Should Idzik and Ryan be Fired by Jets?

Wayne Root: Should Idzik and Ryan be Fired by Jets?

We may be hours away from the firing of New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, and general manager John Idzik. New York hosts the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday before embarking on its bye week. If the firings are going to happen, that’s the OBVIOUS spot on the schedule because the team would have the most possible time to recover and adjust before taking the field again November 23 on the road at Buffalo. The new regime wouldn’t play a home game until Monday Night December 1 in Miami.

Will it happen? I’m not the guy to ask. SHOULD it happen?! WAYNE ALLYN ROOT has a lot of opinions about that. You regulars know I was born and raised in New York as a true S.O.B. (son of a butcher!). I’ve followed the New York teams very closely in all betting sports since moving out here to Las Vegas many years ago. I still have sources I trust and value on the ground in the Big Apple guiding me each and every week.

First, let me ask this question. How can you NOT fire Rex Ryan?! The game has passed him by. He never knew what to do on offense, or how to let his offensive coordinators make the most of what talent they had. Now...granted...they didn’t have a lot of talent, and we’re not talking about revolutionary coordinators! But, still...the Jets ran one of the most simplified offenses in the NFL even when things were going well. A coach intent on reaching the Super Bowl would change with the times more than Ryan has.

His defenses are no longer anything special. This year’s unit has been a disappointment. The only way Ryan succeeds is if he’s letting a fantastic defense run roughshod over the league. Doesn’t happen any more. There’s just no reason “on the field” for him to be a head coach.

Off the field? He’s become more of a cartoon character than a coach. The players and fans have given up on him.

Idzik is a trickier story because he was hired in January of 2013. Front office men usually have a longer leash than that. But, I honestly can’t point to much that Idzik has done right at the helm. He was a big part of drafting Geno Smith and having him run the show. The roster has gotten worse during his tenure rather than better. And, in his prior job in Seattle, he was the guy in charge of negotiating contracts and monitoring the salary cap. He’s more an accountant than a team builder. Looks like he bluffed Jets ownership into believing he knew how to evaluate talent and build teams. Because Seattle was moving in the right direction, the Jets fell for the bluff.

Hey, I live in Las Vegas...I know all about people bluffing!

Is it “fair” to fire Idzik? Ownership will decide. There’s no evidence that he’s a good hire. The fan base sure doesn’t believe in him. They’ve been watching Geno Smith and Michael Vick play quarterback. Who’s the FUTURE at that position?

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan or both men are out of a job by Sunday Night. If the Jets are blown out by resurgent Pittsburgh, that should be automatic. If not, they may be allowed to finish out the season. But, this is a BAD team that currently seems to have a bleak future. Change has to be made.

I can’t tell you here if I’ll be posting a release in that Steelers/Jets game. Who knows...this whole article may have been a bluff to set up a SHOCKER release on the home underdog! Only my paying clients know for sure what the best plays on the board are going to be. Last week we cleaned up with a headline-making PINNACLE blowout in the NFL on Miami over San Diego 37-0. I’ve been scoring often lately in both pro and college football. I hope you’re ready to do it again this weekend.

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