The King of Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday

Wayne Root: The King of Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is like New Year's Eve, Christmas, and July Fourth all rolled into one. It's the biggest party of the year. The buzz of anticipation for the big game is like nothing else in sports. And, you see a true fireworks show of big bets at all the sportsbooks.

As THE KING OF LAS VEGAS, you know this is my happiest day of the year. I can't tell you that I've won every single Super Bowl release. The laws of math just don't allow that. But, I have won five of my last seven, and 17 of my last 23, including the NY Giants (+3) outright last year against the New England Patriots. In the biggest game of the year, the biggest name in the industry consistently delivers!

Why have I had this kind of success?

  • First, I know how to handicap BIG games. Stat handicappers often have trouble in the Super Bowl. Guys who rely on their Power Ratings often have trouble in the Super Bowl. Longtime pro's who usually try to "fade the public" have taken a bath for years at a time because the public is often supporting the team most likely to break out and have a huge game.

You have to look at the full scope of what's going on. Which teams are best suited to playing under pressure? Which teams are best able to take advantage of an extra week of preparation time? Which set of players is most likely to lose their focus amidst a week in a party city like New Orleans? Sorry, stats and Power Ratings just don't matter if one team is installing creative wrinkles while the other is spending too much time on nightlife distractions.

  • Second, my years of experience allow me to visualize how the game is going to be played. Can a team that falls behind come back quickly? Or, are they only suited to playing with a lead? When Super Bowls had that long string of was because a set of inferior teams were ill-equipped to play catch up. The games blew up in their faces, and in the faces of dog lovers who thought they had been betting for value.

Hey, WAYNE ALLYN ROOT has no trouble making an upset call when its justified. He also has no trouble making a blowout call if one team is likely to be overwhelmed by circumstance and a mistake-prone quarterback.

  • Third, I'm able to tune out the noise. Having a level head puts you way ahead of the game when the rest of Las Vegas is in a frenzy. Enjoy the excitement, but don't get caught up in the excitement. You want the party without the hangover. You want the fireworks show without anything catching on fire! I trust my handicapping (which is easy to do when you're 17-6 over the last 23 years). The nature of Las Vegas can take a handicapper or sports bettor off his game the same way the city of New Orleans can take an athlete off his. Once I'm confident I have the right side, nothing gets in my way.

You can purchase the team WAYNE ALLYN ROOT considers to be the right side right here at the website. You'll also get the total that you can bet individually or use in a parlay. If you prefer talking to a live person for a big game like this, you can call my handicapping office at 1-877-766-8946. Be sure to ask my representative about basketball when you call. Super Bowl Sunday always means March Madness is right around the corner!

The biggest betting day of the year in THE GAMBLING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD has arrived. That means it's time for YOU to go to W.A.R. alongside THE KING OF LAS VEGAS WAYNE ALLYN ROOT!


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