NFL Top Ten Week 12

NFL TOP 10.....WEEK 12


It seems that all anybody talks about when discussing the top NFL Football teams are New England, Denver and Green Bay. What about those desert rats from Phoenix? The team with the best record and the best defense. The only team that has been within 7 points or less entering the 4th quarter in every game this season? The Phoenix Cardinals; the team that is also won 3 of 4 games this year with their backup quarterback. Let's be fair!!

1) NEW ENGLAND---The Pats have the Chiefs to thank for that wake up call 6 weeks ago. That are playing at the highest level and are poised to continue with a healthy Gronk and Jonas Gray. Tom Brady looks like he's reinventing his last Super Bowl run. They have the Lions this week coming in off a loss at Arizona. Not to worry, if you play like you did against the Colts, the contest won't be close. Nice job Brady, game ball to you!

2) ARIZONA---Do you remember Harry Truman or the old Chicago Cardinals? That was the last time the Cardinals were 9-1. The Cardinals held Detroit to 6 points with their great defense and won their 6th game in a row. They can go all the way; but next up will tell the real story at they travel to play Seattle. Drew Stanton may makes us forget about Carson Palmer.

3) GREEN BAY---What a great combo in the making. Aaron Rodgers to get a 30 point lead or so and over-paid QB Matt Flynn to do the mop up. This may be the rest that Rodgers needs. Pile up the points and then sit for the rest of the game saving the body. Green Bay out played, out performed and embarrassed Philadelphia last week and now is on the road at Minnesota.

4) DENVER---How can the Rams defeat Seattle, San Francisco and now Denver? How could Denver not have been ready, prepared and set to NOT over-look this team. A good win for St Louis but a stunning and embarrassing loss for Peyton Manning and his entire team. This week it's back home to play Miami. Another team with a better defense than offense. Let's hope it's not too frigid for those Manning thumbs or they could be in some more trouble. You might have to score more than 7 points this week to win.

5) KANSAS CITY---Let's review: The Chiefs' total number of touchdowns by wide receivers this season is zero. The Chiefs have not had a completed pass go for more than 38 yards this season (we're talking catch and run combined). All the defensive safeties for the opposing teams need to do is move closer to the line of scrimmage. Jamaal Charles had his FIRST 100 yard rushing game this past Sunday. This team should be 4-6, not 7-3. With those stats in mind, who did they knock off last Sunday? Seattle Seahawks! The World Champs!! This week they are in Oakland on Thursday so Mr. Primetime, Wayne Root, will be shooting for his 5th Primetime winner in a row.

6) DALLAS---This was a great 3 week run for the Cowboys. A win against Jacksonville, a bye-week off and now a chance to pick off 2 or 3 passes from Eli Manning as they "cowboy up" in the Big Apple or a little south of it. Jerry Jones stated "there was no curfew" in London. Let's hope he smartens up with one in New York City. They might not like those southern boys. Dallas and the Giants play in the Sunday Night Game.

7) SAN FRANCISCO---The 49ers have posted back to back road wins and looked impressive in both games. Yes they had some help but that is needed. Thanks to Eli Manning, the 49ers swallowed up 5 of his passes and now head home to play the disgruntled Washington Redskins team. You're on a roll so don't screw it up with a goal line fumble like the one on the 1 foot line against St Louis on the final play of the game.

8) DETROIT---The Lions defense has been the talk of the NFC North while Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson were out with injuries. So what do they do with both of them back? They allowed Drew Stanton to throw a career high 306 yards and 2 TD's. That same effort this week will result in another 2nd half of the season doom for the Lions as they get Tom Brady in New England.

9) INDIANAPOLIS---Andrew Luck can only do so much. His defense has never been "top notch". His rushing attack has never been "high enough quality" to offer Luck any balance. And millions of fans are pulling for him every week. With Dwayne Allen and Ahmad Bradshaw out the only player left to help Andrew Luck is Coby Fleener? Someone needs to step up and help as the Colts remain at home against Jacksonville in a must win game.

10) PITTSBURGH---The Steelers won the game in Nashville and lost a locker room nightmare as RB LeGarrette Blount packed it in. It's now the Ben Roethlisberger and Le'Veon Bell show. Bell's 196 rushing yards clearly bailed out Ben who never looked like he was set to play. Now they get a bye week to celebrate beating Tennessee and Blount moving on.


