Upsets Hard to Come By in Mid-Majors

Upsets Hard to Come By in Mid-Majors

By Wayne Root:

Tournament play begins this week in many of the mid-major conferences in college basketball. The KING OF UPSETS Wayne Allyn Root is here to tell you that it's best to WAIT until next week's major conference events before trying to make upset calls and moneyline bets.

Mid-major tournaments are rigged for the favorites!

It's very hard for Cinderella stories to develop in most mid-major tournaments because the brackets are staggered to reward the best two seeds. The Horizon League even lets the top seed host the event! These conferences have found over the years that they often get really embarrassed in the Big Dance if anyone but their very best teams earns the invitation. They still want to have a postseason tournament because of the money that gets generated. But they want to make sure that the best teams have it as easy as possible to run the table so they might write their own Cinderella stories in the NCAA's.

As a result, many top seeds get byes into later rounds of these early mid-majors, where they will automatically be playing tired teams who had to win earlier to advance. Superior squads...with rest...particularly if the survivors went to war...are very tough to defeat on neutral courts. And, that's particularly true when those superior teams have all the motivation in the world to win if they haven't already clinched an automatic berth.

For example:

  • Wichita State, the top seed in the Missouri Valley tournament is already in the Big Dance. They don't have to win their tournament, which could open up the door for some flat performances against other decent teams that MUST win.

  • Green Bay of the Horizon League, and Belmont of the Ohio Valley (among many others) are #1 seeds who have to run the table because their computer ratings and Bracketology don't have them anywhere near getting an at-large bid.

You want to look for upsets against teams who might get caught looking head. You DON'T want to look for upsets against teams who can't afford to have a bad game. As a result, I'll personally be reserving my best upset calls for the major conferences next week when all the #1 seeds are already locked into the Dance. That's where we'll see surprises. A few #1's may even lose to some 8-9 winners. Others will fall in the semifinals against either #4 or #5 seeds. This week, that's much less likely. Maybe Wichita State will stub their toe. Maybe they won't in such a weak conference. Next week, many so-called powers are going to have flat games against fired up opponents.

I may or may not be playing a lot of mid-major tournament games for my clients this week. There's no reason to force plays. Particularly when we have great live dog and upset situations still on the regular board on the final week of the season. So many big name programs are already looking ahead to the rest of March...I expect a lot of upsets in road and home finales the next few days. In the tournaments, I'll be picking my spots very carefully.

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