Wayne Root: The New Overrated in College Basketball

The New Overrated in College Basketball

By Wayne Root:

In the first couple of months of the college basketball season, several teams were exposed as being overrated. What’s important for serious handicappers to realize right now is that several more have just BECOME overrated, and are going to be ripe for upsets through the rest of January and into early February.

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is THE KING OF UPSETS…so I always have to be on the lookout for new upset victims!

And, I can tell you right now that we’re going to see pointspread struggles and outright losses in the coming days from teams who have just recently made “flavor of the month” surges up the poll rankings and in their conference standings.

  • These teams haven’t lost yet….the key word being YET! It’s very difficult to play at a high level week-by-week and month-by-month. Teams who had been playing over their heads are about to fall back to earth. Teams who had an “us-against-the-world” mentality are about to rest on their laurels thinking they had proved their point. I call it “delayed overconfidence.” Some of the big-name media teams started the season overconfident because they were enveloped in hype. Now, a new group of teams is about to fall into the overconfidence trap.

  • Their opponents are now targeting them! Everybody got sky high to face Duke, or Kentucky, or Kansas early in the season. Now, teams are getting sky high to face the teams that raced past them in the rankings. Teams who are used to seeing generic efforts from opponents are now about to see peak efforts from opponents. And, they’re about to run into rabid road crowds as well. It’s a whole new world for teams about to join “The New Overrated” because every game is going to be a war.

  • Their weaknesses are about to be exposed! It’s very hard to build a “complete” team these days in college basketball. Truly elite players aren’t around long enough to allow for that. All teams have weaknesses. Three-point heavy teams may be slow defensively. Run-and-gun teams may execute poorly in the halfcourt. Great rebounding teams may not have enough shooters. Great shooting teams may not have enough rebounders. Once an off-the-radar team makes their presence felt, their weaknesses get put on the radar! You could get by with a weakness when you’re playing at 100% intensity and opponents weren’t taking you seriously enough. You’re in big trouble once the dynamics change.

I’m not going to get too specific about teams who are on my “go against” list right now because many will be taking the floor this week or very soon there-after. I have to protect the plays and likely pointspreads for my paying clients…possibly for a game that’s just a few hours away from starting! If you’re a do-it-yourself handicapper who likes betting on underdogs, I strongly advise you to make a short list of teams who:

  • Are much higher in the rankings now than they were in November
  • Are getting much more media coverage now than they were in November
  • Didn’t play a lot of tough road games pre-conference
  • Are winning with a particular strength that can be neutralized by smart opposition

At the very least, stop betting ON these teams! The general public generally loses money in college basketball because they’re always betting on overrated teams. They lose out of the gate with those highest in the rankings. Once they learn their lessons about those teams, they start betting on “The New Overrated” at exactly the wrong time.

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT knows how to time the market. That’s why I’ve been a winning handicapper for decades out here in Las Vegas. I’m the only man in the sports betting industry with a star on the “Walk of Fame” for a reason! I can assure you now that some very big storylines are about to break this week…and my clients will be cashing in while the TV pundits keep scratching their heads. You can play these games along with me by purchasing my nightly BEST BETS here at the website with your credit card. If you prefer doing business with a live person, talk to my representative in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office during normal business hours at 1-877-ROOT-WINS.

I’ll be back late this week to talk about SHOCKER potential in this weekend’s Conference Championship matchups in the NFL Playoffs. In the meantime, build your bankrolls in the baskets with THE KING OF LAS VEGAS. It’s time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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