11) PHILADELPHIA---Bad game at Green Bay, but that's not uncommon so beat Tennessee this week.

12) SEATTLE---We'll see what you're made of this week: Champs or Chumps as you play Phoenix.

13) CINCINNATI---Nice win where few prevail; at the Superdome. Houston will not be a push-over Sunday.

14) MIAMI---You've had 10 days to get ready. If you want to be great, win on the road against Denver.

15) SAN DIEGO---Rivers and his wide receivers need to re-introduce themselves or it's "lights-out".


Wayne Root: Will Tom Coughlin Get Fired Before Rex Ryan?!

For most of this season, it’s been generally assumed the Rex Ryan’s days are numbered as head coach of the New York Jets, while Tom Coughlin has earned enough goodwill with the New York Giants that his job was safe at least during the team’s initial transition to their new West Coast offense.

But, heading into this Sunday Night’s home game against the Dallas Cowboys, it’s now possible Coughlin won’t last as long as Ryan. Or, that both will be fired at the end of the season.

Current Records
NY Giants 3-7
NY Jets 2-8

This Week’s Opponents
NY Jets (+4.5) at Buffalo
NY Giants (+3.5) vs. Dallas

Both Gotham teams are expected to lose to opponents who need to win in their respective conference playoff races. So, we could easily see records of 3-8 and 2-9 heading into Thanksgiving. For the Giants, falling in the NBC game to Dallas would be their SIXTH loss in a row.

I’ve already talked about Rex Ryan’s future in New York. He might me in the unemployment line now if the team hadn’t defeated Pittsburgh just before their bye week. And, I don’t expect him to be back next season unless there’s a huge turnaround from this point forward (home wins over divisional rivals Miami and New England would certainly help his cause).

How much trouble is Coughlin in? Let’s review some facts.

  • Though he’s certainly valued as a head coach, there are many in New York who believe the game has passed him by. That’s a large part of why there was a switch in offensive schematics this season. Coughlin’s preferred old school approach just wasn’t working any more. Giants fans had grown impatient with all the interceptions and punts.
  • He can be a tough man to get along with even in the best of times. There are players who will knock down walls for him. But, not everybody responds to his style, which can make it tough to lure big name stars from other teams.
  • This will be the third straight year the Giants didn’t make the playoffs. They had to rally to finish 7-9 last year, after finishing 9-7 the year before. That’s far from a disaster. But, it’s very clearly a losing trend that few traditional contenders show much patience with. If NYG were to finish 5-11 this season (very possible), that’s going from Super 5-11 with few signs that things are about to get better. It’s not like the new offense has helped stem the tide. Eli Manning threw five interceptions against San Francisco last week!

The good news for the G-Men is that the schedule gets easier after Dallas. Here’s what’s ahead.

Vs. Dallas
At Jacksonville
At Tennessee
Vs. Washington
At St. Louis
Vs Philadelphia

There are no sure things in the NFL. But, that’s about the easiest month possible right now without running into the Raiders or Jets. Coughlin’s crew gets the Jaguars, Titans, Redskins, and Rams in succession. Hey...they might win out and finish 9-7!!

What’s more likely, on paper anyway, is a loss to Dallas, something close to a split against the four non-contenders, and then a season-ending loss to the Eagles unless Philadelphia has clinched whatever’s needed for the playoffs and is resting its starters.

New York is looking at 5-11 unless they can upset the Cowboys Sunday Night and use that as a springboard to close the season with some momentum. It’s a bit dramatic to say that Tom Coughlin’s job is on the line Sunday Night. But, it’s accurate to suggest that the result of that game is likely to show everyone the direction his tenure is heading in.

Ryan is still the favorite to lose his job before Coughlin. It’s a much tighter race now than it was before the season started, or even after the first month.

You regulars know that I follow the New York teams very closely. I grew up in New York as a true S.O.B. (son of a butcher!). I still have great contacts in the area. Those sources just might play a very big role for me this weekend in those Jets/Bills and Cowboys/Giants matchups. You’ll have to be a paying customer to find out!

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