Why Live MLB Dogs are so Plentiful

Why Live MLB Dogs are so Plentiful

By Wayne Root:

We're less than two weeks into the new Major League Baseball season, but it's already clear that oddsmakers have made some big mistakes about who the "have's" and "have-nots" were going to be. That means its HEAVEN for handicappers like you and me who live winning with UNDERDOGS.

Of course, WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is known as THE KING OF UPSETS in all sports because I have more documented upset calls than any other handicapper in history. In baseball, because there aren't any pointspreads, you HAVE to pick the outright winner of the game. The payoffs on the right underdogs can be pretty sweet...as can stringing together a few days in a row of winners on mispriced small underdogs.

Here are a few reasons why the market is so ripe RIGHT NOW for MLB underdog betting...

  • The market missed the mark of a few projected powers...and they've taken forever to make the proper line adjustments. Oddsmakers are stubborn this way, particularly in baseball.

  • At least five teams who often get respect from the market have shaky bullpens right now. That means you can either beat those teams straight up early in the game, or rally for a win in the ninth inning. It's great to have insurance like that with an underdog!

  • Some young pitchers with great stuff still aren't getting priced as they deserve. It still amazes me how often "proven" mediocrities get respect in the line when they're only 50/50 pitchers, while talented "unknowns" are treated like minor leaguers when they're about to take the sport by storm. Look at strikeout and walk rates when trying to find these up-and-coming stars.

  • The market is still overly influenced by payroll, and not influenced enough by BRAINS. Smart teams are winning once again despite having smaller than average payrolls. The richest teams have shown a mix so far...with some rosters justifying the payrolls while others don't. Bet on the keys that win baseball games...not on the keys that make insecure owners feel better about their other shortcomings.

  • Oddsmakers always forget that it takes some veterans awhile to get warmed up in a new season, particularly if they're playing in cold conditions. Big name players are priced like they're always in midseason form. We're nowhere near midseason yet...so you need to be taking advantage of that annual market mistake.

  • Variance in weather is more dramatic in April than any other month to begin with. This year we had that brutal cold snap come through the Midwest to magnify the issue. That created some great opportunities with say...underdogs with some home run pop playing at sites where the wind was blowing out...or underdogs facing big name pitcher who have had poor histories in cold temperatures. I'm not saying April baseball is like December football. But, the markets seemingly make NO adjustment for weather conditions even though they can play a big role in certain situations. WAYNE ALLYN ROOT knows those situations!

I have my eye on a few juicy underdogs this week, as well as some blowout spots in both MLB and the NBA. You can purchase my top baseball plays daily right here at this website with your credit card. You can also come in for the NBA Playoffs and get a month of baseball FREE! If you're not sure which of my clubs best suits your individual needs, call my handicapping office for guidance at 1-877-766-8946. I can help newbies build a bankroll. I can help established veterans build even bigger bankrolls!

You've probably read that Las Vegas sportsbooks had historic traffic for March Madness this year. I can tell you for certain that oddsmakers are still feeling the hangover from that intense event. Their numbers haven't been sharp in baseball or basketball in recent days. Even if you win a 15-round fight...you're exhausted the next day. Oddsmakers still haven't recovered from the heavy-action battles of March and that first weekend in April.

I'm THE KING OF LAS VEGAS because I take advantage of every sports betting opportunity that arises! That might mean fading public square money for the Super Bowl or the Big Dance...then embarrassing exhausted oddsmakers when they've lost focus on their day-to-day challenges. I win year-round. And, that means it's ALWAYS time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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