This May Be Best Football Betting Weekend in YEARS!

Out here in Las Vegas, the big story is that sportsbooks absolutely cleaned up from the general public this past weekend. You probably know that very few NFL favorites cashed their tickets…and that squares love betting favorites! Fat, happy and smoking cigars…that’s your typical oddsmaker or sportsbook manager this week.


That just sets up a perfect storm this Saturday where arrogant oddsmakers who think they know everything will make mistakes on a college football board that isn’t exactly chocker block full of marquee matchups. The guys behind the line already have trouble with “ugly” matchups involving mediocre (or worse) teams that can’t be counted on to perform consistently. You’ve seen that play out already in the first two weeks of 2014. Now, they’re going to be slow on the take with proper line moves and their reads of the market.

The laws of math are about to turn against the books…and overconfidence plus the difficulty of “ugly” college football will magnify the oddsmaking challenge.

If you were thinking of taking college football off this weekend, DON’T MAKE THAT MISTAKE! If you struggled because you can’t resist NFL favorites, plan on getting your money back in both the colleges and the pros in very short order.

Some things to keep in mind as you look for the best “ugly” college games to attack.

  • Teams who struggled in their first two games because of turnovers are due to get that fixed and start playing more to their raw stats. Don’t handicap on the final scores you’ve been seeing. Handicap based on the boxscores that most oddsmakers aren’t even reading.
  • Conferences that are sick and tired of hearing about how horrible they are (I’m talking about YOU Big Ten!) are likely to bring motivated efforts this week. Yes, some teams will still be bad! But, fat-and-happy oddsmakers are likely to overreact to last week without thinking logically about this week. This is also true for any major programs who are off to disappointing starts regardless of their conference.
  • Whenever you see a game on the schedule wear you say to yourself, “Man, nobody could pay me to sit in the stands and watch that game,” you’re talking about a matchup where oddsmakers spent just a few seconds looking at their charts before throwing down a number. They care as little about these games as you do! If YOU start caring MORE, you’ll find a handful of great situations. If you don’t believe me, just look back over what’s been happening in this kind of game the past two weeks. Hey, we had a great example here in Las Vegas this past weekend. UNLV was a FOUR-TOUCHDOWN FAVORITE when they beat Northern Colorado 13-12.
  • Teams who aren’t typically favored tend to play below expectations when they are installed as favorites because they get overconfident. You saw that last week when Colorado was life-and-death as a big favorite at UMASS (and in that UNLV game I just mentioned as well). Heaven forbid a BAD team gets overconfident when facing an even worse opponent! Many of these games turn into true toss-ups that offer line value at what turn out to be ridiculous prices. Some give you great SHOCK THE SYSTEM opportunities for UPSET CALLS if the lesser team has other motivational or matchup advantages going for them as well.

I’m not going to get too specific because I want to protect possible plays for my clients. I don’t want to suggest it’s only going to be ugly off-the-radar games for my service this week. I definitely have my eye on a few very high profile matchups too. My point today is that YOU should plan on being aggressive this week against oddsmakers who spent too much time toasting their own good luck. Their luck is going to turn…and that means money flowing back to handicappers and Las Vegas bettors willing to find and attack the softest spots.

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