Reviewing Indiana/Miami From 2012

Reviewing Indiana/Miami From 2012

By Wayne Root:

The Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat played each other LAST YEAR in the Eastern Conference playoffs, and take the floor again this week with very similar styles of play. Indiana is certainly more experienced and more mature this time around. Miami improved areas of weakness by bringing in Ray Allen to hit three-pointers and a BIRDMAN to grab rebounds. Last year's series was great until Indiana faded late. Could this year's series be even greater?

Let's review the results from 2012...

Game One: Miami (-8) beat Indiana 95-86
Game Two: Indiana (+7) shocked Miami 78-75
Game Three: Indiana (+2) drilled Miami 94-75
Game Four: Miami (-2) beat Indiana 101-93
Game Five: Miami (-7) beat Indiana 115-83
Game Six: Miami (-2) beat Indiana 105-93

It looked like Indiana was going to pull off a SHOCK THE NATION stunner when they led the series 2-1. They really were the better team in Games Two and Three, and they had the whole world wondering if the Miami experiment was going to be a failure. Miami couldn't solve the riddle of the Indiana defense (scoring just 75 points in their two losses). To their credit, the Heat made some adjustments...settled the ship...and ultimately crushed the souls of the Pacers with double digit covers in the last two games. Miami won the series 4-2, and went 4-2 against the Vegas spread.

We're likely to see pointspreads in the same price range this year based on the Game One number. The market is telling us that Indiana's growth as a team has matched Miami's personnel improvements. Handicappers have to determine if we're going to see a re-run of last year (Indiana hangs tough for awhile before fading), or if something different is in the cards.

You regulars know I'm THE KING OF UPSETS because of my unmatched record of documented upset calls as a Vegas handicapper. I'm naturally looking at things from the Indiana perspective. My questions for this series are:

  • Has George Hill fully recovered from his concussion? Indiana became a turnover machine without him against New York. They must play perfect ball to beat Miami...which means Hill has to be in perfect health.

  • Can Indiana's very strong inside defense figure out how to chase down Miami's perimeter scoring threats? They did a pretty good job of that against the Knicks. But, New York had horrible ball movement. Miami's much better about hitting the right guy in the right spot for an open jumper.

  • Can Indiana stay mentally strong for a full six or seven games? You can literally see an emotional collapse in the points allowed total those last few games. Miami scored 115 and 105 points to wrap things up, after scoring only 75 in their losses.

I'm very excited about this series because I think the Vegas line can't capture the inherent volatility. If Indiana can stay competitive...then the medium favorite prices in Miami are going to be way too high. If Indiana is just flat out-matched...then the small favorite prices for the Heat in Indiana are going to be way too low. A lot of big play potential!

Notice that the cover margins last year after the first game were 10, 21, 6, 25, and 10. Oddsmakers had a good read on the first game, but were nowhere near the reality of the series after that.

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The schedule for you basketball-only players over the next week:
Tuesday: Memphis at San Antonio (Game Two)
Wednesday: Indiana at Miami (Game One)
Friday: Indiana at Miami (Game Two)
Saturday: San Antonio at Memphis (Game Three)
Sunday: Miami at Indiana (Game Three)
Monday: San Antonio at Memphis (Game Four)
Tuesday: Miami at Indiana (Game Four)

It's going to be a wild ride. Nobody's more experienced than ME at riding the rapids through the NBA Playoffs out here in Las Vegas. I've been doing that for decades. I'm the only man in the sports betting industry with a star on the local "Walk of Fame." If an oddsmaker ever gets one, his will naturally be a few steps behind mine! If you've struggled thus far through the pro basketball postseason, it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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