Bears - Jets Monday Night

Jets Have Impressed Me, With MNF on Deck

By Wayne Root:

I have to say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the start of the New York Jets this season. Sure, they couldn’t hold onto a big early lead at Green Bay last week. But, they still covered all but the very late pointspread (a push for some at +7), and there’s no shame in losing in Lambeau when Aaron Rodgers is having a big game (more than 300 passing yards with no interceptions).

You longtime readers know I pay very close attention to all the New York teams in the major Las Vegas betting sports. Things are getting very ugly for the GIANTS as they try to adjust to their new West Coast offense. It seems like there’s no chance for the G-men to make a run at even a Wildcard spot in the NFC. Have the Jets shown enough to be taken seriously as a Wildcard threat in the AFC?

*The running game has really impressed. New York outrushed Oakland 212-25 in the season opener (an edge that big is VERY rare in the NFL, no matter how bad the other team is!), and they outrushed Green Bay 146-80 last week. You can’t win a championship on the ground these days. But, you can put yourself in position to compete consistently if you’re winning that stat.

*Their swagger is back! Maybe that will disappear if things start to go south. But, you can at least see the right attitude on the field and on the sidelines. That wasn’t always apparent as the Mark Sanchez era was winding down. If I’m going to be making any upset calls on the Jets as underdogs, or value bets on them as small favorites…I need to see that fire on the sidelines. It’s been there so far.

Obviously, we’re missing THE QUARTERBACK, which brings us to the negatives I’ve seen thus far…

*Geno Smith still isn’t ready to lead a team. He’s mostly throwing short, safe passes because that’s all they trust him with. He couldn’t get the most out of the team’s yardage even when they were crushing Oakland in the stats. You should score more than 19 points when you rush for 212 yards and gain 402! Last week he was badly outclassed in the second half when the Packers game was being decided.

*The defense seemed to get a little tired late in both of the first two games. The Jets could do nothing to slow down Rodgers once he got rolling. And, they allowed a garbage time drive to Oakland the week before. If Geno Smith can’t be trusted in fourth quarters, the defense has to win the last 10 minutes of close games. Can it be counted on to do so in a playoff chase?

*Rex Ryan and the coaching staff don’t look like a crew that’s capable of making the right choices on a game-in, game-out basis. You probably heard about the screw-up on the timeout call that took away the potential game-tying TD last week. Well-run teams don’t do stuff like that. Ryan’s strengths will lead to a few very good pointspread results every season (and I know how to pick those spots!). His weaknesses lead to some head scratchers at the worst possible times.

I’ll be watching Monday Night’s game with the Chicago Bears very closely. Obviously I’ll have a selection posted during the day for my clients well in advance of kickoff. I won’t tell you what that is here because it wouldn’t be fair to paying customers. Don’t forget that I did score an outright winner on Chicago over San Francisco last Sunday Night. THE KING OF UPSETS may be riding the underdog Bears one more time against a Jets team that’s tough to trust as favorites. But, with the Bears looking at hated rival Green Bay next week, this may be the ideal scheduling spot to back the Jets in a bounceback spot off a loss.

I will say this. I strongly believe the team (or total) I take will cover by at least a touchdown!

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I promise I’ll keep you posted on developments from my old stomping grounds as the NFL season progresses. I was born in New York as a true S.O.B., son of a butcher! Many sportsbooks use those initials for me for another reason. I’ve been helping my clients take their money for years!

Another big game is always minutes away from starting. That’s why it’s time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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