USC Wins Bonehead Administration of the Year

USC Wins Bonehead Administration of the Year

By Tony Salinas

I’ve already given Lane Kiffin a “Bonehead of the Week” award for how he mishandled the Washington State game a few weeks ago. Kiffin is a poor college coach, and had very clearly lost his team by the time that game was played. But, even I had to feel a little sorry for him after finding out the way he was fired after USC lost to Arizona State this past Saturday Night.

Athletic Director Pat Haden fired Kiffin at LAX! At the airport after the team had arrived back home, Kiffin was pulled off the bus (without his bag), and told he was fired. USC sent the bus back to campus without Kiffin (but with his stuff!). Kiffin had to call somebody to get a ride home. Unbelievable!

Look…I understand firing him. It should have been done after last season. And, alumni were so mad after the home loss to Washington State that it would have made total sense to fire him then. I’m no fan of Lane Kiffin the coach. He’s been overrated at every stop during his career. And, you can tell by listening to him that he’s arrogant and hard to like. I thought it was hilarious during the ASU game that he couldn’t find anyone to high-five after a USC touchdown. Even the ESPN announcers noticed it.

But, USC firing him in this manner is absolutely BONEHEADED!

How are you going to hire a GREAT replacement when all the top candidates know that the athletic director will throw them under the bus…well, OUT OF THE BUS in that manner? Haden and the administration looked petty, vindictive, classless, and a bit out of control with the way they handled that. They couldn’t wait until Sunday morning? They couldn’t take the high road as they cleaned up the mess?

  • What QUALITY head coach in the field of potential replacements will want to lead a program where:

  • You’re a failure if you don’t win a National Championship

  • It’s assumed you have to cheat to compete

  • You’ll always be compared to the best teams of the past

  • Your boss is going to act like a petulant child instead of having your back

  • Chris Petersen’s going to leave Boise State for that? He might…but he’s going to ask for a lot bigger buyout now. Chip Kelly’s going to return from the NFL with his tail between his legs? Could happen, if Texas doesn’t get him first. The list of high impact coaches is pretty short. Haden just made it a whole lot tougher to attract one of them to USC. BONEHEADED!

    Other Boneheads of note this week:

  • All the defensive college and NFL coaches who sat back in prevent defenses so good quarterbacks could light up the scoreboard against them. Don’t give good quarterbacks all day to find a receiver. They will.

  • Whoever on the Baltimore Ravens thought never running in the second half in Buffalo was a good idea. Joe Flacco threw FIVE interceptions. Defenses who know a pass is coming AND know how to pressure the quarterback will embarrass boneheaded strategies.

  • Matt Schaub made what was probably the most boneheaded play in the NFL all week when he threw a TD pass to the wrong team when trying to protect a late lead. Millions of dollars changed hands in that game, as Houston went from surefire cover to overtime ATS loser because Schaub handed away a touchdown to Seattle. That guy just has no idea what to do in big games. One of the worst crunch time offensive plays I’ve ever seen.

  • Tampa Bay starting Mike Glennon so early in his career looked pretty boneheaded. The Bucs only gained 3.3 yards-per-play while scoring 10 points as a home favorite over Arizona. Josh Freeman was bad, and may have been a poison in the clubhouse. Green Glennon isn’t the answer, and shouldn’t have been Plan B entering the season.

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