Tampa Bay Rays Down Almost 30 Units!

Tampa Bay Rays Down Almost 30 Units!

By Wayne Root:

 I’ve often told you that Las Vegas oddsmakers are very slow to react when good teams go bad. They just don’t believe their own eyes. And, in fairness to oddsmakers, so many bettors don’t believe their own eyes that sportsbooks aren’t punished for their mistakes!

  • If an NFL power suddenly loses a step (say, the New England Patriots in an off-year), squares still want to bet on the Patriots because they assume a turnaround is imminent. Pointspreads may be off by 2-3 points, or even 6-7 points, but they don’t get “corrected” because so much money is coming in the wrong way.
  • If a college football team loses key players to graduation then doesn’t recruit well (say, the Florida Gators in the Will Muschamp era), the market keeps pricing them as a conference contender for months after it’s obvious that’s not true any more. As we’ve seen with Florida, this can bleed over into multiple seasons.
  • If a college basketball team loses a star late in the season, oddsmakers will say he’s worth 1-2 points when he’s really worth a lot more (say, Kansas after they lost defensive stalwart Joel Embiid late in the season before March Madness).

This year in Major League Baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays have simply fallen off the map. They were at least supposed to be a contender in the American League East. Some pundits picked them to dethrone the Boston Red Sox at the top. Well, BOTH of those teams have been disasters! But, Tampa Bay has been the biggest disaster in the whole majors to this point in the season. As I write this web article, the Rays are down almost 30 betting units even though they’re only 17 games below the .500 mark.

In other words…the Rays have been consistently favored by so much that their profit/loss column is much worse than you’d expect for a team 17-below. The Chicago Cubs are 10-games below .500, but are only down six units. The NY Mets are eight-games below .500 but are only down four units. Heck, the Houston Astros are nine-games below .500 but have shown a profit!

As the undisputed KING OF UNDERDOGS, I’ve often shown you that one of the hidden keys of finding “live dogs” comes from fading vulnerable favorites. Don’t just focus on the dog. ANY dog would have been good value against Tampa Bay as a general rule during the Rays’ collapse.  

And, perhaps most importantly, when you find a vulnerable favorite in the state of collapse (or at least a slump), you can make big scores REPEATEDLY. You can basically make “Game of the Year” caliber bankroll bets over and over again until the issue is resolved. This is not a “one game” special scenario where the stars align. This is a string of games where the stars align. With the case of Tampa Bay, it’s two-and-a-half months where the stars align!

As you continue to handicap the 2014 baseball season, be on the lookout for potential slumps or collapses from favorites. The Detroit Tigers sure are having a bad month. San Francisco has lost a few in a row. Who else might be ready to hit the skids? Milwaukee? Toronto? Maybe even Oakland?

And, you should already be scouting out the pro and college football seasons for potential edges. Will the Seattle Seahawks suffer a Super Bowl letdown in a tough division? What college football teams lost their star quarterbacks and don’t have anyone ready to step in and play anywhere near the same level?

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