Keys to Finding "Game of the Year"Blockbusters

Keys to Finding "Game of the Year"Blockbusters

By Wayne Root

I'd like to thank all of you who have been with me this year for my perfect 5-0 performance on GAME OF THE YEAR selections. With the next one coming up Saturday, this seemed like an ideal time to look at the key factors that cause THE KING OF LAS VEGAS to step out with releases of this caliber.

First, let's review the games that have already cashed...

Wichita State (-2.5) beat Creighton 67-64

January 26: PAC 12 GAME OF THE YEAR
Arizona State (+3) beat UCLA outright 78-60

Boise State (+3) beat UNLV outright 77-72

Oklahoma (+5) beat Kansas outright 72-66

Washington State (+4) over Oregon, covers in a 79-77 overtime loss

What were the themes consistent in all of those?

  • Go against OVERRATED teams! Creighton was an illusion about to be exposed. UCLA, UNLV, and Kansas were all teams who were much more highly regarded by the markets than they should have been at the time those games were played. Oregon had been dealing with an injury to their point guard in recent weeks, and Vegas had big trouble adjusting to their reduced level of play (which is still true by the way!).

You are getting free points whenever you go against an overrated team. Oddsmakers have line inflation of at least 1-2 points generally when highly regarded teams take the floor. I believe I found teams that were overrated by much more than that above. (Creighton didn't show it so much in mid-January, but then really had a bad stretch right afterward)

  • Take EXCITED underpriced teams. It's okay to have small bets against overrated teams whenever they take the court if you're action-minded. But, if you're a picky player who only wants to attack the very strongest options...then you want super-motivated teams for your GAME OF THE YEAR investments.

My "take"team in each of those five had that matchup circled long ago. My "go against"team really had no reason to prioritize the game. Some had even come off huge games that they considered much more important (particularly UCLA right after they had upset Arizona).

  • Instead of thinking about home court advantage, think about ROAD COURT DISADVANTAGE! I had the home team in all five games above. But, my focus was on how poorly or inconsistently the visitors had played in their road games. Really, ALL FIVE of those visitors have to shoot very well to reach their numbers on the road. That's a great combination to fade, overpriced and shaky! Oregon's issues were compounded by their injury situation. They were very lucky to rally for that win. THE KING OF UPSETS was disappointed Washington State didn't win outright...but those underdog results above show you how I earned that name!

It's a simple recipe...but one that I've shown to be unbeatable in my decades of winning handicapping here in the gambling capital of the world.

FADE THE OVERRATED: There are at least 20 teams I can think of right now who fall into this category in college basketball.

BACK THE EXCITED: Can you figure out which teams have circled Saturday's games for peak intensity? There's a slew of those...and many have naturally lined up against overrated power programs.

SLAM THE SHAKY: Saturday's schedule has some poor road teams playing on the road...some workmanlike home teams laying numbers that are too high...and a few shorthanded teams who are having trouble adjusting to new lineup rotations.

And THAT means WAYNE ALLYN ROOT will have another GAME OF THE YEAR selection on the card this Saturday. It's a game that grades out as the very strongest of the season. You can purchase it right here at the website with your credit card, or get my All Day Ticket that's gone an incredible 19-1 on the past 5 Saturdays!. If you prefer talking to a live human, call the office Saturday morning before the games have tipped off at 1-877-766-8946. Be sure to check on seasonal packages when you call.

The KING OF LAS VEGAS is 5-0 on GAME OF THE YEAR selections. I'm going to make headlines once again with another monster winner. That means it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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