Can Jets and Giants Reach the NFL Postseason?

Can Jets and Giants Reach the NFL Postseason?

By Wayne Root:

It's an awkward year to be a fan of the New York teams in the NFL. You regulars know that I grew up in Mt. Vernon, NY as a true S.O.B. (son of a butcher!). I still follow the New York scene very closely even though I've been living out here in Las Vegas for many years. This pays off year round because there's so much profit to be made fading the public whenever they get involved betting on or against Gotham.

Both the Jets and the Giants this year are pretty clearly NOT playoff caliber teams. Geno Smith still has a lot to learn as a starting quarterback for the Jets. The offensive line for the G-Men has struggled all year, leading to turnover implosions from the offense. There are particularly weeks where things really click. But, you'd have to say that both teams look more like 6-10 or maybe 7-9 type teams (maybe!) in terms of typical seasons.

2013 isn't a typical season!

As a result, both the Jets and the Giants still have a chance to make the playoffs. And, both play big games this week against other contenders.

  • NY Jets at Baltimore

Here's the current race for the final Wildcard spot in the AFC:
NY Jets 5-5
Miami 5-5
Baltimore 4-6
Pittsburgh 4-6
Cleveland 4-6
Tennessee 4-6
San Diego 4-6
Oakland 4-6

The Jets visit Baltimore this week, then host Miami next week. Win those games and things are looking pretty good in the race and in tie-breakers. Lose them both, and forget about it! The Jets would be in a jumbled mess where they lose heads-up tie-breakers to Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee, pending a season finale rematch at Miami.

As shaky as this team has looked at various times, the Jets actually head the Wildcard discussion with six weeks to go.

  • Dallas at the NY Giants

The Giants don't have a realistic chance to get a Wildcard in the NFC because there are so many contenders from other divisions. They do have a chance to win the NFC East despite enduring a very slow start.

NFC East
Philadelphia 6-5
Dallas 5-5
NY Giants 4-6
Washington 3-7

The Giants split with Philadelphia, and still have two games left with disappointing Washington. Should the G-Men take care of business Sunday vs. Tony Romo and company...and then sweep the Skins...we're looking at good tie-breakers in the divisional race all of a sudden. The rest of the schedule is still tough. But...everyone in the NFC East has it tough. A record of 8-8 might be good enough to get there. The Giants need to finish 4-2 to get there.

This feels like more of a longshot. But, Eli Manning is a much better quarterback than Geno Smith. And, the teams sitting on top of the Giants both have choke potential.

Again, personally, I don't think either team is truly what you could call "playoff caliber." I do think each team will have at least one game left where they play that well...and probably at least 2-3 where they're exposed as also-rans. I'm very much looking forward to winning those games for my clients!

Maybe I'll have a big play in one of those games this weekend. I can assure you that major releases involving both teams are on the semi-immediate horizon.

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I'm already planning out the next several weeks in my college and pro football handicapping. I trust my read on all the board teams. I'm excited that we have so many important matchups coming up on almost a daily basis. Planning ahead is what keeps me a few steps ahead of the oddsmakers. You know I'm the only man in the sports betting industry with a star on the Vegas "Walk of Fame." If an oddsmaker ever gets one, his will be a few steps behind mine!

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