It’s Now or Never for San Francisco 49ers

It’s Now or Never for San Francisco 49ers

By Wayne Root:

As hard as it is for some to believe, the San Francisco 49ers are already in danger of seeing the 2014 season (and the Jim Harbaugh era) float away as they head into Sunday afternoon’s NFC showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This is absolutely a MUST-WIN game for the Niners. A 1-2 start has put them in the hole in the brutal NFC West. And, one of those two losses came against the Arizona Cardinals. They’re down already in a tie-breaker against the up-and-coming Cards. Two games with Seattle are still left. It’s going to be very hard to rally for playoff positioning from a 1-3 start if San Francisco can’t win this week.

And, frankly, a loss to the Eagles might be the final red flag we need to see to know that the Jim Harbaugh era is over in San Francisco. This is an obvious letdown spot for the Eagles who are coming off a big Monday Night TV win in Indianapolis, and then a divisional win over Washington. If the Eagles are going to have a down week, it’s NOW. If San Francisco can’t beat Philadelphia in a down week, stick a fork in them!

If you’ve been following football closely, you know all of the following:

*The relationship between Harbaugh and management has been souring
*The relationship between Harbaugh and some key players has been souring
*The Preseason went very poorly for the first team offense
*Team chemistry may be imploding given the last five quarters
*Harbaugh is being talked about to save the Michigan program at the college level

That’s the escape hatch Harbaugh may already be drifting towards. Brady Hoke is on the firing line at Michigan because the Wolverines have been a relative disaster so far in 2014. The Hoke era has been trending in the wrong direction since he won in his first year with Rich Rodriguez’s players. Harbaugh played his college ball at Michigan…and would be given a hero’s welcome if he returned on a white horse to save the day. A great contract and a hero’s welcome? Who could say no to that?!

So, this Eagles/49ers matchup could really be one of the defining factors of the NFL championship picture. San Francisco started as a relative co-favorite for the Super Bowl in the NFC with Seattle. Harbaugh and Company made it to the big game two years ago, and just missed last January. But, the team that’s taken the field thus far hasn’t looked at all like a champion.

*Outgained 382-316 by Dallas, won thanks to Tony Romo turnovers
*Gave a game way to Chicago with a fourth quarter collapse
*Was outgained and outplayed by Arizona, even with Drew Stanton leading the Cards!

The San Francisco team of the last five quarters could get steamrolled by Philadelphia! They’d better find something resembling their best form of the past two seasons if they want to win and cover Sunday afternoon.

As I write this and post it online, I haven’t determined yet if this game will be part of my Sunday slate. It’s certainly on the radar for very serious play because there’s a good chance for a double digit cover if you’ve nailed the particulars correctly. Fired up Frisco could stomp a flat Philadelphia in a letdown spot. Imploding San Francisco could see the game get away from them very easily. You’ve seen that bad things can happen QUICK with this team.

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