UCLA - Arizona State Thursday Night

So Many Question Marks in UCLA/Arizona State

By Wayne Root:

The Pac 12 plays its games in my “backyard” because media coverage is so strong for that league here in Las Vegas. But, even WAYNE ALLYN ROOT has to admit that Thursday Night’s meeting between the UCLA Bruins and the Arizona State Wildcats has so many unfamiliar elements involved that handicapping the game could be a true crapshoot.

If you’re from another part of the country, you may not be aware of the issues in play. Quick notes:

*Star UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley injured his non-throwing arm early in the game against Texas two weeks ago, and still isn’t a sure thing to play in the Pac 12 opener. Now, most insiders DO believe he’ll see action. But, you sure can’t make a huge investment on the Bruins unless you know Hundley is going to play...and going to be effective. Backup QB Jerry Neuheisel did engineer a late win against Texas. But, Texas may be so bad this year that having to rally late to beat them is a negative!

*Star Arizona State quarterback Taylor Kelly is OUT! A foot injury will keep him on the sidelines this week. The program has already announced that junior backup quarterback Mike Bercovici will get the start. Have YOU ever heard of Mike Bercovici? JOIN THE CLUB! We know him out here because he played high school ball on the West Coast and was part of recruiting discussions a few years ago. But, he’s made little impression in mop-up duty this year against Weber State, New Mexico, and Colorado. Generally speaking, if a quarterback getting his first career start is a junior, he’s not likely to be a high-impact talent. The press in Tempe sure has been playing him up this week though.

I may in fact have a big play in this game for my clients based on information I’ve uncovered that isn’t being reflected in the market’s side or total. So, I’m not going to get very specific about this game. I will tell you this:

*I’ve been very disappointed in UCLA this season. The offense looked awful at Virginia, where the defense bailed them out with defensive scores. The defense looked awful at home against Memphis, a game that was shockingly a nailbiter for the heavily favored Bruins. Then, the game against Texas down at the Dallas Cowboys home stadium was an ugly grinder that at least showed the team wouldn’t give up when facing adversity. But...that same Texas team had just been dominated at home by BYU the week before. The Bruins are still ranked high in the polls because they’re 3-0 straight up. They haven’t yet played like a top 40 team in my view.

*I was optimistic about Arizona State’s chances to win the Pac 12 South before the injury to Kelly. That injury came at the worst possible time because UCLA, USC, and Stanford are up next on the schedule. Lose two of those three and there’s probably no chance to win the division. If Bercovici can excel in his debut test, then ASU has a great chance to survive the South. UCLA has disappointed and USC lost to Boston College! I’ll be watching the new QB very closely. If there’s not much of a drop-off in what’s a proven-to-be successful system, the Sun Devils may offer value for weeks to come. If there IS a drop-off, the team is going to be in trouble if Kelly is on the shelf for long.

Thursday’s football schedule is busy. Along with UCLA/ASU, there’s two other college games (Texas Tech at Oklahoma State and Appalachian State at Georgia Southern) as well as the NFL meeting between the NY Giants and Washington. I’ll have selections posted for you by midday Thursday, as we begin another weekend of winners!

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