Bonehead of the Week: Rex Ryan

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Rex Ryan Wins “Bonehead of the Week”

By Tony Salinas

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to give out a “Bonehead of the Week” award every single week this season. I want to be focused on picking winners. But, much of the time, finding boneheads helps you know who to bet against!

Rex Ryan certainly deserves the honor this week for his horrible handling of the quarterback situation with the New York Jets. He may also be an early frontrunner with Johnny Manziel for a “Bonehead of the Year” award. We’ll have to see how that saga at Texas A&M plays out. Right now, it’s pretty clear how the quarterback disaster in New York is going to play out:

  • Nobody has faith in rookie quarterback Geno Smith. Ryan has made it clear that he disagreed with management about replacing Mark Sanchez. He’s used every chance he could to tell the media about how badly Smith is playing in practice. Then, Saturday Night, he seemed to revel in the failures of Smith against the New York Giants in their dress rehearsal game. He might as well have come out and said “See, I told you management was wrong. Did you see those three first half interceptions?!”Quarterbacks can’t thrive in this league without the support of their head coach, and without belief from their teammates. Ryan has made it impossible for the team to truly embrace Geno Smith.
  • Of course, hardly anyone BUT Ryan believed in Sanchez entering the season. Instead of getting a read on his players, Ryan is trying to force Sanchez down everybody’s throats for another season. Sanchez has established he’s not a future star in this league. He’s had bad stats while playing in a weak division in a weak conference. Seriously, you’d have to be a BONEHEAD to think Mark Sanchez should be your starting quarterback right now.
  • If all that wasn’t enough, Ryan went out and got his preferred quarterback INJURED late in Saturday’s game. You could see in Sanchez eyes on the sideline that he didn’t expect to get his number called in the fourth quarter. He had to try lead his team to victory with a bunch of backup blockers. That meant limited protection…and the risk of injury. Trying to play the hero, Sanchez got hit hard on his throwing shoulder and had to leave the game.

    Great job Rex Ryan! In a MEANINGLESS game where the result didn’t matter, you got your preferred quarterback injured while trying to tear down the guy management and many of his teammates want to replace him. How’s THAT going to work when the regular season starts a week from Sunday?

    Look, I have great respect for Ryan as a defensive coach…and even as a player’s coach with the right group of veterans. That kind of attitude and mindset can work in certain situations. This ain’t one of them! Ryan peaked early with the right group of talent a few years ago, but has run his team into the ground because nobody believes in him any more, or their veteran quarterback. I thought I saw the low point last year when the Jets played so horribly down the stretch. Saturday Night’s BONEHEADEDNESS set a new low.

    Rex Ryan, you’re my BONEHEAD OF THE WEEK!

    You regulars know I tend to play more underdogs than favorites. I can’t see me playing the Jets as an underdog anytime soon unless a dramatic change is made. New York will be at least +2 at home against Tampa Bay in the season opener (possibly +3 or more by kickoff). Then, they have to play on the road at New England the following Thursday. Will Ryan even have a job after that?

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    The New York Jets will certainly be taking the worst of it as long as Rex Ryan remains their head coach. Be sure you’re GETTING THE BEST OF IT at Las Vegas sportsbooks with TONY SALINAS!


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