MLB Underdog Value All Over Daily Cards

MLB Underdog Value All Over Daily Cards

By Wayne Root:

It's amazing how many teams that the betting markets have been WRONG about in Major League baseball early in the 2013 season. All the research that's done. All the power of modern sabermetrics. All the combined brainpower of experienced oddsmakers and "seen-it-all" Wise Guys...and you still have a six-wee start that has easy money all over the schedule.


The following teams were supposed to contend for the playoffs, but are currently in LAST PLACE in their divisions after horrible starts.

  • Toronto: The Blue Jays made offseason moves that supposedly had turned them into the best team in the sports toughest division. Instead, 2013 has been a DISASTER so far, as the team has clearly been the worst team in the division, and has taken a few steps back from where they were last year.

  • Los Angeles Angels: Only Detroit was projected to win more games than the Halos in the American League this season. Instead, the starting pitching has collapsed, and Josh Hamilton may have been the worst financial gamble of the modern era in this sport. The Angels have gotten so bad they just lost a series to minor league caliber Houston!

  • Los Angeles Dodgers: Like their AL counterparts in the City of Angels (a virtual suburb of Las Vegas for betting purposes!), the Dodgers have spent a fortune to put together a losing team. Only Washington was projected to win more games than the Dodgers in the National League this season.

Note that Tampa Bay is contender that's dealing with a losing record, even if they're not in last place.


The following teams were supposed to finish the season under the .500 mark (and still might), but have records better than .500 to this stage in the season.

  • Baltimore: Once again, the Orioles are outscoring people and getting clutch hits in close games. Once again, they're providing fantastic value to baseball bettors in Las Vegas. As I write this, Baltimore has been the most profitable team for bettors this Spring.

  • Kansas City: Some pundits expected a move forward for the Royals this season thanks to their youth movement and a couple of decent percentage gambles. Thirty games into the season they're neck and neck with the Tigers at the top of the AL Central.

  • Cleveland: Like the Royals, the Indians were on some short lists for possible surprises. Like the Royals, a good start to the season has them over .500 at the 30-game mark.

  • Pittsburgh: How often has this happened? Pittsburgh has made it almost an annual ritual to start the season out well before fading after the All-Star Break when fatigue and the power of history hammer them back down. The Pirates weren't supposed to be neck-and-neck with NL pennant contender Cincinnati at this stage. Yet, there they are together in the standings looking up at St. Louis.

  • Colorado: The Rockies have a way of staying off the radar year after year. Either they're much better or much worse than the markets expect. 2013 has been a good year so far, with a team that was supposed to finish last in the NL West trying to chase down San Francisco for first place.

Baseball's a sport where, if you just PAY ATTENTION, you can find underdog value for days, weeks, and even months at a time. Oddsmakers still aren't taking Baltimore seriously and the Orioles made the playoffs last year! You can sure that THE KING OF UPSETS is taking full advantage of this. YOU can too if you sign up for my service.

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