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Wayne Root: Oddsmakers “Surprised” by Best MLB Teams!

Early in every Major League Baseball season, it’s easy to find “surprises” that caught oddsmakers napping. A few unheralded teams get off to hot starts, and the market doesn’t take them seriously enough (Milwaukee is a great example of that so far in 2014). A few super-rich contending franchises fall flat on their faces (which defending World Champion Boston has done so far, helped along by getting swept in a home series by Milwaukee!). But, we’re seeing something interesting here in mid-April. The market has been underestimating a lot of the BEST teams from last year!

The second-biggest profit through the games of Sunday April 13 belongs to the Atlanta Braves. Their 8-4 start isn’t as great as the 10-2 put up by Milwaukee. But, it’s been good enough to earn almost five units of profit because the Braves have been dogs often. Did Vegas forget that Atlanta won the NL East last year! Everyone was all over Washington again to win this division. But, it’s the defending champs who are cashing tickets once again.

The third-biggest profit at this time belongs to the Los Angeles Dodgers. You know…the defending NL West champs who dominated baseball through the second half of last season. One of the most publicized teams in the offseason because of the headlines that Yasiel Puig garners. The most heavily supported team in Las Vegas because of proximity. THOSE Los Angeles Dodgers! They’re plus about four units of profit with an early 9-4 record.

The biggest profit in the American League, and fourth overall in the majors belongs to the Oakland A’s. They won the AL West last season. Their 8-4 start in 2014 has them positioned well early, leading teams like the LA Angels and Texas Rangers who are still market darlings for some reason. Brad Pitt started in a movie called “Moneyball,” but oddsmakers still don’t see Oakland as a money team.

Now, you might think that THE KING OF UPSETS WAYNE ALLYN ROOT doesn’t like it when chalk keeps winning like this. That depends on the team. If the market isn’t respecting the right teams, you can often get playoff caliber teams as underdogs or cheap favorites in a way that really piles up your profit. The main lesson from the season so far is that parity seems to be ruling the day. And, THAT favors underdog betting. If most games are a true coin flip (suggested by the high number of teams who are very close to the .500 mark as we speak), then you get value by investing in underdogs and letting the coin flips take care of themselves.

Of course, recognizing slow starters is valuable too. Boston and Cincinnati are playoff teams from last year who are down about four units thus far. Kansas City was a popular pick amongst analytics types. They’re in last place in their division down four units. The biggest disaster so far has been Arizona, who drew the misfortune of having a lot of early games against the loaded Dodgers. Arizona is down seven units just 15 games into their season.

For the most part, I’ve very happy with how things are playing out so far in the bases. I’ll be happy to show you firsthand what I’m capable of doing in this sport! You can purchase my top daily plays right here at the website with your credit card. If you have any questions about which of my MLB or NBA Playoff programs best suits your individual needs, please talk to one of my representatives in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-877-ROOT-WINS. Remember that the NBA Playoffs start this weekend. Those of you who have been taking time off since March Madness need to get back in play!

I’ll be back later this week to talk about upset potential in the first round of the NBA Playoffs once the matchups are set. The postseason begins Saturday. My article will likely go up Friday at this website so we can track early line movement on the series prices. Then, I’ll be talking a lot about both basketball and baseball through the coming weeks. Fans of both sports are at a fever pitch at this time of year. THE KING OF LAS VEGAS is ALWAYS focused on helping his clients cash tickets!

I’m the only man in the sports betting industry with a star on the “Walk of Fame” here in Las Vegas. If an oddsmaker ever gets one, his will naturally be a few steps behind mine. The guys behind the counter are always behind WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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