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Jets Can Prove They’re For Real With Upset of Packers

By Wayne Root:

You regulars know that I follow the New York teams very closely in all sports. I was born in Mt. Vernon, NY as a true S.O.B. (son of a butcher!). And, I still have connections in the Big Apple and surrounding area that help me pick winners for my clients in the NFL and college football, in Major League Baseball, and in both college and pro basketball.

A few days ago we talked about the New York Giants, who badly flunked their first test of 2014 by getting blown out in Detroit. The offense looked so awful that it may be weeks before I write about the G-men again! Will it be a disastrous season for both New York teams in the NFL? Or, are the Jets poised to make a move as Rex Ryan battles to save his reputation and head coaching career?

To be honest, the Jets were pretty impressive in last week’s 19-14 win over Oakland. They didn’t cover the spread. But, they did dominate the game from start to finish. They had a total yardage edge of more than 300 until the Raiders scored a garbage time TD to come through the backdoor (final total yardage was 402-158, final rushing yardage was 212-25).

It wasn’t a 19-14 game…it was really a 31-7 game that saw the Jets fail to get the most out of their yardage when it was time to put points on the board. That is cause for concern, particularly against a good team like Green Bay. But, you have to walk before you can run. The Jets walked pretty darn well as they try to build the confidence of young quarterback Geno Smith.

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is known as THE KING OF UPSETS because I have more documented upset calls than any other handicapper in the industry. Will I be picking the Jets to upset the Packers for my clients this weekend? I can’t tell you that here. Some very clear reasons for NOT picking an upset would be:

  • Green Bay is coming in off a loss and can’t afford an 0-2 start
  • Green Bay has extra preparation time after playing last Thursday
  • The Jets won’t “learn” how to find the end zone in a week.
  • The Jets are stepping WAY up in class after facing Oakland!

On the other hand…the Jets do have the superior of the two defenses…and defensive dogs often make a lot of sense in the NFL when getting over a touchdown on the Vegas board. Maybe the Jets will be a “value” play for clients at the tall number. Maybe this is a pass. Or, maybe I’m creating a smokescreen to set up a BLOWOUT call on fired up Green Bay. Only paying customers will find out for sure!

I can tell you that I’m very interested in seeing how the Jets handle this week’s challenge. The AFC East may be more up-for-grabs than was initially realized given how badly New England played last week. The Jets match up well with the Pats anyway (in addition to hating their guts!). A positive showing at Lambeau could set the stage for a very interesting divisional race. A blowout loss, and it will be hard to take the Jets seriously until they have a quarterback that they (and bettors) can really trust. Geno Smith hasn’t yet been the answer. Time is running out on the experiment.

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