Dealing With NFL Preseason Media

Dealing with NFL Preseason Media

By Wayne Root

I’ve been quoted publicly saying that “I’ll never say ‘no’ to media!” Whether the topic is sports handicapping, politics, or my run at the Vice Presidency a few years ago with the Libertarian party, I’m always willing to answer questions and explain to reporters what matters most in the fields where I’ve found success. I believe it’s the responsibility of those with information to use the media for maximum effect in “The Information Era.”

My experience dealing with the media over these many years has helped me understand what to pay attention to and what to ignore when it comes to NFL Preseason football news. This is going to be very important in the next few weeks because the exhibition slate starts this Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys take on the Miami Dolphins in the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. From this point forward, YOU will have access to all sorts of media coverage. For example:

*ESPN devotes a few hours daily to the NFL

*The NFL Network devotes 24 hours daily to the NFL!

*Multiple sports websites are cranking out their league or team coverage

*Local newspaper sites in all NFL cities will post comprehensive coverage of their local team

*All NFL teams have websites now, and use those locales to release information too

*The usual TV networks will be televising games through August, which means pre-game, halftime, and post-game coverage

And, if you’re a gadget guy like me, you’re following this information on your computer(s), your phone(s), and your IPAD while watching your big screen TV. (I do that in my home theatre in my “House that Winners Built!”)

Don’t get buried by information overload. You have to learn how to tune out some things, while focusing on the keys that really matter. Here are some quick tips:

When coaches talk, ignore optimistic comments about how great everything is going to be.

It’s a coach’s job to build up his players to the media. You saw last year how bad most of the AFC turned out to be, even though coaches were all painting blue sky pictures last August. The last thing you want to do is fall prey to a coach who “sounds” like he has things moving in the right direction.

When coaches talk, LISTEN to discussions about schematic changes or personnel moves.

Most season-to-season fluctuations in Power Ratings can be attributed to these factors. Defenses get better or worse. Offenses become more productive or more turnover prone. You want to know what’s going to be happening on the field. Coaches are telling those willing to listen to closely.

When players talk, ignore the standard “by the book” quotes about hard work, playing together, and getting the job done this year.

Players know what they’re supposed to say, and the veterans have had hundreds of hours to practice saying it. Most player interviews don’t tell you anything!

When players talk, take note of anything that’s not “by the book,” meaning negative comments, concerns they have about schematic changes, any less-than-glowing comments about teammates.

A handful of players are just too honest to play the marketing game…and they’ll shed light on what’s really going on. When this type of player presents himself, try to track down anything he tells the media through internet searches.

When FORMER coaches are giving X’s and O’s seminars on either ESPN or the NFL Network during an expanded discussion show, pay close attention to the nuts and bolts of what they’re saying.

Former coaches tend to focus more on positives than negatives because that’s the nature of the TV business. But, you can learn a lot about what quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, and defenders are capable of doing by listening to these men. You will win many bets this year…backing some teams and fading others…based on what you’ve learned about teams’ true strengths and weaknesses.

It’s a great time to be a football fan! The Internet has opened up doors that many of us could only dream of when I first started in the industry many years ago. Back then ESPN seemed like a dream come true! Be sure you’re taking full advantage of everything the media has to offer as you handicap the Preseason and prepare for the regular season. Like WAYNE ALLYN ROOT, don’t say no to media!

If you’d like some help picking winners when the NFL starts this Sunday (or daily all week in baseball), call my handicapping office at 1-877-766-8946. You can also take care of business online if you want to test out the waters first.

Football is now less than a week away. We won’t have a Sunday without football until sometime in 2014! Football is king in Las Vegas in the sports world, and I’M THE KING OF LAS VEGAS in the handicapping world! That means it’s time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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