Can the NY Giants Win Nine Games?

Can the NY Giants Win Nine Games?

By Wayne Root:

Last week I talked about the NY Jets, and their chances to surpass their projected Regular Season Win total of 6.5 victories. This week, I stay in the Big Apple (where I grew up) to talk about the NY Giants and their projected total of 9 victories.

What's interesting about the Giants is how little has changed from this year to last. With the Jets, you have a team dealing with some transition, and potentially a huge amount of transition if Mark Sanchez loses his job at quarterback or head coach Rex Ryan gets fired. With the G-Men, what you've seen is what you'll get.

Same proven veteran coach
Same proven veteran quarterback
Same impact players (though they've made a change at running back)

Last year the Giants went 9-7, with a late 3-5 collapse that prevented them from reaching the playoffs. Was the collapse due to getting old and losing ground to top contenders? The evidence suggests it was more a case of suffering key injuries and facing a brutal schedule. The late season slate was loaded with playoff teams and other top contenders. What's amazing about that 3-5 run is that the Giants beat Green Bay 38-10, New Orleans 52-27, and Philadelphia 42-7. Some collapse!

Losses to Baltimore, Atlanta, Washington, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh dragged the team out of contention.

The good news for 2013 is that everyone's healthy again...and the schedule has a chance to be easier. The Giants swap the AFC North for the AFC West in interconference action. And, there's a chance facing the NFC North instead of the NFC South will offer a slight break as well. They key may come in the division...where question marks surround two traditional rivals.

  • Will Robert Griffin III be able to come back at full speed right away for the Washington Redskins? Or will he run himself into another injury? The Giants will have another tough schedule if the Redskins are going to be an 11-5 type team...but not so much if they sink back to below .500.

  • Will Philadelphia respond well or poorly to the coaching change that brought Chip Kelly from the college level up to the NFL. If he's going to remake the Eagles into a contender...then the NFC East will be brutal. If he's going to be in over his head, then the Giants can pick up a couple of wins right there.

Vegas and offshore are pegging the Giants as a 9-win team. That means they have to win TEN if you want to back them and cash a ticket. Last year's team was 9-7 with injuries and a tough schedule. Make them healthy against a league average schedule, and we're probably looking at 10-6 or even 11-5. I think that's a fair assessment for 2013. The Giants will beat market expectations if they stay healthy and don't suffer bad schedule luck. Both of those are out of their control to a degree. They can still push a bet of support even if they do suffer some bad luck, as they reached nine wins last year while dealing with multiple challenges.

With the Jets, predictions involve how that team will deal with changes. With the Giants, you really have to focus on what other teams are going to do. They are what they are because they've put together an established program and system that's positioned them to contend year after year.

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