Yankees a Pleasant Surprise

Yankees a Pleasant Surprise

By Wayne Allyn Root:

Wayne Root: Earlier this week, I talked about what’s been happening lately with the New York Mets. I figured today would be a good time to stick with my old stomping grounds and get caught up with the New York Yankees. Though I’ve lived here in Las Vegas for many years now, I was born in Mt. Vernon, NY as a true S.O.B…son of a butcher! Because of my past roots…and current connections…I still have a great win rate in games involving New York teams in all sports.

The Bronx was worried entering the 2014 season. They were far from a sure thing to contend for the division. And, many pundits were expecting a down year. Those who thought Masahiro Tanaka was going to be a flop were particularly skeptical. Thus far, Tanaka has been fantastic, and the team as a whole carries a winning record into this weekend’s series with the Minnesota Twins. They’re within arm’s reach of Toronto at the top of the AL East. They now have some air between themselves and third place Baltimore as well.

Probably the best news for the Yankees is that Boston and Tampa Bay have gotten off to horrible starts! The pundits who were expecting the Yanks to flounder were picking one of those two teams to win the East. Those pundits had things upside down!

New York currently has the fifth best ERA in the American League, and are sixth in batting average. That kind of balance always serves a team well. Though, you have to be skeptical about the Yanks making a championship run because both Oakland and Detroit are true powers…and Toronto’s top-rated offense will be tough to catch from behind if the team keeps hitting. The good thing about balance is that you can always find ways to win games even if part of your team cools off. I think the Yankees will be in the playoff mix for weeks to come…and possibly all the way. Wouldn’t it be something if I had the Yanks as a Cinderella team come October?!

Bettors don’t often get value when betting the Yankees because public interest often drives their lines higher. That’s not as bad as it used to be because the mainstream media has backed off coverage this year. If AROD isn’t making headlines, ESPN stops talking about the Yankees! Even though New York is 28-24 as of Friday afternoon, they’re only up 1 betting unit because of the vigorish in their games. You aren’t likely to make money backing the Yankees every day. You have to pick your spots.

Here are some quick records to help you pick those spots:
Tanaka: the Yankees are 8-2 in his 10 starts
Kuroda: the Yankees are 5-6 in his 11 starts

Hey, that’s probably all you need to know! The Yankees are 28-24 heading into the Minnesota series. Tanaka is six games over .500 all by himself when the team as a whole is only four games over .500. Generally speaking, you want to focus on the Yankees as underdogs because of their team balance. You don’t want to lay odds with them unless you think Tanaka is underpriced…which will be a tough call going forward because the Yanks aren’t likely to keep winning 80% of his starts.

I definitely have some secrets I use when picking both the Yankees and the Mets. I’m not going to give those away for free in a web article! I need to protect the information for betting clients…particularly in baseball when any edge you find can be used over and over again for MONTHS!

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