Speed Dating Cinderella

Speed Dating Cinderella

By Wayne Root:

This year's NCAA Tournament is so wide open that several teams could turn into Cinderella stories. We may have another Butler. We may have another season where TWO stunners reach the Final Four the way Butler and VCU did a few years ago. There's so much talk about parity that people are starting to get the idea that even somebody seeded as low as #12 could end up in Atlanta.

After all:
#12 seed Ole Miss just beat Florida to win the SEC tournament championship
#12 seed Oregon just won the Pac 12 tournament championship
#12 seed Akron had the longest winning streak in the nation before temporarily getting derailed after a player was arrested

Very little separates the #5 seeds from the #12 seeds this year, which you know if you've been monitoring the Las Vegas pointspreads. The #13 seeds usually have at least one danger team every season (you've probably heard TV pundits talking about South Dakota State and Montana). It's not uncommon for a #14 to take out an overrated #3 (many are pointing to talented Davidson this year against vulnerable Marquette). Last year, two different #15's knocked off #2's!

This isn't Cinderella going to the ball in olden times. Handicappers and sports bettors in Las Vegas will be speed-dating Cinderella session by session through the weekend!

How will you find the shockers while dodging the duds? Some quick advice:

  • Focus on vulnerable favorites. Many Dance upsets are caused by weaknesses on overrated teams being exposed. Maybe they're soft inside defensively. Maybe they're sloppy on offense in pressure situations. Maybe they closed the season poorly and aren't as good an all-around team as their seed would suggest. Maybe they're tired physically and emotionally because they just had a huge weekend in their conference tournament. As I've been preaching to you for years here in my blog articles, it takes TWO to make an upset. You need a dangerous dog AND a vulnerable favorite. Dangerous dogs will cover spreads for you as value bets. Vulnerable favorites will lose outright to help you cash your BIGGEST bets.

  • Find underdogs who can score. Most big time upsets are triggered by either great shooting from behind the arc, or by a superstar for a small program having a huge game against a team that didn't prepare for him. Upsets are games that have to be WON. Cinderella grabs the slipper, she doesn't wait around to see if somebody's going to stick one on her foot. You will hear that "defense wins championships" at this level. That's true. We're not talking about winning a championship right now. We're talking about springing a Round of 64 upset.

  • Pay attention to where the games are being played. Some power seeds are getting to play very close to home and will enjoy loud crowd support. Those teams are much less likely to get stunned. Other power seeds are travelling across the country, and may be playing in front of only half-full arenas at weird starting times. Neutral crowds root for underdogs, and can inspire the players and influence officiating. Home area crowds root for their local favorite.

I can assure you that WAYNE ALLYN ROOT will have some very special upset calls on the Thursday and Friday cards. (If you're reading this on Wednesday afternoon, sign up tonight to build your bankroll with the play-in games and something special from the NIT!) Some favorites may sneak into the selection mix because pointspreads are so low this year that you can get steals on teams who are -2 or -3 who should be -5 or -6.

I have a great history in this event. You can't be THE KING OF LAS VEGAS without doing well in the Super Bowl and March Madness…the two biggest betting events of the year here in the gambling capital of the world! Be sure you get my Cinderella Shockers and my Blowout Blockbusters each and every session!

You can do that with your credit card right here at the website. Or, you can call my handicapping office during regular business hours if you'd like some help finding the program that best suits your individual needs. That number is 1-877-766-8946.

Are you ready for speed-dating Cinderella? What could turn out to be the most amazing NCAA Tournament in history has already started. That means it's time for YOU go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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