Wayne Root: Finding Wilcard Shockers

Finding Wildcard SHOCKERS

By Wayne Root

I want to thank all of you who were with me this past New Year’s for a big day of shockers. I thought we’d see some upsets this year. Michigan State won outright for me in the Rose Bowl. Nebraska won out right for me in the Gator Bowl. And, in prime time, the biggest outright underdog winner in BCS bowl history scored when Central Florida blasted Baylor.

My only loss on New Year’s was Wisconsin, who lost their starting quarterback to a bad luck injury.

Will we see any big SHOCKERS this weekend in NFL Wildcard action? Well, it’s hard to have big “upsets” when the pointspreads are so low! Three of the four games are currently showing numbers at or below a field goal. The other game is at a touchdown. So, there won’t be any true head scratchers if any of the underdogs win. San Diego is the biggest dog on the weekend card. They just won at Denver recently, which was a bigger upset according to the number.

But, WAYNE ALLYN ROOT doesn’t think this is going to be a quiet weekend by any means. I do believe we’ll have some SHOCKERS in terms of victory margins. I think we’ll have at least one blowout (that beats the spread by double digits), and other results that don’t play out the way the studio pundits are suggesting.

Why do I think that? Because there are so many unknowns in the equation!

*Philadelphia has a first year NFL head coach on the sideline, and a first year starter at quarterback. Maybe that means the team will implode because of inexperience. Or, maybe it means a new dynasty is about to announce itself.

*We have a forecast for cold weather at three of the four sites. These teams just spent the season playing mostly in pretty good conditions. Having great regular season stats in good conditions tells you nothing about what’s going to happen in challenging weather!

*We have two teams from California playing on the road in bitter cold.

*We have multiple quarterbacks this week who grew up in the South, and aren’t at their best in frigid conditions. Andy Dalton from TCU threw three interceptions at home in the cold for the Bengals last week against Baltimore. Drew Brees and Nick Foles went to the same high school in Austin, Texas!

*We have a quarterback in Green Bay who’s returning from injury, and may not be back to his best form yet (scoring against the bad defense of Chicago isn’t the same as scoring against the great defense of San Francisco!).

*We have multiple teams who may have created regular season illusions by playing very easy schedules. This is a story many in the media are missing because they’re always trying to “sell” you the games rather than explain reality. All of the following were ranked near the bottom in schedule strength this year: Kansas City, Philadelphia, Green Bay, and Cincinnati. Now, I’m not saying they’ll all be exposed as pretenders. Are you confident NONE of them will be exposed as pretenders?

Fans, this is a GREAT weekend to be a football handicapper, and a bad weekend to bet based on what the media is telling you. Whether you watch ESPN, the NFL Network, or some Fantasy Football show, you’re missing out on the key factors that are truly going to determine what happens on the field in this very volatile weekend.


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I hope you had a great New Year’s…and have recovered fully if you did too much celebrating. It’s time to focus on money-making opportunities in 2014. Keep building your bankrolls for the weekend with Thursday and Friday bowl action so you can hit the Wildcard games HARD. It’s time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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