, and Atlanta/New Orleans that will have playoff ramifications…as well as several sleeper possibilities with potentially live underdogs in great schedule situations.

You can purchase my game day BEST BETS right here on the website with your credit card. Be sure you’re building your bankrolls for Sunday with that huge 5-game college football bowl schedule on Saturday (including the Las Vegas Bowl in my own backyard!). If you have any questions about postseason packages, or combo packages with basketball, please talk to my representative in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-888-ROOT-WINS.

I’ll be back again early next week to talk more football. I’m very excited about what’s coming up in the very near future in both pro and college action. Many MONSTERS are already circled for the bowls. And, the only man in the sports betting industry who has a star on the “Walk of Fame” here in Vegas knows exactly how to read the late-season tea leaves in the NFL. That means it’s time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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