Will Cinderella be Dancing Next Monday?

Will Cinderella be Dancing Next Monday?

By Wayne Root:

We're down to the Final Four teams in the NCAA Tournament. And, it's my view that THREE of the four teams are possible Cinderellas! Everybody recognizes Wichita State as the obvious outsider. It's important to remember that all the teams but Louisville are currently longshots to go the distance.

  • Louisville is a 10/13 favorite to cut down the nets Monday Night. If they win as double digit favorites over Wichita State Saturday, they will be favored by 5-7 points in the championship game.

  • Michigan was a #4 seed in the Big Dance who couldn't even reach the finals of their own conference tournament. Don't forget that they were a #5 seed in the Big 10! They looked to have peaked in the middle of the regular season before early Dance wins in Auburn Hills helped re-ignite the cause.

  • Syracuse was also a #4 seed in the Big Dance, and a #5 seed in its conference tournament. Plus, they entered the brackets as the most exhausted team in the nation after playing four games in four days in the Big East tourney before flying cross-country to open the NCAA's at a Western locale. Everyone respected their zone defense...but few were seriously considering them as a team that could go the distance. And, if they play Louisville...they just LOST at a neutral court and at home to Cardinals.

  • Yes, if Wichita State does manage to shock Louisville Saturday, then upset the Michigan-Syracuse winner as a underdog Monday Night, that would be the ALL-TIME Cinderella story of the event. A mid-major, #9 seed, going the distance while beating two different #1 seeds (Gonzaga and Louisville), a #2 seed (Ohio State), and two other teams from major conferences (Pitt and Monday Night's victim). WOW!

Well, that's such a WOW that it's probably too much to ask. Just remember...

  • If Michigan wins the championship, THAT'S a Cinderella story because it took a miracle for the team just to get past Kansas. They were about 95% to lose (or higher) in the final minutes against the Jayhawks...yet rallied all the way back to win a championship.

  • If Syracuse wins the championship, THAT'S a Cinderella story because of all the off-court turmoil this year, the late-season slump, the fatigue scenario entering the tournament, and the likelihood of having to beat Louisville after just losing twice recently to them.

Are we about to read the last two chapters of SOMEBODY'S Cinderella story? Let's review the keys that have led to other championship upsets:

  • Is the favorite playing such dominant basketball that they could get overconfident and lose some of their aggression? That happened to Phi Slamma Jamma when they didn't take NC State seriously enough. That happened to Georgetown when Villanova stunned them in a "David vs. Goliath" game. Louisville is definitely playing fantastic basketball right now, and could succumb to overconfidence. And, crushing Wichita State Saturday could led to complacency Monday.

  • Does the underdog have scoring weapons? I told you earlier in this event that Cinderella would be able to shoot! Wichita State's been strong from the field. Michigan has the best offense in the nation when you adjust for pace and strength of schedule. Syracuse is inconsistent...but the peaks within that inconsistency can lead to great three-point shooting or cheap points off turnovers. All three potential Cinderella's can score.

The whole world seems to be assuming that Louisville is going to get the job done. The whole world is often stunned by what happens over Final Four weekend!

Maybe Louisville is a team of destiny, and they're going to continue their very strong pointspread run of late. Or, maybe A Cinderella is going to SHOCK THE WORLD a few days from now. I can tell you that WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is very excited about these last few days of college basketball. This is one of the biggest betting events of the year in Las Vegas...AND I'M THE KING OF LAS VEGAS!

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I've picked more documented upsets than any other handicapper in the nation. If Cinderella is about to make a splash, I'm the man who's going to know. That means it's time for YOU go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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