I’m Starting to Get Enthused about the NY Giants

In recent weeks we’ve been monitoring the New York Giants very closely as they’ve been learning and implementing the West Coast offense. Things were pretty ugly through the Preseason because it was such a dramatic change from the downfield passing attack historically used by Eli Manning and the team. Then, the first two games of the season against Detroit and Arizona made things look pretty bleak.

But, you could definitely see the offense clicking the last two weeks in surprisingly easy victories over Houston and Washington. That last game was most important because everyone seemed to be on the same page.

*Manning passed for almost 300 yards
*the Giants converted 11 of 16 third downs for a stunning 68%
*the offense played relatively safely (only 1 giveaway) and repeatedly took advantage of field position set up by Washington miscues

The West Coast offense is a “marching down the field” approach that uses safe, short passes to eat up ground and move the chains. This is exactly what the Giants did all night. Obviously Washington was dealing with some defensive injuries, which may have helped create the illusion that Eli, his offensive line, and his receivers were further along than expected. Aggressive defenses can still disrupt that timing.

Will the Giants face a disruptive offense this week? NO! They’re hosting the Atlanta Falcons, who just got run over by a rookie quarterback last week…and who struggled to stop the offenses of New Orleans and Cincinnati earlier this season. That could be just what the G-men need to lock in their timing and build more confidence.

Let me put it this way:

*If the Giants can come close to matching the sharpness we saw against Washington, and to a lesser extent against Houston (more than 400 total yards of offense but only 33% on third downs), then I’ll be confident that NYG is at least a Wildcard contender. They’ll be sitting with a 3-2 record, after winning a game where they were priced as higher than a field goal favorite over the Falcons. That means “the market” sees the Giants as the better neutral field team than Atlanta right now. A win and a cover would suggest we’re looking at possible 10-11 win team depending on what happens through the season with divisional rivals Philadelphia and Dallas.

*If the Giants regress, and lose this Sunday to the Falcons…then I’m off the bandwagon. That would tell us that they were just taking candy from a self-destructive baby at Washington. They’re not ready to compete for a playoff spot if they can’t impress vs. this Falcons defense. They might be looking at going 1-3 vs. the Eagles and Cowboys too…if they can’t beat Atlanta at home.

I won’t tell you here if I’m releasing that game to my clients. I’m in constant contact with my sources back in my old stomping grounds. You regular readers know that I grew up in Mt. Vernon, NY as a true S.O.B. (son of a butcher!). I may have something here based on what I’m hearing from back home…or I could be heavy in the Jets/Chargers game later in the day. (And, oh…by the way…I’m already preparing for the Phil Jackson era with the New York Knicks that will be here before you know it!)

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