Oakland Focused on a CHAMPIONSHIP!

Oakland Focused on a CHAMPIONSHIP!

By Wayne Root:

Billy Beane is tired of hearing about Moneyball. He’s tired of being the guy who could get to the playoffs…but then lose before even experiencing the World Series. Sure, it must be as cool as can be to have Brad Pitt play you in a movie. But, if Brad Pitt is playing a LOSER who couldn’t win the big one…that’s not a great legacy.

It was one thing when everyone was saying “brains” could get you to the playoffs, but that’s it. Now the Boston Red Sox have won THREE World championships with the guy who invented sabermetrics…so Beane will always be seen as a failure unless he can break through and go the distance.

And, THAT’S why the Oakland A’s made a blockbuster trade in recent days that may have hurt their longterm future at the expense of winning right now. They traded very promising prospects to the Chicago Cubs for a pair of starting pitchers who can be inserted immediately into what was already a pretty good rotation.

Jeff Samardzija: 2.83 ERA with the Cubs
Jason Hammel: 2.98 ERA with the Cubs

Who’d have thought that the Oakland A’s would ever be included in a sentence about “the rich getting richer?”

On the plus side:

  • You can never have enough pitching, particularly frontline pitching that’s needed in the postseason.
  • Grabbing BOTH of those guys right away made it certain that nobody else was going to get them! The LA Angels and Seattle Mariners can’t get one or the other in hopes of chasing down the A’s in the AL West. Nobody in the messy AL East race can get them. Detroit, already with solid pitching, doesn’t have a chance to be the rich team that gets richer. Oakland gets the players, while simultaneously preventing others from getting them.
  • Samardzija in particular is a relative unknown quantity in the American League. He’ll have some “first look” advantages going for him over the next several weeks. He’s been in such good form this year that he may not need them!

On the minus side:

  • Having great pitching stats in the National League doesn’t necessarily translate to star power in the AL. Both Cubs pitchers were in the inferior of the two leagues…got to pitch a lot in cooler weather this season…and weren’t under much pressure to win because it was going to be a lost season for the Cubs anyway. Don’t forget that Hammel used to pitch in the AL, and he didn’t have impressive stats when he did.
  • This gamble could really backfire if it doesn’t work. Oakland gave up a few years from multiple young talents for what will basically be half a year of one guy, and 1.5 years of another guy. If they win a championship. Beane’s legacy is secure. If not, he may have prevented himself from what would have been a championship run in 2018!
  • Clubhouse chemistry is always dicey. That was one of the lessons of the Moneyball movie! You don’t want to remind any of your other young stars that they might be traded very soon if the big boss decides he wants another pitcher, or wants to fill a perceived hole in the lineup.

You can be assured that THE KING OF LAS VEGAS is watching this situation very closely. If the A’s just “fixed” something that wasn’t broken, then I’ll be fading them with some big underdogs in great spots. But, if the acquisitions seem destined to help the A’s continue to outperform market expectations (which they’ve been doing for YEARS), then I’ll back them at affordable prices (particularly on the road).

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Back with you later this week with more sports talk. We’ll have time in July and August to talk a lot about both baseball and football. It’s very hot right now here in Vegas…and I’m sure thing are heating up where you live too. It’s time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside the HOTTEST HANDICAPPER in all of sports…WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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