When Did the Broncos Become the Greatest Team Ever!?

When Did the Broncos Become Greatest Team Ever!?

By Tony Salinas

I’ll admit that the Denver Broncos are playing great football right now, and are the clear frontrunners to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl at the end of the season. But, I’m sorry…when did the 2013 Broncos become the best team ever?!

They opened around -5 this week at Dallas and have already been bet up to -7.5. This is Dallas…a playoff contender in the NFC who would probably at least be a Wildcard contender even if they played in the AFC.

And, you probably heard all the reports about Denver being a potential 28-point favorite next week at home against Jacksonville. That seemed outrageous to me when I heard it, even though it was coming from a respected Las Vegas oddsmaker. Once an “early” number went up for that game, sharps bet it down to around +25.5…which is still pretty crazy but is at least more reasonable.

The NFL is a league or parity. Only one of the greatest teams ever would lay 28 points to anybody. And, it’s a short list of teams who should be favored by more than a touchdown on the road vs. quality opposition. Why is Denver getting this kind of market respect right now?

A short list of reasons:

*The public loves betting on Peyton Manning

*Denver is on TV every week

*Denver is killing people on TV every week

*The market always overreacts to blowout scores

This is like New England from a few years ago all over again. The Patriots kept winning by big margins on TV…thanks to Tom Brady (Manning’s twin when it comes to overwrought media coverage). Then they cooled off in the second half of the season in terms of covering spreads. Come playoff time, they didn’t look at all like “the greatest team ever.” Very good sure…but overpriced in the markets and overhyped by the media.

The same thing is happening right now with Denver. I would like to point out all of the following…

*Denver obliterated Baltimore in their season opener. But, Baltimore is mediocre this year, and that was really only one good half of football from the Broncos if you’ll recall.

*Denver beat the NY Giants badly…which EVERYBODY is doing this year! Carolina and Kansas City also blew out the Giants. Nobody’s making those teams four touchdown favorites over anybody.

*Denver beat Oakland by 16 points…which was exactly the pointspread. That was at home, and Oakland isn’t much better than Jacksonville right now.

*Denver blew out Philadelphia…another team from the NFC East that’s off to a horrible start this season. The Eagles have a really bad defense. Peyton Manning knows how to abuse bad pass defenses. That doesn’t make the Broncos a Super-Duper-Power. How many bad pass defenses will they face in the playoffs?

*That’s THREE HOME GAMES out of four played so far…part of one of the easiest schedules anyone’s had to face. Before the season started, nobody was thinking facing the Giants and Eagles would be such gifts. But those teams are horrible. Denver’s beating up on horrible.

Maybe Denver will keep things rolling this week. The Dallas pass defense looked bad last week against San Diego. Manning is better than Philip Rivers. And, Tony Romo often makes a bunch of turnovers when he goes into panic mode. But, eventually, this bandwagon is going to slow down. Denver will get a target on their backs…they’ll suffer some nagging injuries…they’ll run into better defenses…and everyone will cool off and get their heads back on straight.

Denver is very good. Denver is the best team right now in the AFC. Denver is NOT one of the greatest teams in the history of the league even though everybody’s Power Ratings or computer ratings are putting them there. A 28-point favorite in the NFL? I never thought I’d hear an oddsmaker say such a thing.

I do think there are many holes in the market right now that have been created by media hype about good teams, or media overkill about slow starters. And, that’s true in college football as well as the pros. I’ll be taking advantage of that all weekend long with my top selections. You can purchase those right here at this website. Or, get further details by calling the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-888-777-4155.

See you again Monday to give out another Bonehead of the Week award. I can add some nominees from the baseball playoffs this time around. Don’t YOU be a Bonehead by losing money on your own leans and hunches. I have BIG PLAYS going every day this week. You can always be sure you’re GETTING THE BEST OF IT with TONY SALINAS!


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