BCS Chaos is Now Final Four Frenzy!

For years I’ve been showing you how to exploit college football’s obsession with the National Championship chase for a lot of fun and even more profit. Brent Musburger used to call it “BCS Chaos” every year when the top contenders would lose week-after-week because overrated teams are inconstant danger when there’s a target on their back. We can’t call it that any more with the new “Final Four” system that’s in place. The same dynamics are still in play!

That’s a big part of why I won another huge PINNACLE Game of the Year selection this past Saturday on TCU (+) over Oklahoma. Once again I called for an upset and got it in a high profile college game. Nobody has more documented upset calls in history than WAYNE ALLYN ROOT! Also on Saturday, I won with Ole Miss over Alabama in a similar situation (outright upset) and Northwestern over Wisconsin (another ranked team falls!). Auburn wasn’t an underdog, but won in blowout fashion for me as a cheap favorite over LSU. Saturday would have been a clean sweep if Stanford hadn’t played a prevent defense on the late fourth down play that Notre Dame turned into the game-winning touchdown.

(Congrats also to all of you who won Sunday Night with my big upset call on New England over Cincinnati. Never in doubt! It’s almost a crime to call that an upset but “the market” had lost its mind and we took advantage!)

You already know there were a bunch of upsets in the college rankings this past weekend.

#2 Oregon lost to Arizona (I warned you about that last week right here!)
#3 Alabama lost to Ole Miss
#4 Oklahoma lost to TCU
#6 Texas A&M lost to Mississippi State (as a small dog)
#8 UCLA lost to Utah
#9 Notre Dame was very lucky to beat Stanford
#16 USC lost to Arizona State
#17 Wisconsin lost to Northwestern
#18 BYU lost to Utah State

Too many of you will be tempted to think that the shockers are over and everything will settle into form the rest of the way. WRONG! The shockers are just beginning because THAT’S the form. Teams are not indestructible just because they show up high in the rankings a month into a new season. You can run through that list and recognize several important similarities.

  • Most of those teams had already established that they were overrated. Maybe not Alabama, who crushed Florida (after not crushing West Virginia). Oklahoma has a history of bullying non-conference opponents before falling apart when they start to face real teams. The same teams that always get hyped by the media in the summer and early in a new season were once again being hyped. Like always, many were exposed even before the midseason mark.
  • Each of those teams have an established weakness that HAS to jump up and bite them at some point in the season. For some, it’s a soft defense...and soft defenses require you to play perfectly on offense. Nobody can do that over a full 12 games...particularly when some of those games are on the road vs. tough teams. For others, it’s mistake-prone quarterbacks who are likely to throw bad passes at inopportune times. That’s what derailed Alabama this week...and was very much behind Oklahoma’s demise (go look up their passing stats vs. TCU!). If you know how to handicap matchups, it’s very easy to see when an alleged superpowers weakness is about to cost them.
  • All were facing talented opponents who are capable of playing with anybody on any given day. Maybe it’s a dog with a potent offense (I’m always reminding you to bet on dogs that can score enough points to win your bet for you!). Maybe it’s a dog with a stingy defense. Maybe it’s a Northwestern-type team that saves its best for its most important games because they don’t have the depth to go all out for 12 weeks in a row. The stars align very nicely in college football when truly “live” underdogs face overrated favorites stuck with a clear weakness.

This is not going away. It’s not over. And, what’s important for YOU to remember is that the “survivors” from last week are likely to run into troubles of their own. Let’s take a quick peek at undefeated teams in the new rankings.

#1 Florida State has been playing WAY below standards all season. Maybe they’ll run the table because their conference is so week. Notre Dame will have something to say about that as a defensive dog down the road in a non-conference TV showcase. I don’t see FSU playing great in the Final Four if they make it that far.

#2 Auburn still has a chip on its shoulder because the media wasn’t giving them respect to start the season. My blowout call on them against LSU was a cinch. There are still defensive concerns here though...and that’s likely to bite them at least once in the brutal SEC West stretch that still awaits them. If not then, maybe in the SEC Championship game.

#3’s: Ole Miss and Mississippi State are fittingly tied for the #3 spot this week after their high profile victories. How about having three SEC West teams in the top 4! Obviously both have tough divisional schedules ahead. And, we’re talking about a pair of teams that have ZERO experience at or near the top of the heap. Nerves will take down both in short order in my opinion. Neither is ready to shine for eight more weeks with big targets on their backs.

#5 Baylor is one of those teams that obliterates outmanned opponents but stubs its toe badly when they run into a team that doesn’t blink. With Oklahoma, TCU, and Kansas State still ahead, Baylor’s going to have to sweat out at least one of those. Were they to reach the Final Four, an SEC West team would bully them at the point of attack the way Central Florida of the AAC did in last year’s Fiesta Bowl.

#6 Notre Dame is lucky to have survived Stanford, and really hasn’t impressed when you evaluate their week-by-week schedule. Their style gives them a chance to knock off better teams, but gives inferior teams a chance to stay with them. The Irish already had a season where they caught every break in the world to reach the title tilt (only to get obliterated by Alabama). Can that happen again? I may be rooting very hard for Notre Dame against Florida State...but I’m not optimistic about a full season Irish run.

I’m really looking forward to the heart of October, where many of my highest profile SHOCK THE SYSTEM upsets have happened over the years. You can always purchase my SECOND CHANCE OCTOBER package right here at the website with your credit card. Don’t forget about baseball! We’ve already seen a few postseason surprises in that sport. If you have any questions about which of my programs best suits your individual needs, please talk to one of my representatives in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-877-ROOT-WINS.

A huge sports week is upon us. College teams from my backyard (Mountain West and Pac 12) will be in action Thursday and Friday nights. I can’t get specific about Saturday...but I strongly believe this coming Saturday will be just as big as what my clients just experienced in terms of headline making WINNERS! Both the Jets and Giants from my old stomping grounds are in high profile NFL games (the Jets host Denver, while the Giants play Sunday Night in Philadelphia). WHAT A WEEK!

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