PAC-12 Profit Takers and Statement Makers

PAC-12 Profit Takers and Statement Makers

By Wayne Root:

Because I'm based here in Las Vegas, I pay a lot of attention to the Pac 12. Los Angeles is a virtual suburb of Las Vegas in terms of sports betting interest...which means USC and UCLA get a lot of local media coverage. Well, USC always does. UCLA is playing so well that they're starting to get a lot of attention. The Nevada teams are in the Mountain West. But, in many ways, the Pac 12 is the true "home conference" of the gambling capital of the world.

And, our "home conference" is making a statement in the national rankings right now!

I'd argue that the Ducks should be number one over Alabama right now if you're basing the rankings on actual on-field performance. Alabama is the defending champions...and that's earned them the right to be #1 until somebody beats them. I think Oregon would beat them if they played this week on a neutral field. Yes, THE KING OF UPSETS is calling an upset in a game that isn't even scheduled!

The Cardinal tend to pace themselves for their biggest games because they don't have a lot of athletic depth (though, they have more than they used to!). You saw that with great showings against Arizona State and Washington State to kick off league play after non-covers against San Jose State and Army. In the games they care about, Stanford is definitely a national power who can play with anybody. Don't forget that they beat Oregon last year on the road!

#12 UCLA
I talked about their sleeper potential a couple of weeks ago. Then they went out and crushed Nebraska in the second half to prove my point. Personally, I have the Bruins as a top 10 team. I think they'd beat Oklahoma or Louisville on a neutral field...two teams currently ahead of them in the polls.

The Huskies looked great when they crushed Boise State in their season opener. They are definitely a darkhorse in the Pac 12 North, with a huge game at Stanford this coming Saturday. Are they really a top 15 team right now? I'm going to withhold judgment on that until I see them play well on the road against a top team. Perhaps a week from today, I'll be telling you they're a top 10 team! On the other hand, Boise State isn't what they used to be, which means Washington may be a bit of an illusion.

Sure, the Sun Devils should have lost to Wisconsin (though there's no guarantee the Badgers would have made a field goal if they had attempted one). They sure impressed against USC this past Saturday. Yes, we know the Trojans are a team in turmoil. But, their defense had been solid all season, and ASU just embarrassed them. This is FIVE teams in the top 22, in a conference that was supposed to be Oregon, Stanford, and nobody else when the season started.

Also of note:

  • Washington State is 4-1 ATS this year, with their only no-cover coming against powerful Stanford this past weekend.
  • Utah is 3-1 ATS this year, with an impressive win against BYU and a tough victory over a Utah State team that may be the "new" Boise State of the mid-majors.
  • Colorado is 2-1 ATS so far, with a new attitude thanks to a new head coach who has that program moving in the right direction.

Yes...USC's in some trouble. But, the Pac 12 as a whole can make a very legitimate claim as the second best conference in college football behind the SEC. And, as I said at the top...I'd take Oregon over Alabama if they played tomorrow.

I scour the entire board to find college football winners for you on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. But, I do have a great proven history with the Pac 12 and Mountain West games played in my backyard. That means this week's schedule shapes up very well for WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!

UCLA at Utah

BYU at Utah State
Nevada at San Diego State

Washington at Stanford
Arizona State vs. Notre Dame in Dallas

I'll be building bankroll for my clients between now and the next big football weekend with playoff baseball. Weather permitting, we'll have baseball games every day this week. Oh, and don't forget that there's a Los Angeles connection in the playoffs too with the Dodgers being the current betting favorite in the American League!

You can purchase my top plays every day at this website. If you have any questions about which of your programs best suits your individual needs, please talk to one of my representatives in the Vegas-Sports-Masters office at 1-877-ROOT-WINS.

This week is setting up PERFECTLY for THE KING OF LAS VEGAS. In addition to the college football and baseball I've already discussed, this week's NFL schedule has the NY Giants from my old stomping grounds hosting the Philadelphia Eagles in a season-saver game for both teams, and the NY Jets will be featured Monday Night in Atlanta. The stage is set for BLOCKBUSTER after BLOCKBUSTER in all sports!

And...THAT means it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!

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