Take Command

Take Command!

By Wayne Root:

If you’ve been paying any attention this week to mainstream sports coverage or social media, you know that the NBA free agency landscape was at an absolute standstill for a few days because EVERYONE was waiting to see what LeBron James was going to do.

  • Both Cleveland and Miami expected to have him on their rosters
  • Chris Bosh wouldn’t sign with Houston unless he was sure LeBron was leaving Miami
  • Houston wouldn’t decide about Chandler Parsons until they knew about Bosh
  • Carmelo Anthony wouldn’t get serious about Miami, or Chicago, or NY until he knew

This kind of waiting around to see what might or might not happen drives a TAKE CHARGE guy like WAYNE ALLYN ROOT absolutely crazy. Are you kidding me?! This is not how to find success in any business, and certainly not as a sports bettor. When you see an opportunity, take it!

I built a career in this industry…and in many ways BUILT THIS INDUSTRY with aggressive decision-making and actions that made myself and my clients very rich. When I was angered by what was happening in the world of politics, I became a writer, speaker, and even candidate for Vice President because I wanted to jump in and get things done. You don’t win by sitting on the sidelines. I think fans of many NBA teams are going to be very disappointed this season when they see the ramifications of all the owners sitting around with their fingers crossed. Winners get things done!

Did you notice who’s name isn’t involved in all the media mess? The San Antonio Spurs. They’re sitting at home laughing because they intelligently build an engine that keeps right on humming along. Gregg Popovich doesn’t wait for anybody. He makes bold decisions and reaps the results.

This is how YOU should act as a sports bettor here in Las Vegas. Some quick applications:

  • When you see a bad number, hit it right away! Don’t wait to see if other bettors agree with you. Don’t ask your friends if they agree. Have convictions, and the confidence to back those convictions.
  • Determine a bankroll, and spend aggressively within that bankroll. So much of the passiveness right now in the NBA involves “we can’t afford this,” or “that will put us over the luxury cap.” Again, the Spurs aren’t worrying about that because they always have their ducks in a row. In betting terms, this means creating a real, tangible bankroll and knowing exactly what percentages you should bet on any opportunity. Let me tell you, professional wagerers here in Las Vegas don’t waffle around trying to figure out what to do. Some follow Kelly progressions and know what to bet each time. Others follow simple rules like “2% of your bankroll on a regular play, 5% on a max play). The point is…they know automatically what to bet when it’s time to bet.
  • Don’t let your ability to do your job be at the mercy of someone else. Go to where the best number is, don’t hope the closest bookmaker to you moves his number in your favor. Don’t put yourself in position where you’re endlessly standing in line in the hours before kickoff because the ticket-writers are so slow.

LeBron James finally announced he was going back to Cleveland. Now, the dominoes will fall wherever they’re going to fall. In your betting career, YOU need to act like LeBron James…controlling your own destiny because you have all the power. Make things happen on your terms!

And, if you really want to maximize your profits, make things happen on YOUR terms with MY picks! You can purchase the best plays available in cyberspace right here at this website with your credit card. My clients are building their football bankrolls now with daily summer baseball. If you want information about which of my services bets suits your individual needs, please talk to one of my representatives in the office at 1-877-ROOT-WINS.

We’re coming up on baseball’s All-Star Break, which is the perfect time to think about early-bird football packages.

Back with you next Monday for a “first half” review in Major League Baseball as you gear up for the All-Star game. I’ll have a mix of baseball and football through the summer as we count down to kickoff.

Are you going to be a domino? Or, the guy who pushes the dominos? It’s time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside…WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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